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At Glorium Technologies, we specialize in crafting dynamic and scalable web applications using AngularJS, a robust and versatile JavaScript framework. Our dedicated AngularJS developers are ready to deliver innovative solutions catering to your unique business needs.
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At Glorium Technologies, we specialize in providing top-tier AngularJS development services.
Angular Software Development

Glorium Technologies provides Angular software development services tailored to create highly efficient and scalable applications for diverse business needs. Whether it’s a sophisticated backend system or an integrated software solution, our Angular experts ensure top-notch performance and adaptability.

Angular Web Development

Our Angular web development service at Glorium Technologies focuses on crafting dynamic, responsive websites with exceptional user experience. We build web solutions that are visually appealing and functionally robust.

Angular Single Page App Development

For responsive single-page applications, Glorium Technologies offers specialized Angular single-page app development services. We create SPAs that are fast-loading, seamlessly interactive, and provide a smooth user journey, all within a single-page layout.

Complex Mobile App Development

Glorium Technologies excels in complex mobile app development, delivering sophisticated and feature-rich applications tailored to meet unique business challenges. Our team combines innovation with technical expertise to develop mobile apps that are both highly functional and user-centric.

Cooperation Models We Offer

Whether you're seeking to bring on AngularJS developers for your startup or to forge a lasting partnership, the developers at Glorium Technologies are equipped to design a custom app that aligns perfectly with your requirements.
Staff Augmentation
Put together your dream team
  • Quickly augment your team for specific projects
  • Tap into specialized skills that are not present internally
  • Minimize the expenses associated with recruitment
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Dedicated Team
Accelerate the start of your project swiftly
  • Engage in a prolonged collaboration with AngularJS experts
  • Maintain complete oversight of the development journey
  • Minimize uncertainties and enhance clarity
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Outstaffing Services
Build a remote tech hub
  • Recruit remote AngularJS developers in a cost-effective manner
  • Concentrate on your primary business activities
  • Benefit from a flexible and scalable approach
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Flexible Pricing

We understand that each client is unique and are dedicated to providing customized pricing solutions to meet each individual's specific requirements.
Monthly Pricing Model
If you need AngularJS developers for a long-term project
  • Enjoy the benefit of transparent and predictable costs, making budgeting straightforward
  • Relieve yourself from the worry of additional administrative expenses, as they are all included
  • Experience comprehensive development services, catering to all aspects of your project
  • Leverage the flexibility of adjusting team sizes and scopes of work to fit your project’s evolving needs
Hourly Pricing Model
Our AngularJS development team offers the option to hire the exact number of experts you need.
  • Benefit from the ability to adjust your team’s scope and size according to your project’s demands.
  • You will incur charges only for the actual development work conducted.
  • There are no initial fees or obligatory commitments for developer engagement.
  • This option is suitable for short-term projects with dynamic requirements.

Want to discuss which pricing model would work best for your project? Let’s get in touch.

Why Should You Hire AngularJS Developers from Glorium Technologies?

Without Glorium Technologies
  • You have difficulties employing “expert developers” whose actual skills fall short of the claimed qualifications on their resumes.
  • Bearing substantial expenses in the recruitment and training process.
  • Allocating a project manager to supervise a mix of freelancers and agencies constantly.
  • Exposing sensitive data to potential risks due to collaborations with multiple parties.
  • Navigating potential delays in project delivery due to inconsistent commitments in contracts.
With Glorium Technologies
  • Gain access to top-tier AngularJS developers with experience in a range of industries.
  • Experience rapid and streamlined hiring and onboarding procedures.
  • Enjoy efficient project management characterized by clear communication and transparent reporting.
  • Benefit from development that complies with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO27001, facilitated by our proficient AngularJS team.
  • Reduced the likelihood of errors and delays, ensuring superior quality results and timely delivery.

Get Started with Glorium Technologies AngularJS Developers

To hire AngularJS developers from us, share details about your company, the specific project, and your requirements. We will take care of choosing the ideal developer to suit your needs.
  1. BRIEF We get your requirements
  2. CHOOSE We send you a shortlist
  3. PLAN We set the cooperation details
  4. TEST You interview the candidates
  5. WORK Your developer starts working

Hiring Process for AngularJS Developers

You will go through these steps to hire AngularJS developers that suit your requirements best.
Let`s keep in touch
Share the Brief
Simply share with us all the information. We will propose the most fitting developers from our extensive talent pool, ensuring they are well-equipped to fulfill your tasks.
Scan the Talents
We have diverse skilled developers, each proficient in different technology domains.
Run the Tests
At this stage, candidates undergo thorough skill evaluations and practical tests.
Plan Strategy
We will draft a detailed plan and provide a project manager if required.
Hire the Talent
Once the project details are finalized, you can kick-start the work. You retain full control over the developers’ activities.

