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The success of the team is the merit of each of its members. We create a favorable environment for talent discovery, growth, and achievement of incredible results. By joining our team, you’ll find a place to bring your ideas to life. Your ideas, which will be embodied in technologies for people.

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Software Development
We are looking for a Full Stack (Go +JS) Developer who will join our team for project work on a part-time basis for 2-3 months
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We are looking for a System Administrator who will join our team on part-time basis
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Software Development
We are looking for a Middle-Senior Delphi Developer who will join our team for project work on a full-time basis for 2-3 months
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We are looking for a Senior Business Analyst who will join our team
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Software Development
We are looking for a Web Developer who will join our team
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Software Development
We are looking for a Senior Delphi Developer who will join our team
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Software Development
We are looking for a Middle/Senior .Net Developer who will join our team
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We are looking for a Middle Talent Acquisition Specialist who will join our team
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We are looking for an AI Architect who will join our team

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Legal and accounting assistance


Medical insurance or gym membership


25 paid days off per year in total


Regular performance reviews


Training and IT certification


Competitive compensation


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Fully paid English classes


Comfortably located offices


Flexible schedule


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IT industries for your growth

Health care and real estate are the key industries we focus on when developing software and implementing our ideas and innovations. At the same time, we continue to move forward and explore new IT areas such as FinTech and E-commerce to offer even more digital solutions to improve our lives now. We invite you to become part of our friendly team to develop in the field that inspires you the most.

Business cases


CAE Blue Phantom

Development of a mobile educational platform for future doctors
Industry: Healthcare
Team size: 10 employees
Country: Germany
Team size: 3 employees
Core technologies:


The CAE company addressed us with a request to develop a new educational platform for ultrasound procedures training.

Winning Solutions

We’ve transformed the Client’s idea of building an educational platform into a fully functional app from scratch.

The tech driver for this app is Augmented Reality (AR), which allows the virtual model to be laid on top of the physical. The model can then change size and switch between the skin and vessel layer.

The product was later presented at The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2020 in the USA. Our responsive software added value to the training process and allowed tutors to track the process remotely.

Real Estate

FUEL (RealPage)

Data-driven software for commercial real estate
Industry: Real Estate
Country: United States, New York
Team size: 3 employees
Core technologies:


The primary purpose was to build a cloud-based all-in-one tool allowing potential investors to estimate CRE object value by modeling it via predicting cash flows.

Winning Solutions

The financial modeling mechanism allows real-time calculation of all cash flow elements and main financial metrics like IRR, Capitalization rates, and Equity multiplicators. Fuel reports are accepted by banks during the underwriting process.

Integration with market data providers (VTS, JDE, Strategic Group, RealPage Corp.) allows retrieving market data per industry/region/ property type, etc. The product allows the creation of sensitivity layers – each factor can be changed, and the result of such change is shown, allowing the incremental impact of every component to be seen.

Fuel started in 2012 and quickly became the best-in-class application. It’s available for the USA market and is planned to expand to Europe.

Hospital & Healthcare

Doxy Medical Devices

Streaming solution for healthcare
Industry: Hospital & Healthcare
Country: USA, Rochester
Team size: 3 employees
Core technologies:


Our primary focus had to be video streaming capabilities, data security, and technology implementation. We needed to provide reliable video sessions of the highest quality and easy to set up.

Winning Solutions

With our help, released a more affordable solution that enables healthcare providers to treat their patients from anywhere, including rural and underserved areas. We utilized state-of-the-art security and encryption protocols, making compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH requirements.

Video streaming encrypts all data, makes all sessions anonymous, and doesn’t store user data. The solution is also cross-platform and cross-device and targets a broad audience, making it easy for clinicians and patients to use.


Media Company

Developing a secure migration to the cloud solution
Industry: Entertainment
Country: United States
Team size: 5 employees
Core technologies:


The fundamental goal was to transport data and services with minimal downtime or data loss and enhance the data architecture accordingly.

Winning Solutions

Our team of distributed DevOps engineers created the data infrastructure and executed services migration from the on-premise data center to the Google Cloud Platform. In addition, our team enhanced CI/CD for applications and services to further boost system operations.

