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Global spending on outsourcing is expected to reach $777.70 billion by 2028
59% of companies outsource to cut costs
Over 37% of small businesses currently outsource at least one business process

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Cooperation Models We Offer

Whether you're seeking to hire developers for your company or want a long-term partnership, we will work tirelessly with your project that is specifically tailored to any requirements.
Staff Augmentation
  • Rapidly expand your current team for a project
  • Access unique skills not available in-house team
  • Reduce recruitment costs
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Dedicated Team
  • Partner long-term with software developers
  • Fully control the development process
  • Cut risks, boost transparency
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Outstaffing Services
  • Hire remote developers cost-efficiently
  • Focus on your core business
  • Employ a flexible and scalable solution
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Why Choose Glorium Technologies

Without Glorium Technologies
  • You might end up hiring “expert developers” only to find their skills don’t match their resumes.
  • You could face high costs from hiring and training new staff.
  • You may need to assign a project manager to oversee numerous freelancers and agencies full-time.
  • Your confidential data might be at risk due to the involvement of many different parties.
  • You could experience delivery failures because of inconsistent contract terms.
With Glorium Technologies
  • We provide access to top cloud developers across all industries.
  • Our hiring & integration processes are quick & efficient.
  • Project management is straightforward with clear communication and regular updates.
  • Our development process adheres to regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO27001, thanks to our skilled cloud developers.
  • We minimize the risk of mistakes and delays, ensuring high-quality results and on-time delivery.

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    Team Extension and Its Benefits for Businesses

    As businesses around the globe continue to navigate the challenges of rapid technological advancements and competitive market landscapes, the strategic deployment of IT resources has become crucial.

    Team extension has emerged as a highly effective strategy for companies needing to scale quickly and efficiently. This approach not only boosts capacity but also injects specialized expertise, particularly in software development and project management, paving the way for growth and innovation.

    The benefits for businesses considering team extension are clear: access to global talent, cost efficiency, and the ability to swiftly adapt to changing technological needs.

    However, this model also necessitates a thorough understanding of the differences between it and other forms of outsourcing, such as project-based or fully outsourced teams. As the market evolves, being well-versed in these nuances will be crucial for companies aiming to leverage external resources to maintain competitive advantage and foster innovation.

    What Is an Extended Team Model and How Does Team Extension Work?

    The extended team model is a strategic approach within IT team extension, where businesses include skilled professionals from outside to supplement their in-house team.

    This model is particularly beneficial in scenarios where specific tech expertise is required on a temporary or project basis but isn’t justified for permanent in-house development.

    In practice, the extended team works seamlessly alongside the in-house team, managed by the same corporate rules and integrated into the company’s development process. This allows for a cohesive work environment and ensures that all team members, whether in-house or extended, are aligned with the project’s objectives and timelines.

    Team extension not only enriches a company’s resource pool but also enhances flexibility in managing dynamic market demands and project scopes.

    Benefits of Team Extension

    The team extension model offers a range of benefits that can enhance the operational capabilities of your business. By incorporating an extended team, companies leverage external expertise and resources seamlessly integrated with their in-house developers, ensuring a cohesive development process. This approach not only enriches the technical capacity of the company but also offers flexibility in project management and execution.

    Team Extension Gives You Access to a Vast Talent Pool

    Team extension allows companies to tap into a global pool of skilled professionals without the geographical limitations associated with traditional hiring.

    This is particularly advantageous for projects requiring specialized tech expertise that may not be available locally.

    Team Extension Services Are Cost Efficient

    A team extension model can significantly reduce operational costs compared to hiring a full-time, in-house team. This model eliminates the need for extensive HR processes, long-term employee benefits, and other overhead costs of hiring in-house developers.

    Additionally, team extension often involves partnering with professionals in regions with lower labor costs, which can further optimize expenditure. You can allocate these saved resources towards other critical areas of development, enhancing overall project efficiency and profitability.

