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Medical Devices


Medical Devices
core technologies

Core technologies:

Angular / RoR/ AWS


Client Background

Product Background

BIOMODEX is a digital health company founded to develop complex training and case-specific rehearsal solutions for physicians based on proprietary 3D printing technology. The company commissioned our team to develop technology that would allow them to print 3D models of various human body parts.


Medical 3D printing helps settle surgical approaches, performs a range of operational training or case-specific rehearsals, and provides doctors with realistic and practical experience.
Developing 3D models is challenging due to the complexity and irregularity of human anatomy. Our principal responsibility was to ensure the correct extraction of requested organs and to provide a smooth, accurate, and fast 2D to 3D converting process.
Biomodex prod
Biomodex solution


Patient data generated by non-invasive MRI, CT, or 3D Ultrasound is used to assist in detecting disease, abnormal anatomy, and deviations. The offered software is able to:
Process the data from imaging studies
Precisely select the region of interest (body part)
Perform segmentation of DICOM images
Create STL for 3D printing


Order Management System: Streamlining the process of requests and order tracking.
Purchase and Order Management: Efficient handling of procurement and order fulfillment.
DICOM Series Upload: Facilitating the upload of medical imaging data.
Workshops Processing: Tailored solutions for training and rehearsal needs.
DICOM Viewer for STL Files: Enabling detailed viewing of 3D models.
Mapping 3D Masks over Organ Images: Enhanced precision in model creation.
Creation of STL for 3D Printing: Facilitating the production of physical 3D models.
Business Value

Business Value

Boosting Productivity

Our software dramatically transforms the workflow in medical imaging and 3D printing. By automating and optimizing high-resolution scans' segmentation, analysis, and processing, we've enabled a more efficient approach to creating accurate 3D models.

This automation saves time and enhances the precision and quality of the printed models, crucial in medical training and pre-surgical rehearsals.

Integrating the AiPOD
Quick Start

One of the key factors in our successful collaboration with BIOMODEX was our ability to mobilize quickly. We gathered a specialized team within two weeks, kickstarting the project at an impressive pace.

This rapid deployment gave BIOMODEX a significant competitive edge in the market, allowing them to introduce their innovative solutions faster than competitors.


Understanding the dynamic nature of medical technology, we focused on introducing flexibility in our solution. By adopting and integrating top frameworks for AQA processes, we ensured that the software could adapt to evolving medical standards and requirements.

This adaptability is crucial for BIOMODEX, allowing them to easily update or modify their offerings in line with the latest medical imaging technologies and printing techniques.



The upgraded software significantly expedited the conversion of medical imaging data into 3D models, reducing the process time to 30 minutes. This efficiency enhancement allowed BIOMODEX to rapidly produce highly accurate 3D printed models for surgical planning and training. Our quick mobilization and project initiation gave BIOMODEX a competitive advantage in the digital health market.
The integration of flexible, advanced AQA frameworks ensured the software remained adaptable to the evolving needs of medical 3D printing. Consequently, BIOMODEX successfully commercialized this solution, establishing a new medical training and preoperative preparation benchmark.

Tech Stack:

angular 1
Rubi on Rails
aws 1