How to Promote an App: the List of 10 Steps to Take

People use apps frequently. Business can benefit from this process. We have already told you about this, as well.
Many companies have decided to create an app and successfully turned their plans into reality. What’s next?

The next stage is to show an app to the users and explain why they can’t live without it. Such a simple action, but how much efforts it requires. To make it easier for you, we decided to list up a number of actions about how to promote an app. They will help you introduce your app to the world more efficiently.

  1. From the very beginning
    Study and talk to your prospective users. Find out their pain points you are going to solve with your app. This will give you the confidence about your next steps and the whole development process. In return, you can provide the users with access to the beta version or discounts they can use after the app release. This is how you can start marketing your app even before it is released.
  2. ASO is a must
    ASO is app promotion in App Store and Google Play. Here, like in SEO, the main focus is on keywords, relevance, and descriptions. Your app description is important because it will bring you users that search for the apps like yours. Nielsen states that 63 percent of smartphone users used search in the app stores to find new apps.
  3. Learn your target audience’s interests
    Define what troubles your app shoots and in what cases your prospect users may need it. This will give you an idea about how they will search for your app as a solution. After that, you can gather a number of keywords you can promote your app for in Google Search and Display networks. SEO works here, too. The link to our app can appear on the Google search result page for the keyword “best apps for reviews”.
    In such a way, you will learn your target audience even better and find the resources your future users mostly read. These ones are the perfect places to get exposure on.
  4. Bloggers outreach
    After you determined the relevant resources, reach out their owners. Tell them how your app is going to improve specific industries. Who knows, maybe they will not only write a review about your product but will become your loyal users.
  5. Influencers influence
    Influencers are another channel of your app promotion. Influencers, or in other words top-minders, are mostly bloggers who have a wide audience and can influence its engagement and buying decision. Reviews and word of mouth are perhaps the most powerful ways to attract more users The influencer’s review is a great way to start generating more and more of reviews.
  6. By own forces
    Do not forget about the inner channels you can use to get more users. Let them know about your app through the website and official company’s blog. Your users will get to know that you care about them and want to make communication with them even more convenient.
  7. Review sites
    Remember about app review sites. They have quite impressive numbers of the monthly visitors. Consider them as another resource of future users:
    Our list is even more extensive — contact us to get the complete one.
  8. Apply for Awards
    We are more than sure that you believe in your app and consider it as one of market leaders, or the only one. Why not prove that? Apply for the Awards for the best UI, UX, or app billing solution. If you are on the list, it is another newsworthy event to tell everybody about.
  9. Encourage your users
    People need encouragement to become your app users. Offer special discount and deals for those installed the app. This does work well for the installs, however, it can’t make your users stay. Be useful, and they’ll love you.
  10. Get your app socialized
    Don’t be shy, be social. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter are extremely efficient when it comes to app promotion. App advertising in these social networks will boost the user engagement.

These ten steps need a lot of time and efforts, but they will help your future users find your app.

AboutAndrei Kasyanau
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