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Modern hospital management optimizes processes, boosts revenue, and eliminates inefficiencies that slow the perfect workflow.
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Do you need help keeping all your customers’ records straight?

Keeping all the patient data updated, engaging, and reminding them about the timely check-ups can help you build up your hospital’s brand and increase revenue.

Would you like to simplify your hospital processes?

Patient records, prescriptions, doctor appointment scheduling, billing, finances, etc. Would you like to take these off your employees’ plates? Now you can.

Does responsibility for the inventory keep you awake at night?

Hospitals need to manage vast amounts of expensive inventory every day. Keep it under control and reduce expenses with new IoT and inventory management systems solutions.

Could You Use Some Help in These

Cost of Hospital Management Software

The primary cost incurred comes from the actual development of the software. This includes designing, coding, testing, and deploying the software. The complexity of the required features, the customization level, and the choice between on-premise or cloud-based solutions can significantly impact the cost.

The scope and depth of features you wish to include will directly influence the development cost. Basic features like registration and appointment scheduling will be less costly than advanced features like real-time analytics, telemedicine integration, or AI-powered diagnostic assistance.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Personalized Solutions
Personalized Solutions

Our custom HMS is designed to align with your unique processes, goals, and challenges. This level of personalization ensures seamless integration with existing systems, fostering enhanced operational efficiency.

Adaptive Scalability
Adaptive Scalability

As your business grows, our custom software scales with you. It’s engineered to accommodate an expanding patient base, additional departments, or new facilities, ensuring sustained performance and efficiency.

Robust Security
Robust Security

With susceptible information, our custom HMS is fortified with robust security features to ensure the patient data protection. Compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA is a priority, safeguarding against potential legal complications.

Hospital Management Solutions We Develop

Custom healthcare solutions and services are built and provided by Glorium Technologies to assist doctors, facilities, and healthcare institutions. Our hospital management software solutions help professionals in numerous ways.

Outpatient Department Management System

The Outpatient Management system streamlines all aspects of outpatient activities. It simplifies patient billing and insurance claims and organizes consulting services, procedures, medicines, and diagnostic tests. It allows easy management of invoices, payment dues, and advance payments.

The outpatient management software optimizes billing, enhances communication, and provides comprehensive analytics for efficient outpatient operations.

Inpatient Department Management System

The inpatient management software is designed to ensure streamlined admission, transfer, and discharge activities, help handle financial workflow, and organize inpatient services. Integration with EHR systems provides patients with real-time status, helping them view their records.

Innovative features, like nursing dashboards with alerts and task reminders, lead to enhanced care and operational efficiency.

Documentation Workflow Management Software

Automating and digitizing the workflow revolutionizes how hospitals handle patient records, medical reports, and administrative tasks. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features allow hospital staff to manage multiple paperwork processes easily.

Additionally, the documentation workflow management software ensures enhanced accuracy, security, and compliance, improving efficiency and patient care.

Appointment Scheduling Systems

A centralized platform where patients can easily book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online. With real-time availability, automated reminders, and calendar synchronization, appointment scheduling systems efficiently manage resources and improve efficiency.

These systems allow access to scheduling services through mobile applications, enabling patients to manage their appointments anytime, anywhere, conveniently.

Healthcare ERPs

Healthcare ERPs incorporate compliance features to ensure adherence to HIPAA and ICD-10 standards. By leveraging Healthcare ERPs, organizations can optimize their workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve the overall quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Furthermore, healthcare ERPs integrate seamlessly with various departments and systems, such as finance, supply chain, and human resources.

Healthcare CRMs

CRM systems are software solutions for interactions and relationships between healthcare providers and patients. It’s a centralized platform to store and manage patient data, track communication history, and facilitate personalized engagement to enhance patient satisfaction.

Robust analytics and reporting capabilities allow healthcare providers to get valuable insights and tailor their services for improved patient outcomes.

What Makes Us Pros in Hospital Management Software?

What Can Hospital Management Software Solve for You?

Glorium Technologies is a custom hospital software development company with over a decade of experience.
Patient Registration and Tracking

It is crucial to have software that will register every patient in the system and keep sensitive information accurate and protected. Automating the registration process eliminates manual paperwork and reduces the risk of errors.

This software enables healthcare providers to easily track patient records throughout their entire healthcare journey.

Documents Management

Paperwork is way easier when done without paper. Software revolutionizes how healthcare organizations handle paperwork by eliminating the need for physical documents and implementing a digital approach.

This allows front desk staff to easily access, store, and retrieve patient records, saving valuable time and increasing convenience.

Appointment Scheduling

Synchronization can benefit administrators, patients, and doctors. You can reduce scheduling conflicts and improve appointment management with real-time availability and automated reminders.

The ease of use of these solutions significantly lightens the administrative burden, allowing staff to deliver high-quality patient care.

Medical Billing

Billing operations require precision and protection against fraudulent activities. Healthcare organizations can minimize errors and potential financial discrepancies by using healthcare management software for billing.

This software automates billing processes, streamlines claims submission, and improves revenue cycle management for healthcare institutions.

Assets Optimization

The hospital is not just about people. Inventory is essential for facility workflow. In a hospital setting, efficient management and optimization of assets are crucial for smooth workflow and cost-effectiveness.

Our clients highly value asset optimization tools as they lead to improved financial outcomes and long-term efficiency.

Growth as a Service

Standardizing work processes creates a healthier, more efficient healthcare facility ecosystem, promoting consistent, high-quality care delivery. Additionally, our services extend beyond hospitals.

We also develop doctor-on-demand apps that enhance work processes for individual healthcare providers.

Our Certifications


With 13+ years of experience in hospital management software development, we prioritize the reliance and compliance of the custom solutions we deliver to our clients globally, ensuring adherence to healthcare industry regulations.

  • Industry-wide standards including HIPAA, HL7&FHIR, and GDPR must be followed.
  • ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management
  • ISO 13485 certification for Quality Management for Medical Devices
  • ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management System.

Hospital Management Software Benefits

Dedicated Developers
For Workers
For Patients
Real estate
For Business
Easy Access to Facilities
Easy Access to Facilities
Our software allows easy access to system facilities, enhancing convenience and productivity for healthcare workers.
First aid kit
Tracking Inventory
With our inventory tracking, healthcare organizations can effectively manage their inventory, ensuring the availability of essential supplies.
For Workers
Reduced Supervision
Reduced Supervision
Streamlining processes and automating tasks decrease the need for constant supervision of healthcare workers and managers.
Effective Time Management
Effective Time Management
Efficient time management tools in our software help healthcare professionals optimize their schedules and increase productivity.
Better Services Quality
Better Services Quality
Improve hospital service quality with streamlined processes, enhanced communication, and improved coordination.
Unlimited User Support
Unlimited User Support
We provide unlimited user support to ensure our clients receive prompt assistance and guidance.
For Patients
Improved Customer Services
Improved Customer Services
With improved customer service features, our software helps deliver patients a more personalized and satisfactory experience.
Better Operation Handling
Better Operation Handling
Better appointment and operation handling and scheduling minimize wait times and improve healthcare services.
Quality Control
Quality Control
Our solution includes quality control features that help healthcare organizations maintain high care and patient safety standards.
Nursing Module Management
With a dedicated nursing module and clinic management tools, our software supports comprehensive patient care flows.
For Business
Revenue Management
Revenue Management
Effective revenue management features help healthcare organizations optimize financial processes and maximize revenue.
Improved Reports
Our software enhances the precision of generated reports, ensuring accurate data analysis and facilitating informed decision-making.

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    A Comprehensive Guide to Hospital Management Software Development

    In the fast-paced world of healthcare, where every second can make a difference, hospitals can’t afford to be anything less than organized and efficient. Behind the scenes of what might seem like controlled chaos, healthcare professionals work tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    Enter hospital management software – the backbone of hospital operations. Referred to as hospital management systems or hospital software, these solutions play a critical role in keeping everything running smoothly. From maintaining patient records to scheduling appointments seamlessly, these tools are the backbone of modern healthcare delivery.

    This guide dives into hospital management software development, exploring how these innovative solutions revolutionize how hospitals operate and patients receive care. We’ll offer invaluable insights and expert advice to help you navigate the complexities of selecting the best solution for your healthcare facility.

    Understanding Hospital Management System Development

    Hospital management software, often called a hospital management system (HMS), is a sophisticated set of tools designed to automate and simplify various aspects of hospital workflows.

    These solutions offer comprehensive support for a healthcare institution’s core clinical and administrative processes, from patient registration and appointment scheduling to electronic health records (EHR) management and medical billing.

    Hospital management software development involves the creation of tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs and requirements of healthcare providers and organizations. This intricate process entails thorough analysis, meticulous planning, and robust execution to deliver software solutions that optimize operational efficiency, enhance patient care, and ensure regulatory compliance.

    Why Healthcare Facilities and Professionals Employ Hospital Management Software Solutions

    Hospital management system development brings along a multitude of benefits:

    Streamlined Operations and Improved Efficiency

    A hospital management system enables healthcare teams to focus their time and resources on delivering quality patient care by automating administrative tasks, such as patient registration, appointment scheduling, and inventory management.

    With intuitive user interfaces and seamless integration with existing hospital systems, these solutions enhance workflow efficiency and reduce the burden of manual paperwork.

