Outsourcing Mistakes: Selecting a Vendor (Background)

Outsourcing Mistakes: Selecting a Vendor (Background)

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Outsourcing Mistakes: Selecting a Vendor (Background)

In this video, we’re gonna talk about the common mistakes when selecting your future software development outsourcing vendor when it comes to their backgrounds – the backgrounds of vendors and their founders and top executives.

One common mistake is when no one checks a vendor’s background. You are risking running into a vendor that has a bad history of relationships with their clients.


Our advice?

1. Research the vendor company.

  • Identify any past issues
  • Take issues to vendor
  • Address them directly

2. Research the founder and executives

  • Critical for smaller vendors
  • Experience “Working in the trenches”
  • Better culture
  • Better processes
  • Better quality

The point here is that people who know their industry and how the process of software development works, they will be able to instill a better culture, and they will be able to set up better processes.

Simple advice – just Google them. Just make sure it’s directly related to software development.

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