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How to get best apps: why users install or delete your app
mob app retention rate

  It has been said many times that the overall number of apps available in the app stores is 6 million as of March 2017. However, there are 35 apps in an average user’s smartphone. We decided to find out how to get your app into these 35 lucky ones.   According to Google Study, the […]

Electronic medical billing: steps and insights
electronic medical billing

  Providers submit claims to the healthcare insurance companies to get payment for the services provided. This process is called medical billing in the US healthcare practice. If they use software for this, it is called electronic medical billing.   The whole process, that includes claims, payment and billing, is also referred to as Revenue […]

How to Promote an App: the List of 10 Steps to Take
how to promote ap

    People use apps frequently. Statista, Nielsen report and many others have proved this. Business can benefit from this process. We have already told you about this, as well. Many companies have decided to create an app and successfully turned their plans into reality. What’s next?   The next stage is to show an […]

What’s the use of the wearable health technology
healthcare wearables

  Wearable health technology is extremely popular with healthcare providers due to an increasing level of patient engagement. Patients are getting more and more diligent about their health condition and more and more willingly share useful data from their wearable devices with their doctors. Let’s see what types of wearable health devices technology can offer. […]

Glorium at ConhIT: interesting findings [Part 2]

    The goal of many companies we met at ConhIT is to improve healthcare operational processes in all the possible ways. We decided to study peculiar digital solutions for the healthcare industry.   Lowteq’s products provide modules for documentation of the medical data. They operate in various healthcare spheres, like anesthesia, intensive care, emergency, […]

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