Developing Software Data Collection
for Medical Interpreters

Developing Software Data Collection 
for Medical Interpreters


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Product Background

Workload automation for day-to-day routine activities for interpreting physicians is difficult without the assistance of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Such software decreases the need for manual re-input of the same data across different applications, thus increasing speed and productivity for reading the studies.
To fill in the gaps, our client commissioned us to build and integrate a data-scrapping solution to help radiologists acquire total visibility across different PACS systems. As a result, specialists receive one unified worklist with proper task prioritization retrieved from different exam providers.


Our client needed our help with creating a Multi-PACS Workstation that would increase accessibility to studies by connecting info about them and enabling the gathering of the studies’ information across regions and different medical facilities.
For decades, the same problems have plagued the radiology community: lack of accessibility to studies, working on disparate systems that have zero connectivity, and inability to read or dictate studies across regions due to medical facilities’ deficient interoperability. Dextro Imaging Solutions’ Multi-PACS Workstations solve these longstanding issues and so many more.
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Dextro solution


Our technical expertise, and collaboration with other medical experts, let us develop a complex system—the “switcher” that makes PACS selection instant.
Each configured blade (up to 4 blades) supports a PACS client. The KVM connects these four blades.
The doctors can instantly switch to any configured PACS while the additional sites continue to run independently and without interruption.
The doctor can only click on the appropriate work list monitor screen, and the software should instruct the KVM to switch to that blade (for the diagnostic monitors).


The software was developed from scratch and seamlessly integrated into radiologist-related workflows. The functionality included:
  • admin tool, which allows configuring all applications;
  • bots and services which allow getting exams from 3rd party applications;
  • a tool that allows switching screens between blades;
  • microphone dictation (speech recognition) functionality
With the help of Dextro, doctors are free from spending countless hours and resources interpreting work lists thanks to this accurate and efficient automation technology.
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Tech Stack:

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.Net Core
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