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Quality Assurance Services

Testing the software is included in the product life cycle. Our quality assurance services cover every single line of code and all the other parts of the software. We ensure flawless functioning and top-notch project implementation.

QA Services & Software Testing

Software manual testing

Software manual testing

Manual testing helps our QA engineers detect bugs and errors that automated tools can’t see. The team evaluates your product’s usability, user experience, and device compatibility. Manual testing implies detailed feedback that leads to creating bug-free effective scalable software.

Software automation testing

Automation testing services help to detect errors faster and better. It’s a cost-effective way to check your application, avoiding human error. We apply modern and most relevant tools to optimize testing activities, speed up all processes, create detailed reports, and decrease time to market.

Software automation testing

Benefits of software testing with us:

We offer you a comprehensive set of software quality assurance services. You get solid, trouble-free software that meets your requirements and business objectives.

Quality assurance 
QA Services Expertise of 11+ years
Over the years, our QA specialists have ensured the trouble-free operation of countless software solutions. Our experts have tested dozens of software products. As a result, you get fail-safe software your company can rely on.
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 Glorium Technologies
High Standards of Software Testing
We deliver QA services according to a set of procedures, guidelines, and project documents we developed based on the best industry practices and standards, providing timely delivery of every software solution.
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Effective Methodologies
To ensure fast delivery of your software without losing in quality, we employ a selected approach to automated QA. Our DevOps engineers and QA testers work side by side to allow for seamless and continuous agile delivery.
Project management
Improvement Areas Realization
Our QA engineers identify areas that demand attention and improvement during the development process to either enhance the software performance or eliminate the bug.

Types of tests we provide

We offer you a comprehensive set of software quality assurance services. You get solid, trouble-free software that meets your requirements and business objectives.

Quality assurance 

Functional testing

We analyze the app part by part. Testing ensures that the system works in a way expected by users.

We test the business logic behind the product. All the functional objectives should be met with the predicted functionality performance.

Non-functional testing

These types of test include everything apart from the functional part, as you can see from the name of it, name, user interface and experience, performance, usability. In short, design requirements testing.

Quality assurance 
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 Glorium Technologies

Usability testing

The usability of the proposed design with designs of other similar apps would be compared. The main task of this type of test is in finding the weak sides of the usability of the software.
Quality assurance 

Integration testing

This type of testing is made to ensure different components of software interact with each other in a proper way. You always have to make sure, there are no conflicts with other software systems.
Quality assurance 

Performance testing

Various tests intended to check how the product behaves are included in the performance testing. They include stability, speed, load, reliability, and other parameters.
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 Glorium Technologies

Unit testing

Unit testing is used for individual functions testing. It is made to ensure that code units are in place and fit for use.

QA services lifecycle

Our QA engineers participate in most studies of product development. That allows establishing steady process and bug-free production.

  • Project documentation review
  • QA plan creation
  • Test cases design
  • Automated testing implementation (if you require it)
  • Test execution
  • Bug reporting
  • Test cases and scripts updates
  • Tests results reporting
  • Verification of fixed defects
  • Regression testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Scope verification
  • Final tests results reporting
Quality assurance 


How QA testing company can help my business?

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We work on their customers’ satisfaction levels, make sure that their products fully satisfy clients’ demands. Ensuring the quality of your services is one of our main goals.

QA teams participate in the projects at the earliest levels, so that the development process would go smoothly and met or exceeded the expectation. The services of our clients must build trust among end-users and create an edge on the market.

The testing team at Glorium Technologies ensures the absence of bugs at the stage of product launch. Also, QA testing from the early stages proves to be a highly cost-effective strategy as fixing bugs in a timely manner is way cheaper than doing it after the release. That way users maintain a high level of trust and loyalty.

What defines your company’s Quality Assurance program?

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We conduct frequent code reviews. The level of management and both external and internal collaboration ensures we use best practices in testing the software. We maintain continuous quality improvement policy.

How do you provide QA testing services?

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We provide QA services as a part of creating custom software solutions.

Glorium Technologies always thrives to exceed the expectations of their customers. Our company has been present in the market for over a decade, and our team of QA experts tries to make sure the final product is bug-free at all times, we provide QA and software testing services at every stage of product development.

We are focused on delivering a top-notch product to our customers and minimizing errors. This is why we conduct analysis and test of your systems while building and implementing them and follow the QA testing schedule.

Who we are

Glorium Technologies is a full-cycle app & software development company which covers specific client business needs and tries to manage them with the help of the best possible technology solutions.

Since 2010, we have been inventing digital solutions, helping startups and SMBs come out on top in their markets.

Who we are
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Why choose Glorium Technologies

Growth Marketing Services
In-depth industry experience
We know the nuances of particular industries that ensure bringing the best result.
Strategic Investments Services
Fully customized solutions
Let us know your desired product features, and we will make it happen.
Product design services
Faster time to market
We bring products to the market as soon as possible and at an affordable cost.

Awards & recognitions

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ISO 9001
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Named among the Inc.5000 (2020, 2021, 2022) & Regionals (2021, 2022) fastest-growing private companies in America

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