Project Management

Why is PM vital to your project?

Large software projects run 66% over budget and 33% over time while delivering 17% less value than predicted*.


17% of IT projects go so badly that they threaten the existence of the company*.


Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects**.


Startups still tend to ignore management contribution and typically run out of passion or harmony on the team.

You need a PM to:

the workflow

Watch the Product
owner and
customer needs

Track time
and costs

Receive reports
and to see
a broad picture

for a project

How can you ensure your project's success?

An investment in project management is an investment in strategic outlook and consistent results.

Glorium aligns with companies that recognize PM’s value and has honed a distinct approach to give clients’ projects the best chance for success.

key Principles

Our management approach is based on 7 key principles that have proven fruitful in delivering projects. We shaped them throughout the growth of our company and cemented them as our foundation.

01. Goal-oriented

Goals are the galvanizing force that aligns the team. We move to the target in the shortest possible way embraced by tactics and vision.

02. Communication and transparency

More than half of projects fail due to breakdown in communications***. To prevent such failures, we work hard to build consensus on our projects. We promote bilateral dialogue, encourage clients to share tools and statuses, make our team members available for consultation, and deliver accurate reports.

***IT Cortex

03. Extensive Risk Management

We follow international standards for threat identification and classification, mapping hazardous situations, and their probabilities. Such a thorough analysis can minimize the chance of disaster and provide timely measures to address any obstacles that have a negative impact on a project.

04. Client satisfaction

We hold a global ISO-9001 certificate that stands for clear, measurable, and controllable service management, which leads to a product’s consistency. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business, which is why we audit our services through an independent party every year.

05. Proven Methodologies

We use widely recognized project management methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. We pick and customize the most suitable method based on the Client’s preferences and project features.

06. Best Software Tools

The stack largely depends on the Client, but in the majority of cases, we use JIRA and Redmine for management, Slack and Teams for communication, GitLab and Github for source control.

07. Continuous Training

To fit in the changing market, we educate our managers. They improve skills by participating in tailor-made continuing education programs designed specifically with our Clients’ projects in mind.

Why is PM vital to your project?

Every project has unique PM needs, from setting up a team to determining outcomes.
Our agile methods allow you to choose the right amount of management support.

Task Management

Starting with product vision and domain knowledge, PM determines
the appropriate outcome. This person collects, evaluates, and prioritizes the stakeholders’ requests according to their needs and expected ROI.

Product Management

This is where the actual execution happens. PM orchestrates the whole process
by planning sprints, estimating, and distributing tasks. He or she is the one who tracks the progress, detects the interdependencies, and provides reports for both sides.

Team Management

This is the base level of our involvement, in which PM ensures that the team is motivated and balanced and working at peak performance. The PM can set up an agile team on demand.

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