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Client Background

Glorium Technologies has been with client for eight years now. Throughout our partnership, we’ve created a range of outstanding products helping thousands of people to live their best healthier lives. We were excited to develop seamless digitized solutions for the client’s business in e-paperwork, revenue cycle control, and inventory tracking and bring them to the customers via thorough content marketing.
Altogether, it helped the company to fill its sales pipeline and grow into a leader in HME/DME software provision.
The cooperation with the company started eight years ago, in 2014 when a client turned to us with a request to develop an automated billing platform app for the HME/DME providers.
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Build an in app billing platform from scratch

Goal 1

Build an in-app billing platform from scratch.

Glorium Technologies had to create a user-friendly and customizable automatic billing platform from scratch. The tricky part was to include the three kinds of payers into the system, as the client’s business implies collecting and processing separate payments from customers, insurance companies, and patients.
Glorium Technologies has developed an easy-to-use platform. To manage the billing lifecycle from payer to patient, we integrated the secure payment systems and implemented invoice-issuing features. The software system includes patients, payers, insurance, and providers into one cohesive system. Intelligent automation allowed us to decrease the time of payment, increase collection and reduce administrative setbacks.

Goal 2

To build an in-app inventory management system.

The HME/DME stands for home medical equipment and durable medical equipment. This business is all about handling the inventory of valuable medical items. To keep track of it, the client has inquired about building an in-app inventory management system for close and successful supply chain control.
Our inventory management system tied goods tracking between warehouse locations, delivery teams, and patients with real-time inventory tracking features: COGS, depreciation, asset values, vendors, SKUs, part numbers, and UOM. Intelligent barcode functionality maintains product images and detailed descriptions, allowing the client to simplify product knowledge education for their employees. They can scan, track and transfer products from a computer or mobile app.
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Build an in app patient EMR

Goal 3

Build an in-app patient EMR

To create the patient view with user-friendly patient records that are organized and easily identifiable. Allow managing order status with real-time visibility and tracking information.
We developed and deployed an in-app medical records system to verify insurance eligibility and update prescriptions and account balances. Integrated with the client’s database, it allowed the providers easy access to patient details like demographics, Emergency contacts, Employer Info, Responsible Party and HIPAA releases, personal rentals, order history, financials, prescriptions, forms, and other documents. We automated the address system to maintain valid address information.

Goal 4

Build an in-app order flow

To centralize order processing and streamline intake through delivery. Centralize item history of inventoried, noninventory, and dropship items. Find a way to drive recurring orders without putting an extra workload on the employees.
Glorium Technologies implemented a simple order creation that allows seeing stock availability, managing documentation, logging prescriptions, setting minimum re-order points for every item in your warehouse, automatically generating purchase orders, and more. Automated trackers streamline recurring purchases based on the platform data and increase the patient lifetime value. Reduced amount of human errors ensured better customer satisfaction rates.
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Build an in app functionality for managing paperwork and documentation

Goal 5

Build an in-app functionality for managing paperwork and documentation.

To implement the ability to manage documents easily with instant access to the patient record. Automate routine workflows and keep track of stock, deliveries, and payments all in one place.
We implemented the ability to customize the document library and scan or automatically file digitally completed documents from the field. It helps to reduce errors with custom forms and makes information well-organized and accessible. Capturing e-signatures has eliminated the need for stacks of paperwork. Employees can augment digital records at any point. At the same time, all information is protected in compliance with the GDPR regulations, securely stored, and shared.

Goal 6

Build a mobile application for more convenient items delivery and appointment scheduling

Come up with a native, easy-to-use delivery mobile app. Make transparent records about the time of product delivery to patients. Update inventory values in real-time and schedule appointments for DME/HME staff and patients.
A mobile-first platform to give proof of delivery, navigate, manage inventory and payments, schedule visits, and perform other functions via smartphone or tablet; the real-time visibility on the appointments of teams allowed to increase field efficiency and improve productivity. Our system provides dynamic updates of planned day stops, providing teams with real-time information to fulfill the deliveries. In-app barcode scanning helps transfer items between locations and track inventory movement. Once an order is delivered, the products are available within the patient profile.
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Build an in app reporting functionality

Goal 7

Build an in-app reporting functionality

To implement the ability to manage complex data. Ensure real-time inventory activity, stock levels, asset values, and patient data tracking are under control.
Glorium Technologies has created a vast cloud-based data system to use insightful Financial, Inventory, Tasks, Patients, and other reports that help to make decisions more quickly. Gathering all insights across entire revenue cycle processes from sales through payments and denials, order acceptance, and fulfillment metrics lets you identify gaps in the order cycle and gives the organization the transparency to report on metrics within one platform. A convenient interface gathered positive feedback from the managers and staff.


We built a complete all-in-one solution for HME/DME providers and patients. Being over three years in production, we help client’s business go paperless, improve operational efficiencies, and provide better patient care.
Glorium Technologies keeps growing the application, providing tech support and updates. The company’s top management, who first controlled our collaboration process hands-on, eventually had to move away from it. The reason? They are too busy closing new deals and delivering to more and more clients now. And though we are sad we don’t see them this much now, this splendid result speaks for itself.


CEO, Healthcare Technology Company
"They’re able to identify any weaknesses in their own processes and our direction."
Project summary:
Glorium Technologies develops software with the .NET framework for a healthcare technology company. The team builds web based, native iOS, and native Android apps. They also provide business analysis services.
Feedback summary:
Glorium Technologies produces satisfactory deliverables to accelerate new feature releases. The team is attentive and manages the engagement effectively. They are analytical and communicate suggestions to encourage improvements, which fosters a long-term partnership.

Tech Stack:

angular 1
net core
.Net Core
aws 1
c sharp

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