Outsourcing Mistakes: Execution (Team Culture)

Outsourcing Mistakes: Execution (Team Culture)

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Outsourcing Mistakes: Execution (Team Culture)

This video is about the wrong approach to team culture. Many organizations are built around negativity, where people work in a toxic environment that includes:

  • Negative emotions
  • Fear as a motivator
  • Pressure and disrespect
  • Internal politics

Companies that outsource software development often do not pay attention to these problems, believing that they concern only the vendor. Of course, if you think only about the legal component of your contract, it is. But the human aspect in such relationships is wholly excluded. And if something goes wrong during the development process, this approach pushes people to make many mistakes, such as:

  • Disregarding human relationships
  • Thinking only from a business perspective
  • Making unreasonable demands

That is, you disrespect the PM, put forward unreasonable demands, and they, in turn, broadcast your attitude to the whole team. The result is that employees go into survival mode in a toxic environment instead of being in productive mode.

The best specialists are the first who seek to leave such a team. The result is a decrease in productivity.

What should you do?

  • Be reasonable and direct
  • Treat the outsourced team as in-house
  • Speak directly with management
  • Let your team focus on delivery

If you are a PM and work with a toxic client, try to make sure that all the negativity stops on you. Do not spread it to your team.

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