Development of UI/UX Design and Interface for the IoT Platform / Implementing ML Algorithm to Predict the Filing Level of Smart Disinfector Devices

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Core technologies:

Angular / Java


Germany, Issum

UI/UX design and interface for the IoT platform that helps to track the provision of hygiene supplies in hospitals

Client Background

The Client is the leading provider of enterprise-wide document delivery solutions for the healthcare industry. Their product automates sending high-volume reports such as lab results, a solution for hundreds of top hospitals.


The former product’s interface was in production for eight years and required significant improvements. The manufacturer turned to us to develop an interactive smart solution to reform and monitor hand hygiene and eventually reduce hospital-acquired infections.
After the work with the interface was completed, we also faced the challenge of tracking and managing device statuses: for the responsible person to fill it on time.
  • To build a unique and customized web interface for the IoT platform
  • To make the web interface user-friendly and adjustable for detailed statistical data checking
  • To find a way to predict the status of devices (full/empty)
Ophardt Hygiene BG
Ophardt Hygiene Solution


We reworked the entire front-end part of the application using the latest technologies to provide stability, a mature interface, and better user support.
Our team also developed an ML pipeline to predict the filing level of smart disinfector devices based on historical data. The algorithm can take into account weekdays and holidays.


  • Custom UI/UX and web interface
  • Configurable reports based on custom IoT parameters
  • Organizational and location structure supervision
  • Patient Days’ management system
  • ML-based application that sends daily reports with predictions to hygiene specialists


Development of the fundamental part of the product took about 18 months. After that, the client engaged us with another part of the project – building a mobile application that directly collects data from dispensers through NFC. It is a server-side application that runs automatically and sends four daily reports with predictions to responsible people. That facilitated the work of hygiene specialists in the hospitals.
Ophardt Hygiene Result

Tech Stack:

angular 1

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