Telehealth And
Telemedicine Software

Glorium Technologies, a telemedicine software development company has been in the
market of delivering high quality custom software for a while, and the demand for
digital health has never been higher than in times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Telehealth And Telemedicine Software Development

Glorium Technologies, a telemedicine software development company has been in the market of delivering high quality custom software for a while, and the demand for digital health has never been higher than in times of COVID-19 pandemic.
Telemedicine app development understandably is in high demand, and the competition in the field is tough as ever. Our company stands out from the crowd due to over a decade of relevant experience in the field, dozens of successful projects launched and an incredible satisfactory level of our customers and end-users.
Telehealth software solutions significantly simplify the consultation process and other administrative procedures. Telemedicine solutions give healthcare institutes a powerful channel for delivering their services at minimum expense waisted. Only experienced companies that work on delivering custom telemedicine apps are able to make you competitive on such markets.

Telehealth Software Solutions Benefits

Even those who can’t really tell what telehealth software is about,
would probably be able to intuitively enumerate some of the benefits it
brings to the table.
Here are the advantages of using it from the company that provides telemedicine software development services to clients from all over the world
More Effective Resource Management

More Effective Resource Management/Lower Cost for the Same Time

Remote healthcare services allow saving on working space rent/purchase. Self-employed healthcare specialists can provide their services being location-independent. Healthcare facilities lower customer flows as patients aren’t longer have to physically be present in lines, and the consultations last a smaller amount of time if they’re held remotely. That allows hospitals to reduce maintenance costs and makes telemedicine app development costs reasonable, or at least worthy to be integrated into everyday operations.
Increased Time Efficiency

Increased Time-Efficiency of Consultation and Treatment

Health screening that takes several days or even weeks if you have to physically be present at each doctor’s cabinet. Telemedicine decreases this time significantly. Users can book and go for appointments via telehealth apps, several appointments in a row would never be a problem for patients if they turn to these digital technologies.
Improved Access to Healthcare

Improved Access to Healthcare

Healthcare workforce shortage is a widespread problem in the world. That means that resource is limited. That is an especially true problem for patients that live in distant areas away from big cities. Lack of nearby-located healthcare facilities is decided with the help of telemedicine apps. Also, sometimes you might need a consultation from a doctor that lives in other parts of the world, and video connection has to solve these types of problems as well.
Convenient Access

Convenient Access to Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Medical workers often need access to patients’ information, and telehealth platforms save info about the appointments. Single place for storing clinical records is very convenient to doctors. Security is of big relevance here, that’s why Zoom/Skype conferences aren’t acceptable as the software of such kind is not HIPAA compliant. Hospitals often choose custom telehealth software. Almost all the patient data is sensitive. According to HIPAA data security requirements, technical safeguards have to be in place when PHI (Protected Health Information) is being communicated on an electronic network. Any mistake in this sector could prove to be very costly, so one should carefully choose telemedicine software development company.

Why Glorium Technologies?

Extensive Domain Expertise
GloriumTechnologies have been in telemedicine app development for over a decade. Our company has 150+ developers that cover a wide range of technologies that serve to develop the best products in the field. If you need telemedicine platform development, it is probably time to book a demo with our sales department.
Building Relationships with Customers
As we are in the process of communication with our potential or current customers, we try to build long-term relationships with effective businesses or sometimes to build them from scratch. We always keep a close look on who we are having business with and care about end-customers of our future product as well.
Focusing on Compliance
We and our products are fully HIPAA/HITRUST compliant. Glorium Technologies also possesses several certificates that add up to our social proof with ISO-13485 for medical device development and SO-9001 certification for quality management. Hospital management software development has to follow all the policies, regulations and compliances.
Scalability of Our Custom Products and their Support
The occasions when the custom projects we worked on as a telemedicine software development company scaled way bigger than expected are not that rare. We are always ready to help our clients with scalability and overall support of an application if needed. Glorium Technologies is known for the responsible coverage of each and every project we work on.

Telemedicine Apps

clinic hospital
Artificial Intelligence AI
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI has found a quite widespread use case in telemedicine. Artificial intelligence can’t cure at the current stage of its development, but FAQ bot would answer most of the sers’ questions on the administrative part. Doctor’s name, schedule, bio information should be available at patients’ request. Booking could also be a feature chatbot could provide. Process automation of routine stuff simplifies medical workers’ lives.
Internet of Things
Internet of Things
Quite a number of devices might be used to monitor a patient's condition. Sometimes those devices are used for emergency notification, in other cases they gather heath information for treatment plan adjustments and some other use cases.
Gathered health data could be stored in the cloud, which simplifies tracking health records of patients. In-premise storage is also an option, but cloud (as long as all the regulations are in tact) is way more convenient.
Big Data
Big Data
That very information that is stored on the cloud could be analyzed for research purposes. The info might serve to provide better care of patients, deliver precise diagnoses and eventually reduce medical expenses for both hospitals and patients.


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