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Pharmacy Management Software Development

Pharmacy management software development is about delivering the correct dosage of the right medicine to the right person at the scheduled time. Pharmacy management systems are a must-have for pharma companies and most medical facilities.


Why custom pharmacy management software development?

The market is booming. We receive many requests for pharmacy management software development. The situation wasn’t like this five years ago, so now is the right time to adopt this solution.

What challenges does pharmacy management software solve?

As an experienced pharmacy software development company, we could spend hours speaking about the problem-solving features this type of software brings.

Pharmacy store management in hospitals needs the software that would be able to handle:

  • Medication classification and selection
  • Embedded ordering system from suppliers
  • Computed Tomography (CT) scans
  • Integration with pharmacy IoT
  • Health Information Systems (HIS)
  • Loyalty programs and specials
  • Online pharmacy management
  • Online person identification for prescriptions
Challenges pharmacy management software solves

Features of Pharmacy Management System

Every healthcare facility that involves pharmacology needs a solution with specific features. We create products that cover multiple needs: from managing the supplies to selling pharma online and offline.

Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software
Inventory management software helps to keep up with all the incoming and outgoing inventory items. The pharmacy management system that features inventory management helps to make data-driven decisions for updating the drug assortment.
Prescription Management Solutions
Prescription Management Solutions
Prescription management helps arrange a random multiple prescription flow and over-the-counter (OTC) stock to maintain optimal inventory levels. It allows your pharmacy to have a scheduled prescription process with automated patient details.
Dispensation Workflow Management Solutions
Dispensation Workflow Management Solutions
With dispensation workflow management, you can digitally trace all transactions for every pharmaceutical product stored at your facility. Manage the supplies at the stock with a dispensation workflow management solution developed by Glorium Technologies.
Push Notifications and Set Alerts
Push Notifications and Set Alerts
Push notifications software lets businesses interact with consumers through messages on a smartphone and desktop. Push notifications for pharmacy software help increase visitor traffic and, more vital, remind patients to take their meds on time.


Can I manage controlled drugs in the software?

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The selling of controlled drugs is regulated by the government and pharmacies are required to enter the name of the patient getting it and the doctor prescribing it. Our custom software allows that functionality by default.

What is a Pharmacy Management System?

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These is a mobile and/or web-based app that allows you to control all aspects of your pharmaceutical business. You can use it to manage logistics, order products, and keep track of inventory. Such systems also connect to the WMS of suppliers and manufacturers of medicines or preventive medicines, giving managers access to the catalog for purchasing.

Such apps are often developed in two versions: for internal use and a customer resource. On the latter, it is possible to place pre-orders for medications and delivery. Also, navigate to the nearest point of sale and provide electronic prescriptions for certain categories of drugs.

This type of software implements cross-platform and interoperability to ensure maximum UX quality and coverage of many target audience categories.

What functionality is needed in a pharmacy management system?

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A typical digital product for pharma companies should be user-friendly, secure, and interoperable. This requires a multi-level authorization system with access to different functionality by account type.

For administrators:

  • inventory control;
  • accounting tools;
  • planning system;
  • synchronization with the WMS provider for purchasing;
  • personnel and assortment management.

For managers and pharmacists:

  • monitoring of product availability in stock and at other outlets;
  • access to the description, composition of the drug;
  • the control system for the type of sale: by prescription or free;
  • planning procurement of missing drugs;
  • information about discounts, bonus offers.

For customers:

  • navigator to display the route to the nearest pharmacy;
  • descriptions of drugs and their specifics, prices;
  • availability of medicines at the outlets;
  • information about new arrivals;
  • notifications about promotions.

You also need to ensure the security of user data and, if necessary, synchronization with the EHR for quick access to electronic prescriptions.

Who uses the Pharmacy Management System?

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As a rule, such digital solutions are ordered by local and global pharmacy chains. They help organize all types of processes: from sales and procurement planning to logistics by 3PL contractors.

On the customer side, these apps work as a guide to the assortment and availability of drugs in pharmacies in the city, district, or country. They also give access to remote purchasing with addressable delivery or pickup options.

Overall, pharmacy business management systems are beneficial to anyone who wants to manage their business more efficiently by providing convenient access to software features.

Is it possible to manage the stock of dree drug samples in pharmacy software?

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Sure, once we’ve figured out the specification for your future pharmacy software, any common feature can be added including the mentioned one.

How much does it cost to develop a pharmacy management system?

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As with other types of development, project costs vary depending on various factors: scale, complexity, timing, functionality, technology stack, target platforms, integrations, and team size. Licensing, implementation of Smart On FHIR and GDPR/HIPAA standards, cooperation model with the project executor, and its internal price list should also be considered.

The cost of working on such a digital product ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 per MVP. The delivery time is also situational and can last either 3-5 months or more than 12 months, depending on the scale of the project, team size, technical stack, and budget.

Why delegate the development of a pharmacy management system to Glorium Tech?

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The company has worked in the healthcare industry for over 12 years. The market has changed dramatically during this time, and so have we. Glorium Tech experts have more than 120 successfully closed projects, with several more in the development stage. Approximately 99.9% of our clients have been satisfied with our cooperation and continue to hand over tasks to us.

We treat our work responsibly, providing a full range of services: from market analysis and project planning to development, testing, and lifelong post-release support of the digital product. All our IT solutions are created considering the strictest requirements of state and world regulators, healthcare standards (GDPR, HIPAA, and others), and communication protocols (SMART on FHIR, HL7). That’s why our developments are quickly certified and start working within a couple of days after release.

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