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Medical Billing Software Development

Medical billing and coding software by Glorium Technologies allows receiving payments and processing financial operations quickly and without hassle. We develop medical software for hospitals, private doctor’s practices, pharmacies, and medical device and supply companies.

Medical Billing Solution Features

Medical billing software (MBS) can consist of basic features for the MVP version or more advanced ones for your specific needs.

Appointment Scheduling 1
Appointment Scheduling
While not something to look for in typical medical billing software, the possibility of making online appointments can be a useful option in your billing system.
Patient Pre Registration
Patient Pre-Registration
The medical billing software includes the option of patients' pre-registration, linked to their accounts in the system.
Medical Claim Management
Medical Claim Management
MBS automates the claim process and reduces the risks for a facility and patients. Digital claims, their monitoring, and claim history tracking are part of billing apps and platforms.
Automated Coding
Automated Coding
Treatment courses are too detailed and complex to be processed manually. Medical billing and coding software automates the coding of treatment details for the patients in the system.
Encryption Compliance and Security
Encryption, Compliance, and Security
Medical billing management needs to be compliant with all governmental privacy laws and HIPAA/GDPR. Glorium Technologies eagerly provides just the right law-abiding medical software.
Custom medical billing platforms generate a variety of reports based on data analysis, including the history and current state of claims.
User Friendly Interface
User-Friendly Interface
Along with developing high-quality core features, we make our solutions user-friendly. Intuitive interface and best user experience practices ensure convenience and smooth operations for our clients.
Payment Methods Integration
Payment Methods Integration
Credit card payment processing is essential for medical billing software. Along with that, the system provides a variety of other payment options.
Support/Maintenance of the Solution
Medical billing software maintenance allows a quick answer to any occurring issue and mitigates potential risks.

Medical Billing Systems We Readily Help You Develop

These are the examples of custom products designed by Glorium Technologies:

  • Medical Billing Software
  • Medical Claims Processing Software
  • Claims and Complaints Management Software
  • Documents Management Systems
  • Mobile Insurance Applications
  • Web Insurance Systems
Examples of Medical Billing Systems Were Ready To Help You Develop
Our Compliance

As a healthcare software developer with 10+ years of experience in various markets, we deliver solutions with highest PHI security and HIPAA/GDPR compliance. We ensure our clients from different places have the secure and locally compliant custom products.


Why is medical billing software a must for most modern healthcare practices?

4.6/5 (17 votes)

Software tools designed by Glorium Technologies allow improving healthcare workflow for all kinds of institutions: hospitals, private practices, medical offices, labs, and pharmacies.

If we’re speaking specifically about medical billing software products, they’ll be especially of high demand in hospitals that cooperate with insurance companies. It will help to seamlessly get all the bills paid in time.

Is the software you build compliant with HIPAA requirements and other regulations?

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The short answer is yes. We treat PHI very seriously. HIPAA is only valid if your startup operates in North America. For those healthcare providers that operate in Europe, we make GDPR-compliant software solutions.

The teams of Glorium Technologies developers are competent and resourceful, and they possess all the knowledge, expertise, and skill to build top-notch medical software solutions, apps, platforms, and systems – all fully compliant with industry standards enforced by HIPAA.
By cooperating with Glorium Technologies, you ensure yourself all the common regulations and compliance will be in check for your future medical billing software solution.

Do Glorium Technology healthcare developers possess extensive skillsets and expertise?

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Glorium Technologies has a robust and diverse team. We have both front- and back-end specialists, as well as full-stack software developers with 10+ years of experience in the yield of healthcare, in our teams.
They’ve been working in this domain, but across different types of products, such as web applications, mobile apps, wearable devices’ software, cloud products, API integrations to the apps.
Some facts about our specialists:

  • Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, and other JavaScript frameworks ensure fast and responsive web-based interface for your software
  • Our software developers are experienced with C#, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, and other tech stack professionals. That enables us to give you the opportunity for a strong feature-rich build of your product
  • Manual and automated QA specialists, UI/UX designers, and other essential specialists work for us full-time, so the software will be bug-free and will meet all the requirements for responsive design and a user-friendly interface
  • Our recruitment specialists are top-notch, and always on the hunt for the best specialist, so if you are to cover a very specific need we might not have on our hands at the moment, we will find such a professional on the job market.

What custom healthcare solutions can Glorium Technologies deliver to us us?

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Just about any piece of customized healthcare software solution that addresses your particular need can be built by our specialists.

Whether it should be a complex EHR system or a simple medical billing mobile app for your hospital, we are ready to help you with those in no time.

Our custom healthcare solutions help hospitals, pharmacies, labs, or clinics. They include:

  • Medical Billing software
  • Patient Portals
  • EHR and EMR Systems
  • Patient Data Management
  • Pharmacy Management Software
  • Telemedicine Apps
  • Remote Health Monitoring Apps
  • Hospital Management Software
  • Medical Imaging Software
  • Other types of Healthcare Software

Where are Glorium Technologies offices located?

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As we’re leaving in the world of remote work, outsourcing is no longer a swear word in software development. We have several offices in different parts of the world, but most of our developers work from home. Our remote development teams are located in two Eastern European countries: Ukraine and Poland, and the headquarters of Glorium Technologies is based in New Jersey.

Will the software you’d develop for me allow my practice to interface with lab and hospital systems?

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Naturally, we deliver the interfaces that as very well with plenty of labs systems, all types of hospital systems.

Do you deliver solutions that help data be protected at all times?

4.6/5 (17 votes)

As the client, your data will be protected for 100%.

Is Glorium Technologies available for project-based development?

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We are ready for all kinds of cooperation. They vary depending on your needs, but if it is in mutual interest, we will have you a project-based contract, or augment staff members or the whole team, so this is not the thing to worry about.

How soon can you start working on our project?

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Just contact us by pressing that button on the website, and the chances are we will start bringing you ideas to live that every week we’ve just met. Sometimes it takes more time, but be sure, we are just as excited about not putting.

Who we are

Glorium Technologies is a full-cycle app & software development company which covers specific client business needs and tries to manage them with the help of the best possible technology solutions.

Since 2010, we have been inventing digital solutions, helping startups and SMBs come out on top in their markets.

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Why choose Glorium Technologies

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Fully customized solutions
Let us know your desired product features, and we will make it happen.
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We bring products to the market as soon as possible and at an affordable cost.

Awards & Recognitions

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Named among the Inc.5000 (2020, 2021, 2022) & Regionals (2021, 2022) fastest-growing private companies in America

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