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Property Management Software Development

For effective property management, you have to implement powerful custom software. Despite having an over-saturated market with ready-to-go options, we strongly advise finding and utilizing a property management software development company.

Property Management

Property management software (PMS) development is one of the key specialties at Glorium Technologies, that is why we’ll eagerly help you to build systems that would allow you and your customers to be in charge of all real estate at your disposal.

Real Estate Management Software We Deliver to Our Customers

Property management software
Property management software
These are portals for property owners, landlords, and those who rent and buy the apartment —tenants. It includes all kinds of data visualization tools, mortgage calculators, and ROI management systems.
Listing software
Listing software
This is a kind of web platform or real estate application that allows filter, viewing, and booking of the property for purchase or rent. Among the features of such software are search engines, valuation, and comparison tools.
Brokers software
Brokers software
Broker’s operations can’t be imagined without software today. Renewal, canceling, suspending leases, tracking agents’ activities, reminding tenants about the rent, and collecting it—all these operations are available in modern real estate ERPs and CRMs.
Third party integrations
Third-party integrations
We can connect all the data tools of your business under one roof: integrating all the accounting and financial information in a single CRM, ERP is often useful and creates the right picture for commercial property management you might need.

Examples of Property Management Application Types

Have a look at the overview of the common types of property management software Glorium Technologies develop. To ease things up to you, we gathered examples of such software from the leaders of the market.

Software for Rental Property Management

This type of commercial property management software allows rental managers to help find tenants, and future tenants to get their future housing. Zillow, Property Buddy are the most known apps of such kind.

Software for Rental Property Management
Apps for Condominium Property Management Co Ops and Townhouses
Apps for Condominium Property Management, Co-Ops, and Townhouses
Sometimes the property on owns is a little more specific and includes some features that are only relevant for its domain. Easy Storage Solution, or Rentec Direct are perfect for these buildings: condos, townhouses, other private cooperatives.
Residential Property Management Software
Residential Property Management Software
A perfect application for managing companies and landlords that aren’t often used by tenants. Buidium, Entrata, CoreLogic, Rockend among the leaders of industry here.
Commercial Property Management Software
Commercial Property Management Software
Commercial property management software development is in high demand at Glorium Technologies. We design apps and solutions like Sage and AppFolio, but with customized features for our clients in the US and Europe.
Vacation Rental Property Management Software
Vacation Rental Property Management Software
Same functions, different apps and marketing positioning. Guesty, Hospitable.com, AirBnB are perfect for vacation properties rent.

Why Use Custom Property Management Software Development

Here are a few reasons why you might want to think about developing your own property management software

Data Security
Data Security
Real estate management software often includes work with sensitive clients’ data. You need to make sure your software corresponds to all the compliance requirements and avoid data breaches at all costs.
Sometimes businesses scale out of proportion and apps that are already on the market can’t keep up with the pace. With custom PMS development by Glorium Technologies, you might be certain we’ll be able to scale the solution according to how your business grows. That adds up to your independence.
Automated Tasks
Automated Tasks
There is a set of certain repetitious operations that property owners do on a regular basis. These kinds of operations have to be dealt with the help of automation. When algorithms do all the mundane work for you, you will feel better production and have more time for other operational duties.
Multiple Property Management Efficiency
Multiple Property Management Efficiency
Property management software is often used to ease the management of several properties in a sing solution The solution of such kind would be helpful for bookkeeping, communication, reporting, and even analytics. Better efficiency in revenue is frequently achieved by utilizing such software.
Cost Efficiency
Cost Efficiency
You can only utilize and realize the features you’re looking for and avoid overspending in a long run.


What does property management software do?

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Property management software is an app for property managers and landlords to organize their rental properties, accounts, renters, owners, and financials.

How do I choose property management software?

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Your clients have to determine whether it will work with your current software, partners, and if it’s scalable for growth. We offer software development services of highly customized property management software. You will have something to offer.

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