Development of a Tool for Managing
Radiology Workflow

Development of a Tool for Managing Radiology Workflow


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Core technologies:

ReactJS / .Net Core


About client
Client Background

Client Background

The team at PACS Harmony are doctors who know how things work in hospitals and radiology because they’ve been doing it for over 40 years. Their deep experience helped them create tech tools that make the work of radiologists a lot easier and help patients get better care.
The product allows hospitals to automate the workload and distribution of studies for interpreting radiologists. To meet the SLA time frames, the app’s AI engine defines exam priorities, locates qualified doctors (based on their preferences), and assigns a specific exam to a particular expert. The software balances the workload so that all radiologists receive the correct amount of work they are committed to cover.


The main difficulties in the previous version of the app, which became the source of customer disappointment, were poor operational performance combined with a confusing UI.
Medium to large hospitals with a significant study turnover rate reported that slow app responsiveness and overall balancing inefficiency were affecting the number of medical exams reviewed. Following some fruitless attempts with other teams to redesign the software, the client finally turned to us to help improve the overall performance right away.
Rewrote the entire source code.
Significant code improvement.
Major features implemented (workflow optimization, analytics, worklist optimization).
What has Glorium Technologies done?
Find and fix the reasons linked to the app’s slow performance
If needed – change healthcare app architecture to raise performance
Verify the studies distribution algorithm and implement the desired business-logic elements
Improve app UI to make it more responsive and user-friendly
Build an integration with the majority of existing dictation systems and image viewers
Significantly decrease the capacity of the infrastructure required to use the application


After the execution of highly detailed performance tests, our developers reviewed all API calls and database requests and challenged every query’s adequacy.
As a result, we tightened data retrieval and increased the volume of acquired data every step of the way. A large portion of data was cached in order to speed up access to repeatedly queried but rarely changing medical data.
We also:
Crafted UI / UX for both doctors and hospital admin requirements
Completed integration with multiple image viewers/dictation systems
Added a flexible and robust load balancing mechanism for real-time distribution
Integrated the tool for different PACS archives/VNAs compatibility
Created a mechanism for scheduling systems interoperability
Created an internal audit mechanism to control data access (for HIPAA compliance)
Developed a reporting tool for physician performance tracking
The four year cooperation resulted in a transformative impact on the radiology department’s operations:
Enhanced efficiency with a seamless workflow, reducing case turnaround times.
Improved accuracy and diagnostic quality by leveraging the specific sub-specialties of the radiology team.
A significant increase in radiologist satisfaction due to workload balance and recognition of their expertise.
Better patient outcomes through accurate and faster diagnoses.
Comprehensive analytics capabilities leading to data-driven decisions and operational excellence.


Workflow optimization using a proprietary algorithm to distribute studies based on user-defined preferences
Worklist Management (Connection with any PACS system is supported)
Configurable Analytics to monitor radiologist productivity (visual dashboard)
Integration with Scheduling Software
Integration with DICOM
Support of various universal diagnostic viewers (NilRead, Phillips, etc.)
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  1. Radiology Workflow Management:
      • Customization: Radiologists’ preferences were meticulously cataloged to ensure
        real-time case distribution aligned with their sub-specialties and expertise.
      • Workload balancing: The system was designed to distribute cases evenly,
        preventing burnout and ensuring a consistent quality of care.
  2. Universal Patient List:
      • Integration: By harmonizing disparate systems (VNA, PACS, viewer, and voice
        recognition), a single, streamlined patient worklist was created.
      • Intelligent routing: Cases were intelligently routed and sorted, ensuring that
        the most appropriate radiologist received the right case at the right time.
  3. Analyze & Visualize:
      • Custom dashboards: Bespoke radiology dashboards and scorecards were developed,
        offering real-time insights into performance metrics.
      • Report generation: The new system empowered the department to create detailed
        reports, facilitating a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.
Business Value

Business Value

Profit maximization by cutting the hospitals’ costs because of optimizing doctors` work and making it more efficient.
Boosting productivity
Gain a competitive edge and remain independent from existing market leaders (Philips, Agfa, etc.)
Quick start
Increase clients’ satisfaction and shorten the time of studies’ review and finalization
Increase clients’


Project Manager, Healthcare Education Organization
“Glorium Technologies sticks to the end goal and is willing to jump on an initiative and not give up on it.”
Project summary:
Glorium Technologies provided mobile app development services for a healthcare education organization. Their team helped build an application for COVID-19 relief. The solution features simulation training.
Feedback summary:
The app is being handed off and will soon go live. Glorium Technologies implemented an effective project management style. The engagement had its challenges but their team took the time to resolve issues and deliver on expectations. They follow through on commitments and work in a quick turnaround.

Tech Stack:

net core
.Net Core
aws 1
Net Framework
.Net Framework