Outsourcing Mistakes: Negotiating Terms (Requirements)

Outsourcing Mistakes: Negotiating Terms (Requirements)

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Outsourcing Mistakes: Negotiating Terms (Requirements)

In this video, we will talk about the requirements discussion at the time of selecting your future software development outsourcing vendor.

The main mistake is that people don’t discuss their requirements and don’t go into the levels deep enough in order for their future vendors to produce a good quality estimate.

Whenever you get into a discussion of the requirements, make sure that you address them on a deep enough level for the vendor to produce a meaningful estimate based on your functional requirements.

What to pay attention to:

1. Analyze their reaction.

  • Body language
  • Do they agree with everything you say?
  • Or are they silent?

2. It’s a good sign if they will bring a specialized business analyst into the conversation.

3. Who is leading the conversation? The vendor should:

  • Lead you
  • Ask your questions
  • Drive the conversation

Analyze your final state:

  • Do you know more than you did before?
  • Did they answer your questions?
  • Did you get value out of the discussion?
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