Need help finding your technology?

Our expert development team can bring your project to life with the latest technologies, ensuring a perfect execution every time.
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    How to Hire AngularJS Developers

    Did you know that 48% of users consider website design and usability to be the main criteria for trusting a company? And 38% of potential customers will leave your site if they are unsatisfied with its functionality and design?

    That is why frontend development, or client-side programming, plays such an important role in software development.

    Front-end development — creating a part of a web app that users see when they open its page. Do the buttons and text on a site overlap? Do they perform their functions? It is the issues of dynamic web pages, layout and client-side functionality that are within the jurisdiction of a frontend developer.

    Besides basic tasks, the good front-end developer should understand some internal system content, i.e., the essence of back-end experts’ work. And not to be a dilettante in UX development, that is, to understand how the interaction between a user and software takes place.

    As for the hard skills of these programmers, the main ones are JS, HTML, and CSS. But to create user-friendly, memorable user interfaces, you not only need to master one of the above-mentioned programming languages but also be able to choose the right tool to implement the requirements of a project.

    According to Statista analytics, the most popular frameworks among global developers are React.js (it is used by more than 40% of experts), jQuery (it is preferred by almost 34%), Express (almost 24%), and Angular JS (about 23%).

    In this article, we will talk about the potential of AngularJS, where to find good angular developers, and what to consider when hiring them.

    Angular JS: What It Is and Why Use It

    Angular.js What It Is and Why Use It

    AngularJS is an open-source framework created by Google to develop web applications and websites based on a single HTML document as a shell for all pages – the so-called single-page apps.

    Fast writing of easy code and simplified testing are the benefits that web developers get, thanks to the peculiarities of working with this framework. It is based on a Model-View-Controller scheme which breaks an app into three components. Each can be modified independently of the other two.

    Benefits of working with the framework

    Benefits of working with the framework

    According to GitHub ratings, AngularJS holds the first position in terms of popularity among developers year after year. What explains such wide recognition?

    Impressive community

    • It includes not only the permanent members of the team but also those who want to contribute to the product development because, remember, this is an open-source framework. Thematic IT resources constantly discuss the issues of AngularJS conferences and meetups, which are regularly held, and many books and online publications are written about it. All this helps experienced angularjs developers always be on the crest of a technological wave and deliver the most advanced solutions to their clients.

    Declarative programming principle

    • This means that the code in AngularJS describes not all the methods of achieving the desired result but only the original problem and the desired end result. This makes the code easier to read.

    Using a set of directives

    • This allows the framework for creating dynamic AngularJS apps to use the language for static HTML documents by extending its syntax. The result is a significant increase in productivity and improved code readability.

    Two-way data binding

    • This technology allows automatic synchronization of data changes and their display on a screen (in the user interface).

    Unit testing support

    • Program testing is an important part of SDLC and often leads to an increase of development time and cost of the project as a whole. AngularJS development services include an alternative to creating individual test pages. The framework allows you to simulate user actions and evaluate how your app responds to them.

    All of this makes AngularJS the best way to develop CRUD apps, which is what the vast majority of web applications are.

    Angular 2 — Another Version or a Brand New Solution?

    Angular 2 Another Version or a Brand New Solution

    When choosing a framework for the required software, you should pay attention to the fact that AngularJS (2009) and Angular 2 (2016) are not two versions of the same framework, but fundamentally different web development environments.

    So saying that AngularJS is outdated is wrong. AngularJS developers are still relevant and in demand.

    AngularJS use areas

    Each environment for software development, no matter how great it is, is chosen depending on what tasks need to solve by the developers. So, AngularJS is not suitable for creating small sites with static content – educational resources without dynamic content, event pages, etc.

    Startups and projects with limited budgets are also better to choose another tech stack. But apps that require complex DOM manipulations, such as games or interface editors, also require another, such as jQuery.

