Outsourcing Mistakes: Setting Up Teams (Management)

Outsourcing Mistakes: Setting Up Teams (Management)

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Outsourcing Mistakes: Setting Up Teams (Management)

This video discusses the problems that occur when people stop playing a managerial role in their future team.

If you stop paying enough attention to managing your team, you’re bound to get into trouble. We are not talking about small teams (up to five people), whose members are well acquainted with each other and can self-organize.

What should be done? Discuss with your supplier how the future team will be managed:

  • Who will overlook the entire development?
  • What are the in-house and outsourced responsibilities?
  • How will local management look?
  • Who will lead dev teams?
  • How will QA be managed?

Also, discuss the general approach to development. If you don’t, you:

  • Reduce efficiency.
  • Increase development time.
  • Lose focus on one goal.

Do not ignore the issue of team management in order to achieve the overall movement towards one goal.

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