Medical Billing
Software Development

Healthcare facilities that are expanded enough to have difficult
calculations on their financial operation could very well be in
search of medical billing solutions.

Medical Billing Software Development

Healthcare facilities that are expanded enough to have difficult calculations on their financial operation could very well be in search of medical billing solutions.
Glorium Technologies possess enough experience to build customized web or mobile-based medical billing and coding software that allows businesses to receive payments and process other financial operations quickly and in a pain-free manner.
There are different types of medical billing software. Medical billing practice often includes the integration of existing electronic medical records (and even paper workflow) into the solutions.
We do medical software development for hospitals, private doctors practices, pharmacies, as well as for medical device and supply companies.

The Core Medical Billing Solution Features

There is a certain set of features medical billing software usually possesses. Some of the above-mentioned features are for realizations of the MVP version of products, the others go beyond that.
Appointment Scheduling
While this is not a major function of typical medical billing software. However, modern billing systems often combine the possibility of making an appointment online with the billing options. That way all the visits are being recorded, kept track of, and no confusion is called on that
Encryption, Compliance, and Security
Patient data and financial data are very sensitive. Therefore, a high level of security is the core feature for any digital medical system out there. Medical billing management needs to be done in software that is compliant with all governmental privacy laws, HIPAA/GDPR regulations, and Glorium Technologies are keen on providing just that.
Custom medical billing platforms generate tons of reports based on data analysis. This analysis usually includes the history of claims, as well as their current state. Therefore, the medical facility is aware of the general revenue and provides a great view on financial reports and all the accounting of the medical institution.
User-Friendly Interface
Not all healthcare workers are tech professionals. That’s why aside from including all the core features, it is vital to keep the solution for convenient use of not the most tech-savvy people. That will reduce onboarding time, and the administrative staff will quickly adapt and will include it in their work cycle right after the system is integrated.
Payment Methods Integration
The ability to accept credit card payments is critical for medical billing software. This is the most common way of making the transactions for the patients. However, depending on the customer, we may add hundreds of payment systems (i.e. Stripe, Skrill, American Express) to the app.
Support/Maintenance of the Solution
Oftentimes, the implementation of medical billing software doesn’t mean the end of communication with our customers. Medical Billing software development companies also offer maintenance services for the solution. That way they can quickly fix any bugs/errors that might occur and have the potential for serious repercussions.
Automated Coding
Medical billing and coding software includes a big set of treatment courses as the number of details is really big and complex to process manually. Therefore, the billing software automates the coding of treatment details for the patients who are included in the system.<br /> That way the claims are kept accurately and remain appropriate. That saves crazy amounts of time and helps avoid conflict situations with resubmission of different claims and extra mess. Medical billing systems also allow re-claims and rebills, naturally.
Patient Pre-Registration
So-called “pre-registration” is often part of the revenue cycle. A patient account is being put into the system. The medical billing software includes the option of pre-registration. Future patients fill in some sort of form that gives the medical facility all the needed information on the insurance before the physical visit is being arranged. All relatable patient health information from that point is linked to the insurance plan of his/her and is used for the upcoming payments for the medical services
Medical Claim Management
One of the most common medical billing practices. Medical billing software for hospitals and doctors proceeds with all the medical claims and other payments to eliminate some sort of confusion and errors. Medical billing software automates the process and reduces the risks both for the facility and for the patients. The features a traditional billing app or a platform includes are digital claims, their monitoring, and the availability to track the claim history. The modern medical billing software features tracking and approval of all claims and enables you to track claims processing in order to control all incoming and outgoing financial operations

EHR Software Features

Depending on the types of medical billing, your facility might need different billing and claims solutions. These are just some of the examples of what custom products can be engineered by Glorium Technologies for our clients.
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Medical Claims Processing Software
  • Claims and Complaints Management Software
  • Documents Management Systems
  • Mobile Insurance Applications
  • Web Insurance Systems
Our Compliance
As a healthcare software development company with 10+ years of operating on various markets, we guarantee that our solutions ensure secure PHI and are HIPAA compliant. If you operate in Europe, you have to keep a closer look at GDPR, as not following these principles leads to serious fines.
We work individually with clients from different territories and keep a close look at making secure and compliant custom products.
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