    As for database-driven web development apps, AngularJS developers are exactly what you need. It will perfectly meet the needs of such software:

    • Video streaming apps. One example of such a web resource is the Sling TV service. It supports online streaming as well as query-based video search. Netflix, a world-famous streaming service, is developed with the help of this environment.
    • E-commerce programs. For example, with the help of AngularJS was created e-commerce site, Sherwin Williams, specializing in paint and varnish materials. The web app not only provides a high level of customer service but also helps build partnerships between contractors and customers.
    • Online data apps. For example, web applications are developed using this framework to track weather changes. AngularJS makes it possible to dynamically display information in real-time. An example is The Weather Channel from IBM.
    • Enterprise solutions. Flexibility and simple scalability are the requirements for corporate apps, which are fully met by this framework thanks to experienced angularjs developers.
    • Dynamic news resources. Regular updates of current news articles, a list of the most-read materials provided to readers, notifications of upcoming events, and video content become available with web resources developed in AngularJS. Want to see what it looks like? Visit one of the world’s websites built in this environment, like Cricbuzz or StarTribune.

    Also, hire AngularJS developers for creating narrowly-specialized programs and migrating outdated software. Modern technological capabilities of the allow you to fulfill any other business needs and requirements and increase the functionality and performance of your apps.

    Angularjs Development Services

    What Should an Angular Developer Be Able to Do

    Considering the fact that the AngularJS framework is fundamentally different from other Javascript frameworks when looking for a specialist in this field, it is important to consider their experience – only successful cases in a developer’s resume can guarantee their deep knowledge to create a high-performance, high-quality web program.

    If you want to hire top Angularjs developers for web development who will get the job done right the first time, pay attention to their knowledge of basic JS, CSS, and HTML programming languages. When hiring dedicated angularjs developers, consider that the candidate’s experience with REST APIs, understanding of UI/UX designers, and experience interacting with the backend team will be clear advantages.

    Area of responsibility of developers specializing in Angularjs development services

    When choosing such a developer, trust a reliable angularjs development company, as they will perform the following functions:

    • Development of the web app’s external interface. It should be bright, dynamic, interactive, and memorable. In short, one that will attract new users and keep existing ones.
    • REST API creation. This is where experience of angularjs developers in collaborating with backend developers comes in handy. Without such cooperation, checking whether an app complies with the technical specifications is impossible.
    • Writing the code in JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Notably, the written code must be readable and easy to test.
    • Working with external data sources. Good AngularJS developers should have no problems with API and data extraction from external sources.
    • Bug fixing. Once the front-end development is complete, testers check the program for bugs – various tests are performed, including regression, integration, and acceptance tests. The developer must eliminate the bugs found within a short time frame. There can also be a situation when you have to work with previously written code, which can also contain errors.
    • Unit testing. This type of testing is also the responsibility of the AngularJS developers, especially since its tools are already integrated into the framework.

    The skills of specialists vary depending on the framework version experience in developing various mobile and web apps. Therefore, value your time and the time of the candidates – clearly specify the requirements for a potential employee.

    If you are planning to hire dedicated angularjs developers, give an outsourcing provider as comprehensive a list of angular developer skills required qualifications as possible. These include hard and soft skills.

    Hard Skills of Angularjs developers

    • Knowledge of JS, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, and other programming languages, as well as the JS library.
    • Experience with CSS preprocessors LESS and Sass.
    • Ability to apply JS build tools.
    • Knowledge of AJAX approach to building interactive user interfaces of web apps.
    • Knowledge of SEO-optimization basics.
    • Ability to create attractive visual effects for users and manage frame rate (FPS).
    • Performing unit testing.

    Depending on the project requirements, the following skills could be an advantage:

    • Experience with Database design, microservices.
    • Cloud platforms experience. AWS, GCP.
    • CI/CD. Understanding, usage.
    • Agile. Principles and processes.
    • Socket management.
    • Putting DRY, KISS, and SOLID development principles into practice.

    English at least at B2 (Upper Intermediate) level is a requirement for all AngularJS developers vacancies.

    Soft Skills of Angularjs developers

    In addition to hard skills, paying attention to soft skills is important. It will help to choose employees according to their upcoming role – e.g, you can pick a good team player or an experienced team leader. Pay attention to the following soft skills:

    • Performing a wide range of complex technical or professional acts in a variety of contexts. Researching, identifying, and solving complex issues.
    • Ability to work effectively in distributed cross-functional teams.
    • Ability to influence clients and team members at the project level.
    • Ability to supervise others or make decisions affecting work assigned to individuals or project phases.
    • Experience in competent planning, scheduling, and supervision of one’s own work (and others where applicable).
    • Angularjs developers need ability to learn (willingness to be challenged and change).