    You can Manage the Extended Team Yourself

    Because extended team members are your team members, it is possible to manage them independently. In another outsourcing model, you will need a project management company that keeps in contact with you throughout the project and can handle everything.

    You can assign project managers to your extended team or request that your team extension partner provide the managers and project management tools.

    Hiring an Extended Team Allows Access to Niche Skills

    Some projects may require finding additional professionals to improve the development process, add to the tech expertise, and accelerate project timelines. In such cases, the extended team can help expand your global talent pool by hiring developers with particular skills.

    Extended Team Improves Risk Management

    Having an extended team diversifies the knowledge and approaches used within a project, contributing to better risk management. External professionals bring new perspectives that can identify potential issues early, propose innovative solutions, and implement robust risk mitigation strategies. This collective expertise and oversight enhance project resilience and reduce the likelihood of costly delays or failures.

    What Should You Consider Before Hiring an Extended Team

    You might have some expectations with the extended team model, and we’re here to give you realistic predictions. There are some crucial factors to consider to facilitate effective integration between in-house developers and the extended team.

    Cultural and Operational Fit

    Integrating an extended team with your in-house developers involves more than just technical capabilities—it also includes aligning with your company’s culture and operational procedures. This cultural fit is critical as it affects communication, collaboration, and the overall work environment.

    It’ll Take Time to See Results

    The team extension model is valuable but doesn’t offer immediate results and shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix for a complex challenge. It takes time for the extended team developers to adjust and for the in-house team to integrate the new hires into their dedicated development team.

    Building a cohesive team dynamic is essential for effective collaboration and innovation.

    Security and Intellectual Property Protections

    Companies have highly sensitive data and resources that need protection and management. Before working with an extended team, protect your intellectual property and partner up with a trusted team extension service provider.

    Your tech partner should be able to provide legal agreements defining the handling of sensitive information. Professional service providers will train their employees on this subject and offer to sign the NDA even before the first interview.

    When Should You Consider Team Extension Services?

    Team extension can supplement and aid your existing team, but you might not realize your company’s needs to outsource some of its functions. We prepared a short list of signs to show your readiness and the necessity of hiring an extended team.

    Your Existing Team has Technical Skill Gaps

    When projects require specialized skills unavailable within the internal team, such as emerging tech capabilities or niche programming expertise, companies often turn to extended teams to fill these gaps efficiently.

    You have a Short-term Project Coming Up

    For projects with a limited duration that do not justify the long-term investment in hiring full-time employees, an extended team can provide the necessary workforce without long-term commitments.

    You Notice the Increase of the Workload

    When current projects exceed the capacity of the in-house team, an extended team can augment the existing workforce to handle increased demand without disrupting the workflow of current employees.

    You’re Planning a Market Expansion

    Companies entering new markets may use extended teams to quickly establish a local presence with professionals with the requisite market knowledge and cultural familiarity, facilitating smoother entry into these markets.

    You Don’t Have Experience in Hiring a Dedicated Team

    Companies will often turn to staffing and outsourcing agencies to find tech professionals. Hiring developers and IT experts has become increasingly complex, even if you have the most reliable software development company. Businesses will contact a service provider and use an extended team model to avoid recruiting and hiring headaches.

    How to Find a Reliable Team Extension Partner?

    Now that you know when you might need an extended team and you know what to expect from them, it’s time to find a reliable extension partner.

    Here’s a list of steps you need to take to find the best tech partner. This information is gathered after 12+ years of working in the industry and providing efficient development services, including asking clients how they found us and what they’d improve.

    Identify Your Project Requirements

    Define your project needs precisely, including the specific stages of software development and the technology expertise required. This clarity will help you effectively communicate with potential partners and find an extended team that matches your technical needs.

    Vet Potential Tech Partners and Evaluate Their Reviews

    Conduct thorough research on potential vendors specializing in software development. Examine their proven track record through client testimonials and portfolio reviews to assess their capability in handling projects similar to yours.

