Hospital Management
Software Development

Modern hospital management is all about optimization of processes, boosting revenue
and eliminating inefficiencies that stand in a way of reaching the perfect workflow.

Hospital Management Software Development

Modern hospital management is all about optimization of processes, boosting revenue and eliminating inefficiencies that stand in a way of reaching the perfect workflow.
Healthcare workforce and inventory management are hard to imagine without modern software solutions that deliver the
opportunity to rule the difficult processes in user-friendly interface.
Patient records, prescribed medicine, doctor appointments, inventory issues are just a few of the aspects of everyday activities that could be covered by custom hospital management software designed by Glorium Technologies. Hospital management software development takes a significant part of the workload of our software engineers.

Solutions and Services

Custom healthcare solutions and services built and provided by Glorium Technologies assist doctors, facilities, healthcare institutions and professionals in numerous ways. The range of healthcare supplementary software we design varies from complex diagnostics platforms to simple, yet effective, appointment scheduling programs.
The list of hospital management software solutions we develop includes but not limited to:
Healthcare ERPs

Healthcare ERPs (Enterprise resource planning)

Systems cover the full range of hospital management activities, providing transparency and great effective visibility to most of the processes that occur during everyday medical facility activities.
Appointment Scheduling Systems

Appointment Scheduling Systems

Smart booking systems that create good levels of communication between patients and hospital workers. The functionality of such products usually allows for tracking healthcare workers’ timetables and monitoring appointment history.
Documentation Workflow Management Software

Documentation Workflow Management Software

Custom software products are often made to serve as a touchpoint to all the documents within a single healthcare facility and beyond. Glorium Technologies is always ready to develop hospital management system that will help your facility to deal with high-volume document flow.
Healthcare CRMs

Healthcare CRMs (Customer relationship management)

Relations with patients improve only when a proper focus of the healthcare facility on earning loyalty and increasing the level of interaction between hospital and visitors. Doesn’t matter how professional healthcare workers are, without proper relations with customers (i.e. patients) you are doomed for underachievement's.

Hospital Management Software Benefits

The number of aspects covered by custom software products is quite wide and depends on each individual case. Most often we are contacted by businesses that want to boost the following indicators of their facility functionality:
  • Effective revenue management
  • Tracking inventory
  • Reduced healthcare workers/managers supervision
  • Better overall hospital services quality rating
  • Improved up the precision of the reports
  • Improved visibility
  • Improved customer services
  • Effective time management
  • Unlimited user support
  • Easy access to the system facilities
  • Nursing module and clinic management
  • Better appointment / operation handling and scheduling
  • Quality control

We Help The Hospitals With

Glorium Technologies is a custom hospital software development company with over a decade of experience. We are aware of the pain points of our clients, and when it comes to hospital software development, we cover the following.
doctor nurse
Patient Registration and Tracking
Patient Registration and Tracking
Each and every patient has to be registered in the system. Practically all health and personal information is sensitive. It is important to have software that helps effectively put in all the needed information and helps to transmit important data.
Management of Documents
Management of Documents from Various Sources
Front desk staff receiving and extracting all the relevant data via digital devices is way more convenient than dealing with documents the old-fashioned way. It is funny how “paperwork” is way easier when it’s not done using paper.
Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling
The software solution is way more effective than a paper calendar. Administrators, patients, doctors - everybody synchs and wins from this synchronization. Usually those solutions are very easy to use and relieve a huge part of the organizational burden.
Medical Billing
Medical Billing
A very sensitive and fraud-prone part of hospital functioning is billing. The billing functionality in healthcare management software ensures the accuracy of all the possible accounting questions connected with patients’ treatment.
Assets Optimization
Assets Optimization
Running a hospital is not just about people. Inventory plays a very important part in organizing the facility workflow. Most of our clients are interested in some kind of asset optimization tool that would rise their bottom line in the long run.
Standardization of Work Processes
Standardization of Work Processes
All the above-mentioned aspects create a much “healthier” ecosystem within a healthcare facility (pun intended). Doctor on demand app development is also the thing we do for our customers, and work processes are improved for the individuals as well.

Why Glorium Technologies?

Domain Expertise
10+ years of experience in the field, 150+ developers, 5 million+ patients served with apps created for our customers are just a few of the numbers that show that we are a best choice for you if you have a healthcare project waiting for realization. We are go-to guys when it comes to hospital management system development.
Effective Communication with Customers
After your inquiry we usually discuss the ways we could develop a custom solution for your business, with all the details negotiable, from initial design to launching the application and supporting it after the project is virtually completed. All the points of our cooperation are easy to track and build in the most effective and convenient way. Which brings us to...
Focusing on Compliance
We and our products are fully HIPAA/HITRUST compliant. Glorium Technologies also possesses several certificates that add up to our social proof with ISO-13485 for medical device development and SO-9001 certification for quality management. Hospital management software development has to follow all the policies, regulations and compliances.
Scalability and Transparency
Doesn’t matter if it is homecare management software product, ERP, CRM, analytics dashboard for your hospital or inventory, IoT application, patient portal, hospital management system, if it scales, we’ll do it for you. All the processes are agile and transparent so we never have unresolved issues.


Latest projects
Naturally, we couldn’t have gotten positive reviews from our customers without constant updating of our portfolio. We know “a thing or two” in how to create hospital management software. Our latest product include
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