    Improved Patient Care and Satisfaction

    Hospital management software enables access to complete patient records, including medical history, treatment plans, and diagnostic reports, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and provide personalized treatment.

    Additionally, patient portals and online appointment scheduling enhance the patient experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates and improved outcomes.

    Regulatory Compliance and Data Security

    In an era of heightened data privacy regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), protecting patient data is critical.

    Hospital management solutions employ advanced encryption techniques and access control measures to protect patient information from unauthorized access or breaches, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining patient confidentiality.

    Key Features of Hospital Management Software

    If you’re looking for hospital management software solutions, it’s essential to consider key features and evaluate the best possible options for your needs.

    The four main key features of the hospital management system are:

    • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management: Centralized storage and management of patient demographics, medical history, and treatment records.
    • Appointment Scheduling: Efficient scheduling and tracking of patient appointments, reducing wait times and optimizing resource utilization.
    • Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management: Automated billing processes and claims management to streamline revenue cycle operations and minimize billing errors.
    • Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reporting capabilities to track key performance metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for process optimization.

    Development Process of Hospital Management Software

    A sneak peek into the development process will help you understand what approaches software development companies take.

    Developing Hospital Management Software requires a systematic approach to ensure that the final product meets the unique needs of healthcare institutions. The development process typically involves the following steps:

    Requirement Analysis

    The development team collaborates with stakeholders, including hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, and IT staff, to gather requirements and understand the specific challenges faced by the organization.

    Design and Planning

    Based on the gathered requirements, the development team creates a comprehensive design and development plan outlining the software architecture, features, and timeline for implementation.

    Development Process

    Skilled developers work on coding and building the software according to the specifications outlined in the design phase. Agile methodologies may be employed to ensure flexibility and adaptability throughout the development process.

    Testing and Quality Assurance

    After the development process, it’s time to do thorough testing to identify and rectify any bugs or issues in the software. Quality assurance protocols ensure that the HMS meets industry reliability, security, and performance standards.

    Deployment and Training

    Once the software is deemed ready for deployment, it is installed and configured in the hospital’s IT infrastructure. Usually, development companies will provide training sessions to familiarize staff with the new system and ensure smooth adoption.

    Maintenance and Support

    Professional service providers offer continuous maintenance and support. It is critical to address any issues that may arise post-deployment. Regular updates and enhancements are implemented to keep the HMS up-to-date with evolving technological and regulatory requirements.

    How to Choose the Right Hospital Management Software Development Partner

    Finding an ideal Hospital Management Software Development company can be challenging, especially if you don’t have experience working with software development companies and developers.

    The market is packed with options, but you must consider some factors to find the best company that suits your needs.

    Industry Experience and Expertise: Look for a company with a proven track record of developing hospital management systems and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry’s unique challenges and requirements.

    Dedicated Team and Support Services: Ensure the development company provides ongoing support and maintenance services to address any issues or updates post-implementation.

    Customization and Scalability: Opt for a software solution that can be tailored to your specific needs and scale with your organization as it grows and evolves.

    Free Consultation and Demo: Take advantage of prospective development partners’ free consultations and product demos to assess their capabilities and determine if their solution aligns with your requirements.

    Strong Portfolio and Expertise: Make sure you research and find a company with social proof and a portfolio with prominent projects.


    Embracing Hospital Management Software isn’t just about adopting a tool; it’s about embracing a transformative approach to healthcare management. Investing in HMS simplifies operations and improves patient care, optimizing resources, and future-proofing your facility. Keep on track with the fast-paced technological development.

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    Questions You May Have

    How to make hospital management system software?

    The best hospital management software is a set of services that helps streamline all hospital departments’ smooth work. Clinic software development should cover the needs of medical facility employees, improve care quality, and combine the work of medical specialists. One should identify the requirements and features for the future system and choose a reliable hospital software development company.

    What is the key feature to develop in a hospital management system?

    A common medical practice management system consists of 3 layers: automation modules, catalogs, protocols knowledge base, and reporting systems that include various dashboards. If we go beyond the MVP version of the product, some extra modules could be designed. That increases the overall hospital software development cost but allows you to cover more needs.

    Which software model is best for a hospital management system?

    The integrated delivery system is the most comprehensive hospital management software model. It includes all the expected features, such as patient scheduling, billing, and electronic medical records management. For large medical facilities, this is the best option.

    How much does it cost to build a hospital management system?

    The cost to create a hospital management system has quite a wide range. MVPs are cheaper, and more profound and complex versions range from $80,000 to $120,000 or more. It all depends on the features, scope of work, etc. It is a rare occasion when someone is offering to build such complex pieces of software.