    To understand their work ethics and trustworthiness, gauge past and current client satisfaction, check reviews and references. Direct feedback from these clients can provide invaluable insights into the tech partner’s reliability and quality of work.

    Assess Cultural Compatibility and Communication Strategies

    Assess how well the tech team’s culture and operational methods mesh with your existing team. A harmonious integration enhances team management and overall project efficiency.

    Ensure that the communication processes of the remote developers align with your team’s practices. Transparent and frequent communication is crucial for synchronizing the development process and avoiding misunderstandings.

    Discuss Collaboration Models

    Align with a dedicated team model that suits your project scope and budget. This discussion should ensure that the team extension model flexibly meets your evolving project needs.

    For example, here at Glorium Technologies, we have three team extension approachs: IT outstaffing, staff augmentation, and dedicated teams. Each model has its’ own unique offer and answers your specific needs. If you’d like to learn more about our models, take a look at our offers or contact our experts for a free consultation.

    Clarify Terms and Conditions and Establish an Exit Strategy

    Negotiate a clear contract detailing intellectual property rights, confidentiality, and data handling to safeguard your interests. Ensure the partner provides an effective, safe NDA.

    Additionally, plan for the potential dissolution of the partnership, setting out the conditions under which either party may terminate the agreement and the procedures for transferring responsibilities and resources. Both engagement and disengagement processes should be clear and direct.


    Incorporating an extended dedicated development team into your business operations can significantly enhance your ability to meet technical demands, speed up project completion, and expand your development capacity.

    By partnering with Glorium Technologies, you can gain our extensive expertise, proven methodologies, and a vast network of highly skilled professionals.

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    Questions You May Have

    What is Team Extension?

    Team extension is a flexible solution that allows companies to enhance their existing workforce with additional, highly skilled professionals tailored to specific projects or peak work periods. This method, commonly referred to as development team extension, software team extension, or IT team extension, involves integrating external personnel who possess specialized skills crucial for meeting project demands.

    Through team extension services, organizations can leverage the expertise of an extended software development team or an extended development team without the overhead associated with permanent hires. These external team members collaborate closely with in-house staff, adhering to the company’s standards and seamlessly integrating into its culture.

    This approach not only boosts operational scalability and flexibility but also empowers businesses to swiftly adapt to new challenges and technological shifts while maintaining robust control over project direction and quality.

    How Much is the Cost of Software Development Team Extension Services?

    The cost of software development team extension services can vary widely depending on several factors. These include the complexity of the project, the specific skills required, the geographic location of the extended development team, and the duration of the engagement. Generally, team extension services are structured to provide a cost-effective alternative to permanent staffing, offering flexibility without the added expense of hiring full-time employees.

    Prices for IT team extension can range from a lower cost for standard coding tasks to higher rates for specialized expertise in cutting-edge technologies. To get a precise quote for team extension services, contact us at Glorium Technologies.

    How to Manage Extended Teams Effectively?

    Effectively managing extended teams, including dedicated development teams and remote team members, requires a strategic approach that fosters collaboration and productivity across different locations.

    We recommend employing clear communication, using project management tools, building a relationship with your team extension partner, and encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and performance reviews.

    How to Hire Professional Software Developers?

    Before you even consider hiring software developers, you have to understand clearly what are your skill gaps and workforce needs. Glorium Technologies will consult you on these questions.

    Hiring professional developers to join your existing team or to form a dedicated team involves a careful process to ensure that you select the right individuals with the necessary tech expertise.

    To hire professional developers effectively, start by defining the specific skills and expertise needed. Tap into a diverse talent pool through tech job boards, professional networks, and specialized recruiting or outstaffing agencies.

    Note that finding and onboarding professionals may take a while. Consider employing a team extension partner with skilled developers who can ensure a smooth integration into your existing team.