With minimal downtime, successful data migration was executed with no data being lost. As a result of the transition to the cloud data platform, client services began to work faster as the migration also brought about the automation of processes. Additionally, with the implementation of CI/CD for applications, continuous delivery was enhanced.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Sleep Cycle

A platform for tracking and improving sleep activities
Industry: Health, Wellness, and Fitness
Country: Sweden, Gothenburg
Team size: 9 employees
Core technologies:


We needed to replace the outdated desktop version of the product and build a new one using the latest technologies. One of the goals was to connect sleep devices to the new app.

Winning Solutions

Working on the project, we built a new desktop application using WPF. We created a WebRDP solution to allow remote access to sleep studies and optimized outdated DLL libraries enabling connectivity of sleep devices with the latest desktop app. Striving to optimize work with laboratory documents, we implemented a new archive tool and enabled work with laboratory documents through embedded MS Office.

As a result, the new web version shows higher performance and faster load. We developed it with added customization possibilities in mind and easier EMR integrations to serve a greater pool of clients.

Our founders say

For the company's success, I give all the credit to the dedication of our employees towards engineering innovation, their domain expertise, and the high-performing standard of our team.
Andrei Kasyanau
CEO and Co-Founder
Our employees and their growth are the most significant value for Glorium Technologies. I welcome and support the desire to grow in our team, even through mistakes. This is the way how we reach outstanding results.
Dmitriy Stepanov
CTO and Co-Founder

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UI/UX Lead
Cooperating with Glorium Technologies was one of the best decisions I had ever made
My key expectations were to work in a team of skilled specialists and address the professional challenges with a high level of autonomy. Our team is truly empowered, and our performance is highly rewarded. Interesting projects and a positive workplace atmosphere motivate me to continuously advance my skills.
I can’t help but mention Glorium’s management. I witnessed how much top managers did to help their colleagues in difficult situations or make compromises to retain every team member. So, cooperating with Glorium Technologies was one of the best decisions I had ever made.
Delivery Manager in Marketing
The Company constantly creates comfortable conditions for creativity and effective work
Challenging projects, vertical subordination, and transparency of the work process are three main reasons for Glorium´s continued success as an employer. The Company leaves no room for show-off, excessive bureaucracy, or behind-the-scenes intrigues. It constantly makes surprises for its team and creates comfortable conditions for creativity and effective work.
If applicants want to make the right choice regarding their future workplace, they should check the company’s reputation. First, they should monitor employee reviews on reliable Web resources. Many negative reviews are a bad sign. Second, high financial compensation may look suspicious. Still, if the Company has a good reputation, you may accept the job offer. I hope Glorium will be your best choice.
QA Lead
Glorium’s top managers make a lot for their team. Their actions speak louder than words
Why Glorium? Because of several reasons. I really like that our top managers always share their short-term and long-term plans with their team. I would also admit effective communication between departments/teams and a friendly work climate in the office. Also, the Company sees it essential to invest big money in professional training.
I want to highlight that Glorium’s top managers made a lot for their team when the war began in our country. They helped people in need leave the locations occupied by the Russian troops, find new apartments, etc. Such actions speak louder than words. So, the warmest regards to my Company.
Manual QA Engineer
Glorium Technologies is a great place to work. Here I got a sense of belonging to the team
I have been a member of the Glorium team for over a year, and I can say that Glorium Technologies is a great place to work. Here I got a sense of belonging to the team. I like my colleagues as well as the management team.
Moreover, I want to mention adequate financial compensation, which is reviewed once a year. The increase in compensation reflects the professional advancement of the team members. The complexity and diversity of the projects and tasks are other significant benefits. A flexible schedule is favorable for keeping a work-life balance. I can recommend Glorium Technologies!
Project Manager
Flexible working hours, many opportunities for creativity, and fair pay are the key factors why I chose Glorium
Glorium Technologies is a company of highly motivated professionals and excellent people at a time. I feel appreciated by my colleagues and top management. Flexible working hours, many opportunities for creativity, and fair pay are the key factors why I chose Glorium.
Our Company is highly respected for being both a great employer and a leader in innovation and product quality. Even during the COVID-19 pandemics and military invasion, Glorium has been performing perfectly. Highly recommended!