The Financial Benefits of Outsourcing

The Financial Benefits of Outsourcing

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The Financial Benefits of Outsourcing

This information will be valuable for the founders and executives of tech startups or any other companies that are creating their own digital products.

How can you get financial benefits?

You pretty much just outsource to any of the countries with a lower cost of software development, like anywhere in Eastern Europe or in Asia. But one of the most important questions is: How much can you save?

One of the problems of calculating is that you need to translate the fixed and valuable cost of your in-house employee team into an all-inclusive hourly rate in order to be able to compare it with the rate that your outsourcing vendor has given you.

We do this by calculating the following three groups of expenses needed to maintain an in-house team:

  • Financial costs (salary, benefits, taxes)
  • Fixed overhead costs (office, equipment, software)
  • Recruiting costs (HR costs, management costs)

The cost savings are the main reason to choose to outsource in comparison with other options. There are tons of other benefits, and also a few disadvantages, but overlooking the financial aspect is a big mistake.

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