Outsourcing Mistakes: First Deliveries (Strategic Vision)

Outsourcing Mistakes: First Deliveries (Strategic Vision)

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Outsourcing Mistakes: First Deliveries (Strategic Vision)

This video talks about the problems that arise when a common strategic vision does not unite you and your team. You lose efficiency when people don’t go in the same direction as you. So, even if everyone works hard, but on a personal, rather than team, goal, you won’t get maximum results.

Ways to achieve team alignment:

1. Set up a clear goal:

  • document your strategic vision by creating a roadmap
  • define your milestones
  • share with everyone involved

2. Understand the «Why»:

  • Why this goal?
  • Why this process?
  • Why have you outsourced?

3. Be patient – learning takes time:

  • establish the fundamentals
  • focus on details afterward

Make sure that you and your team are focused on common goals. The finer details will come later, but it’s worth learning the basics right at the start.

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