    This list may be expanded or shortened at the discretion of each employer.

    Hire Angular Developers: 3 Basic Steps

    Hiring Angular Developer 3 Basic Steps

    To select a specialist without unpleasant surprises, set a clear plan of action before starting the search.

    Formulate for yourself the main project goals.

    Think about expectations from the new employee, outline the deadline for completing the tasks.

    Describe the work to be done.

    Using the previous point, describe in detail what is to be done – so the recruiter or outstaffing company will find a professional who best meets your needs.

    Prepare a list of questions for an interview.

    If you decide to turn to outstaffing to find a developer, be aware – many providers of such services allow clients to independently verify the candidate’s qualifications. So prepare in advance.

    Questions that will help reveal the applicant’s actual experience:

    • What is AngularJS?
    • What is your experience with this framework?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses in working with this development environment?
    • Tell us about the components and modules in AngularJS.
    • Have you dealt with fixing bugs in your AngularJS app? How did you do it?
    • Explain the differences between AngularJS and Angular 2.
    • Talk about positive and negative experiences writing code in Angular JS.
    • Describe a project in which you used AngularJS. Was it successful? Tell about all its successes and failures.
    • Explain the files tsconfig.json, package.json, app.module.ts, etc.

    These questions will help assess the personal qualities of the angularjs developers:

    • Give an example of your behavior in conflict situations.
    • How would you characterize your communication skills?
    • Do you consider yourself a team player or prefer independent work?
    • Has there been a situation in your practice that required independent decision-making? How did you handle it?
    • Assess your ability to adapt to a new team.
    • Do you have your own success strategy?
    • How do you handle/plan to handle the challenge of different time zones and cultural differences? (for offshoring)

    You are now fully prepared to find a specialist in Angular JS development. All that’s left to do is to determine what employee search channels exist and which one is right for you.

    Selecting a Search Channel to Hire Angularjs Developers

    Angular.js Developer Costs Where Is It Cheaper

    The times when the search for the right employee was handled by a company’s internal HR department, and a newcomer was necessarily hired as a staff member, are far behind us. Today you have several hiring options: hire a dedicated on staff; use freelancers’ services; or give your project to an outsourcing company, relying on a dedicated AngularJS Developers team.

    Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of each of these channels.

    Hiring an in-house developer

    Creating your own development team is advisable if your project is non-standard, or if you are the founder of a startup. Long-term cooperation is expected with in-house employees, which includes not only program creation, but also its support and maintenance services after release.


    • You have full control over the angular developers process, your employees are available 24/7.
    • No communication difficulties in a team whose members know each other well.
    • No language or time barriers.


    • Additional costs for angular developers for monthly salaries, office rent, and taxes.
    • Lengthy recruitment – you will have to select your own staff, arrange interviews and approve/disapprove candidates.
    • The adjustment of new employees. As in the case of outstaffing, new full-time employees also need a lot of time to get acquainted with the team and learn to work together.

    You can hire AngularJS developers for a full-time on your own or turn to professional recruiters. However, paying for the services of specialized recruiting agencies is an additional expense that may not be included in the project budget.

    Freelance services

    Freelance developers are specialists who work for themselves and usually offer their services on special freelance resources.


    • Prices for the services of such specialists are more affordable.
    • The optimal option for creating small websites and other specific tasks.


    • It is almost impossible to assess a freelancer’s qualifications independently without coding experience.
    • This format of remote cooperation cannot guarantee the developer’s responsibility – the project may be at risk of failure.
    • One freelancer cannot understand UI/UX design, frontend, backend, testing, etc. Multiple IT professionals will have to be hired. There are difficulties in communicating and managing such a “team.”

    Still, if you have decided to involve remote workers in your project, it is better to use the services of special companies that select outsourcers. Why? Let’s look into it.

    Outsourcing projects

    Cooperation with an outsourcing service provider implies the transfer of the entire project to third-party developers or the involvement of dedicate specialists in your team. By choosing a proven provider, you can be sure of the quality of the work done, since the developers are chosen directly for your project and meet its requirements as much as possible.

