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We collaborate closely with you, dedicating our efforts to understand and fulfill your unique needs, ultimately empowering your success at every single stage of our partnership journey.
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Does Your Startup Need Help in These Key Areas?

It’s important to identify the specific technical needs of your startup at the beginning and get people with the right expertise to navigate technology.

Our teams cover a wide range of tech expertise to execute your vision effectively and develop and maintain the solution to power your operations.

Not having a solid strategy with market research, customer segmentation, revenue models, and marketing channels can and will bite you back.

Our experts can help refine your value proposition, identify market opportunities, and guide you in making critical business decisions.

A talented and cohesive team makes a business bloom, yet looking for the right hires is extremely time- and resource-consuming.

We have top specialists available who will bring diverse perspectives and expertise, enhancing your team’s problem-solving and innovation capabilities.

Do These Difficulties Sound Familiar To You

Software Solutions for Startups We Deliver

At Glorium Technologies, we are assisting startups from diverse industries in transforming their ideas into marketable software products.
Discovery Phase

The thorough research and preparation allow us to reduce risks and minimize the cost of custom software development for startups in the discovery phase. We can ensure the product-market fit, create specifications, draft architecture design, assess risks.

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MVP Development

Glorium Technologies are experts at designing and releasing minimum viable products. MVP is how the software development for startup begins. Then, after your app goes live, we optimize it through multiple iterations with agile methodologies.

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Product Development Strategy and Roadmapping

Our team of experts can help you plan innovative and engaging products that will delight your customers. Glorium Technologies can help you with the following: business vision,strategic plan,roadmap, product planning process.

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Product Design for Startup Software Development

Glorium Technologies covers all aspects of software development for startup solutions and products, from concept to product deployment. We help startups achieve their unique goals and foster successful growth by developing user-friendly design.

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Startup Software Development Consulting

When you start a journey, it’s always a good idea to consult specialists who know the way. Benefit from our expert startup consulting on efficient planning, developing, and launching new solutions. Share your expectations with us and we will make everything you need.

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Attracting Strategic Investment

Being savvy with the numbers is crucial for any businessperson. Depending on the result of the planning phase, if your solution needs additional funding, we will consult you on the best ways to receive it. Do not hesitate and let’s start your project.

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Growth as a Service

Software development for startup is but a beginning of an exciting journey of growth and scaling. We can create a full-cycle growth strategy and implement it for you. Our growth team strategies and consults tech companies, startups, and SaaS businesses on demand.

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Cost of Software Development for Startups

As the name implies, custom software projects are not uniform. They vary based on the software development teams involved and a range of high-level characteristics. When thinking about your custom software development, make sure to include the project management, quality assurance, and UX/UI design costs in the mix along with the software developers fees.

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Advantages of Custom Software Development

Custom software development for startups offers the flexibility, adaptability, and competitive advantage. It can be a strategic choice that pays off in the long run by enabling new businesses to meet their specific objectives and grow successfully.

Custom software enables companies to differentiate themselves from competition by providing unique features that cater to the specific demands of their target audience.

Data Security

Custom software development enables the adoption of sophisticated security mechanisms to secure data, guaranteeing compliance with legislation and increasing consumer confidence.


Startups retain complete ownership and control over their own software, allowing them to make upgrades, additions, and modifications according to company plans and user feedback.

Market Adaptation

It is critical for startups to react swiftly to changing market conditions and client preferences. Custom software may be upgraded and expanded to suit evolving trends and pivot tactics.


Startups may secure their unique company ideas and procedures through bespoke software development, decreasing the danger of competitors reproducing their technology.

Vendor Independence

Custom software lowers dependency on third-party providers and their release schedules. Startups have complete control over the software’s development and progress.

Engagement Options for Startups

At Glorium Technologies, we are happy to provide various cooperation models — choose the one that fits your needs best.
Fixed Price
Hire a fixed-price team
Dedicated Development Team
Hire a dedicated team
Time and Materials
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What We Need to Give You an Estimation

The software projects are not created equal. The cost of the software development for startups depends on complexity, scale, and features of the desired solution.
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What We Need
Product Idea
The most important thing you can do is to communicate your idea clearly to us. Share your research about the idea and any additional information that surrounds it, so we can fully grasp what you're looking for.
Feature List
Because the complexity of your project directly influence its cost, it's important to define the features and functionality you want your software to have. It doesn't have to be a final list, but providing this information will help a lot.
We understand that you may not have the technical expertise for creating wireframes, but if you can provide some basic sketches or blueprints of what you have in mind, our design team will be happy to help.
If you're looking to develop software that competes with existing products, it would be really helpful if you could provide us with some references. This will give us a clear understanding of what you're looking for.
Technical Specifications
Though we will be happy to go over the tech together with you, if you have any specific technical requirements in mind for your software development project, such as a preferred platform or stack, please let us know.

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Excellent experience from both professional expertise and customer experience perspectives.
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Glorium Technologies is a full-cycle app & software development company which covers specific client business needs and manage them with the help of the best possible technology solutions.

Since 2010, we have been inventing digital breakthroughs, helping startups and businesses come out on top in their markets.


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    What’s next?

    We start by signing an NDA to ensure your ideas are protected.

    Then, our team will analyze your requirements.

    You get a detailed project outline.

    We bring your project to life, so you can focus on growing your business.

    Questions You May Have

    What kind of startups do you cooperate with?

    We do software development for startups based on innovative services or products that bring unique value to the customer. We can help you with expert consultancy, planning, and workforce (software engineers, marketers, QA specialists, PMs, and other specialists you might need).

    How do I protect my idea?

    While doing custom software development for startups, we usually work with original ideas, so we have the security aspect covered. You can file for patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We sign an NDA agreement to ensure your ideas for solutions remain your intellectual property.

    Do you help with raising money for startups?

    We offer consulting services for startups and advise on how, when, and where you should raise funding from.

    What types of software development for startup are there on the market?

    Standard startup software development solutions include CRM software, project management and collaboration tools, accounting and finance software, e-com platforms, etc. Also, custom software development allows startups to create solutions for their unique requirements.

    How is an MVP different from a full-fledged software solution?

    An MVP is a scaled-down version of a software solution, containing only the core features for initial functionality and user engagement. During custom software development for startups, MVP is designed to test the idea viability, gather user feedback, and validate assumptions.

    How can startups ensure the success of their MVP?

    You’d want to set clear goals, define success metrics, conduct market research, engage with users and continuously refine the product. Communication, a focus on user experience, and an agile development approach contribute to the success of an MVP.