Real estate

Real Estate is the single largest asset class
in the world, and the industry is constantly
changing with technology.

This new digital shift opens the gates for investment, where software has become a useful tool to find opportunities, and create advantages, in the industry.

The apps we’ve built manage more than $300+ billion in commercial and residential assets in the USA and EU.

It’s your turn to disrupt the industry.


Get to market up to 30% faster with our support
Experience in implementing financial engines for Real Estate analysis

GDPR – compliant

Applications we’ve built for our clients are used by the top market players in the USA and EU; RealPage, JLL, Colliers, HIH, Patrizia, PGIM and more

Knowledge building software for both commercial and residential markets

Real Estate Solutions
& Software Development

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CRE Valuation

Valuation of a commercial property is a fundamental element of all Real Estate software. We can help you build a comprehensive / influential solution for market top-players.
  • Cost approach
  • Sales comparison approach
  • Income capitalization approach
  • Value-per-gross rent multiplier
  • Value-per-door
  • Cost per rentable square foot/meter
  • Real-time model calculations, including standard structures (NNN, Base Year)

Analytics & Metrics

Big data can help inform where the risks and opportunities are. We’ll help you identify subtle trends and gain a significant advantage over the competition.
  • Innovative data visualization techniques
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Drill-down functionality
  • Decision-making support platform
  • Side-by-side purchase and sale metrics
  • Automatic calculation of all metrics on the actual and as-leased basis
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Making money is the main driver of the Real Estate market. That’s why forecasting, sensitivity analysis, and budgeting are vital for this specific software.
  • Interactive stacking plan
  • In-place, forecast, and budget cash flows
  • Transaction management
  • Workflow automation


Having options is always an advantage. Let your app solve multiple problems, from finding a property online to signing a contract.
  • Custom Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • 100% Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) solutions
  • Visit scheduling and navigation assistance
  • Lease budget management and performance tracking
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Business planning

Make your app the only solution to deal with the market, and add new features that provide an advantage over the competition.
  • Commercial Real Estate portfolio management
  • Industry reports and reviews
  • Debt modeling and real-time view of the impact on returns
  • Deal performance forecasting
  • “What-if” scenarios for any model
  • Scoring – standardized risk assessment score for commercial tenants


Make use of the import, export, sharing, and third party integration features to realize your solution and serve a broad audience.
  • HOA Management Software
  • Deep linking for URL access
  • Interoperability with other cloud platforms such as VTS, TenX, and Mango
  • Model sharing
  • Shareable templates, spreadsheets, and documents
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  • FP&A platforms (Taliance, Anaplan Investran)
  • API integration with MLS platforms (Matrix, Zillow)
  • Market data providers (VTS, JDE, Equifax)


  • ERPs (Yardi, MRI, Realpage)
  • FP&A platforms (Taliance, Anaplan Investran)
  • API integration with MLS platforms (Matrix, Zillow)
  • Market data providers (VTS, JDE, Equifax)\
  • RPs (Yardi, MRI, Realpage)