Telehealth and Telemedicine Software Development

Telehealth and Telemedicine Software Development

Glorium Technologies is a telemedicine software development company that has been in the market delivering high-quality custom software for a while. The demand for digital health has never been higher than in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, get ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Telehealth and Telemedicine Software Development

Telemedicine app development is in high demand, and the competition in the field is tough as ever. Our company stands out from the crowd due to over a decade of relevant experience in the field, dozens of successful projects launched and an incredible satisfactory level of our customers and end-users.

Only experienced companies that work on delivering custom telemedicine apps are able to make you competitive in such markets.

Telehealth Software Solutions Benefits

Here are the advantages of using it from the company that provides telemedicine software development services to clients from all over the world

More Effective Resource Management
More Effective Resource Management
Hospitals to reduce maintenance costs and makes telemedicine app development costs reasonable, or at least worthy to be integrated into everyday operations.
Increased Time Efficiency
Increased Time-Efficiency
Telemedicine decreases health screening significantly. Users can book and go for appointments via telehealth apps, several appointments in a row would never be a problem for patients if they turn to these digital technologies.
Improved Access to Healthcare
Improved Access to Healthcare
Lack of nearby-located healthcare facilities is solved with the help of telemedicine apps. Sometimes you might need a consultation from a doctor that lives in other parts of the world, and a video connection has to solve these types of problems as well.
Convenient Access to Electronic Health Records EHR
Convenient Access to Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Zoom/Skype conferences aren’t acceptable as the software of such kind is not HIPAA compliant. Hospitals often choose custom telehealth software. Almost all the patient data is sensitive. According to HIPAA data security requirements, technical safeguards have to be in place when PHI (Protected Health Information) is being communicated on an electronic network

Telehealth Software Solutions Benefits

Artificial Intelligence AI
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI has found a quite widespread use case in telemedicine. Artificial intelligence can’t cure at the current stage of its development, but an FAQ bot would answer most of the sers’ questions on the administrative part. The doctor’s name, schedule, and bio information should be available at patient’s request. Booking could also be a feature chatbot could provide. Process automation of routine stuff simplifies medical workers’ lives.
Internet of Things
Internet of Things
Quite a number of devices might be used to monitor a patient's condition. Sometimes those devices are used for emergency notification, in other cases, they gather health information for treatment plan adjustments and some other use cases.
Gathered health data could be stored in the cloud, which simplifies tracking the health records of patients. In-premise storage is also an option, but the cloud (as long as all the regulations are intact) is way more convenient.
Big Data
Big Data
That very information that is stored on the cloud could be analyzed for research purposes. The info might serve to provide better care of patients, deliver precise diagnoses, and eventually reduce medical expenses for both hospitals and patients.


What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of providing healthcare to patients at a distance using technology.

Are telemedicine and telehealth the same thing?

The terms telemedicine and telehealth are often used interchangeably, but technically telemedicine is a subset of telehealth.

Is telemedicine technology difficult to develop and use?

Not particularly. We try our best to build robust, user-friendly applications that are designed to be as easy to use as other familiar modern applications. Patients and providers with a basic familiarity with online apps should be able to quickly figure out how to use a telehealth application.

Is telemedicine private and secure?

Yes, but only when it is conducted using an encrypted platform that was designed for the purpose. Consumer apps like Facetime and Skype are not HIPAA-compliant, therefore, not secure enough for video visits.

Is Glorium Technologies available for project-based development?

We are ready for all kinds of cooperation. They vary depending on your needs, but if it is in mutual interest, we will have you a project-based contract, or augment staff members or the whole team, so this is not the thing to worry about.

How soon can you start working on our project?

Just contact us by pressing that button on the website, and the chances are we will start bringing you ideas to live that every week we’ve just met. Sometimes it takes more time, but be sure, we are just as excited about not putting.

Why is software development a must for most modern healthcare practices?

Software tools designed by Glorium Technologies allow improving healthcare workflow for all kinds of institutions: hospitals, private practices, medical offices, labs, and pharmacies.

We only build custom medical software products that eliminate customers’ pain and meet customers’ requirements. The range of solutions is quite broad. They allow managing all the internal processes, such as treatment plans, doctor appointments, data entries, document workflow, personnel shifts, insurance claims, etc.

With the help of healthcare software, doctors and patients have a decent channel of interaction that significantly improves efficiency, allows keeping records, and access sensitive information.

These are the major benefits the software brings:

  • Increase the bottom line
  • Reduce medical personnel fatigue and stress
  • Improve tracking and reporting
  • Decrease risks of patients with IoT devices
  • Improve the quality of healthcare

Is the software you build compliant with HIPAA requirements and other regulations?

The short answer is yes. We treat PHI very seriously. HIPAA is only valid if your startup operates in North America. For those healthcare providers that operate in Europe, we make GDPR-compliant software solutions.

The teams of Glorium Technologies developers are competent and resourceful, and they possess all the knowledge, expertise, and skill to build top-notch medical software solutions, apps, platforms, and systems – all fully compliant with industry standards enforced by HIPAA.
By cooperating with Glorium Technologies, you ensure yourself all the common regulations and compliance will be in check for your future software solution. This is especially true and relevant for telehealth apps.

What custom healthcare solutions can Glorium Technologies deliver to us?

Just about any piece of customized healthcare software solution that addresses your particular need can be built by our specialists.

Whether it should be a complex EHR system, r a simple mobile app for your hospital, we are ready to help you with those in no time.

Our custom healthcare solutions help hospitals, pharmacies, labs, or clinics. They include:

  • Telemedicine Apps
  • Patient Portals
  • EHR and EMR Systems
  • Patient Data Management
  • Pharmacy Management Software
  • Remote Health Monitoring Apps
  • Hospital Management Software
  • Medical Imaging Software
  • Other types of Healthcare Software

What are the benefits of mobile apps in healthcare?

That depends on the type of mobile application you’re looking to have at your disposal. These are the most frequent requests for development that we receive:

  • Telehealth mobile apps for online appointments
  • Clinical apps for data and information exchange between facilities and their departments
  • Medical record apps for quick access to oath doctors and patients
  • Patient access portals for convenience of those who seek treatment
  • IoT dashboards for analysis of data coming from wearable devices
  • etc.

Where are Glorium Technologies offices located at?

As we’re leaving in the world of remote work, outsourcing is no longer a swear word in software development. We have several offices in different parts of the world, but most of our developers work from home. Our remote development teams are located in two Eastern European countries: Ukraine and Poland, and the headquarters of Glorium Technologies is based in New Jersey.

Who we are

Glorium Technologies is a software company covering specific client business needs with the help of the latest and most relevant technologies.

Since 2010, we have been inventing digital solutions, helping startups and SMBs come out on top in their markets.

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Glorium Technologies is your opportunity to make it to the market as soon as possible and at an affordable cost.

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