    Other benefits of working with dedicated specialists:

    • Increased development speed. Finding a dedicated developer takes much less time than hiring a permanent employee on staff. Plus, if the outsourcer has experience working on projects in the same field as yours, the SDLC can be reduced by up to 30%.
    • Budget savings. Companies that outsource often choose foreign specialists for their clients. Given the fact that the hourly cost of services for developers, for example, from the U.S. and Eastern Europe, may differ by $50 or more, this contributes to a significant reduction in the project cost.
    • Post-release support. It is possible to agree with an outsourcer on long-term cooperation, which does not end with the product’s release. If any modifications are required, the dedicated developer will carry them out quickly and without a complete rebuild since they have all the necessary tools.

    Along with the obvious advantages when you are hiring top angular developers, outsourcing also has some difficulties:

    • Communication problems. Even if hire AngularJS Developers in their country, it will take time for them to fit in and communicate fully with the in-house team. The situation is exacerbated by the expansion of the staff with foreign specialists. Language barriers, time differences, and cultural differences may become a real stumbling block for fruitful cooperation.
    • Loss of control over the project. If you choose not to expand your staff, but to outsource the entire project, the development will be managed by the provider company. You will not be able to control the process and monitor the quality of your product.
    • Information security risks. Information needed to work on the project will be shared with third parties – outside developers. You run the risk of a data leak. Therefore, when drawing up a contract with a provider, it is important to discuss the issues of intellectual property rights protection. When selecting a provider, collect information about it online, contact its actual customers, and ask them to comment on their experience with the company. Choosing a trusted provider will protect you from all of the above risks and help you create a quality product.

    AngularJS Developer Costs: Where Is It Cheaper?

    The advantage of hiring a dedicated developer is that you are not limited to your country. Engage specialists from abroad – given the difference in the cost of their services, you can save significantly on development costs.

    Factors that influen

    So how much do Angular JS developers get paid in different countries of the world? A detailed analysis of the market has highlighted some average numbers:


    In addition to the country, the cost of Angular JS programmers is influenced by the region of residence and work experience. The maximum salary is paid to developers from metropolitan regions with more than 5 years of experience.


    Do you want to hire AngularJS developers? You should not save on the quality of your future software by entrusting its development to untested professionals.

    But it is not always reasonable to hire a new employee. The best option is to turn to an outsourcing service provider. Glorium Technologies will select a developer for you, whose qualifications are strictly matched with the project requirements.

    With us you will get an app that will win the hearts of users with its convenience, design and functionality.

    Choose among 200+ software specialists
    Hire developers to work 
on your project
    Questions You May Have

    What is special about Angular?

    Our developers put it this way: better tooling, cleaner code, and higher scalability. Angular is written using TypeScript language, which is basically a superset for JavaScript. It fully compiles to JavaScript, but helps spot and eliminate common mistakes when actually typing the code.

    Is Angular better than React?

    It depends on your project. There are certain aspects that make React look preferable, like virtual DOM implementation and rendering optimizations. However, Angular also has quite a range of benefits.

    Can I hire Angularjs developers for a long-term project?

    Sure you can. We are focusing on long-term cooperation. You can send us your list of requirements and we will perform a staff selection. In this case, you hire AngularJS developers and they will have a set-up working environment. You will save time and money on hiring the right employees, and outgoing operating expenses.

    When is it better to hire a dedicated Angular JS developer and when is it better to outsource the entire project?

    If you have your own development team, but your project needs only to hire Angularjs developers, feel free to contact an outsourcing service provider to hire one. They will join your in-house team, and you will manage the development yourself. If you do not have IT specialists on staff or you do not plan to control the software creation, the only way out is to outsource the project to third-party developers entirely.

    What are the responsibilities of an AngularJS developer?

    An AngularJS developer is in charge of creating a program on the client side. They are responsible for what a user sees when entering a site. For web developer to do their job well, they need to be able to write JS, CSS, and HTML code, create REST APIs, work with external data sources, do unit testing, and fix bugs.

    How to save money if you have a software development need?

    Hire a dedicated AngularJS developer through an outsourcing company. Compared to hiring an employee in-house, your costs will be reduced by up to 40%.

    Contact the foreign specialists. For example, a developer from the U.S. charges at least $ 42 per hour for their services, while the work of a senior AngularJS developer from Ukraine costs almost the same – a maximum of $44/hour.