March, 2021
Medical Devices

Product Background

BIOMODEX® is a digital health company founded with the intent of developing complex training and case-specific rehearsal solutions for physicians based on proprietary 3D printing technology. The company commissioned our team to develop technology that would allow them to print 3D models of various human body parts.


Medical 3D printing helps settle surgical approaches, performs a range of operational training or case-specific rehearsals, and provides doctors with a realistic and practical experience.
Developing 3D models is challenging due to the complexity and irregularity of human anatomy. Our principal responsibility was to ensure the correct extraction of requested organs and to provide a smooth, accurate, and fast 2D to 3D converting process.


Patient data generated by non-invasive MRI, CT, or 3D Ultrasound is used to assist in detecting disease, abnormal anatomy, and deviations. The offered software is able to:

  • Process the data from imaging studies
  • Precisely select the region of interest (body part)
  • Perform segmentation of DICOM images
  • Create STL for 3D printing.


We drastically speeded up the process of converting MRI, CT, and 3D Ultrasound DICOM images into 3D printed models, completing the process in merely half an hour, allowing our client to successfully commercialize this solution.

Tech Stack: