Overview: Outsourcing Mistakes

Overview: Outsourcing Mistakes

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Overview: Outsourcing Mistakes

This video is about common mistakes that are made during the outsourcing of software development.

Many people have fear and insecurity when outsourcing software development. One client of Glorium Technologies’ had huge problems because before Glorium worked to them, they had outsourced work to a US-based company for more than 1 year. This company took a lot of time and money, but had nothing to show for it other than:

  • A “buggy» application
  • Production Issues
  • No functional requirement
  • Spent $500,000 and still had no MVP

We definitely don’t want you to make those kinds of mistakes.
That’s why we’ve prepared and highlighted the most common mistakes in this series of videos. These mistakes usually fall into six buckets:

  • Selecting an outsourcing partner
  • Initiating terms of engagement
  • Setting up your team
  • Initial planning
  • Execution
  • Mindset

In the following series of videos, we’ll cover:

  • List of common mistakes with outsourcing
  • Break down one mistake per video
  • Offer one key action item to prevent said issue
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