December, 2020
Hospital & Health Care

Product Background

Workload automation for day-to-day routine activities for interpreting physicians is difficult without the assistance of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Such software decreases the need for manual re-input of the same data across different applications, thus increasing speed and productivity for reading the studies.

To fill in the gaps, our client commissioned us to build and integrate a data-scrapping solution to help radiologists acquire total visibility across different PACS systems. As a result, specialists receive one unified worklist with proper task prioritization retrieved from different exam providers.


Our main task was to develop a mechanism that minimizes the time doctors spend on repetitive tasks. For example, searching through different PACS systems/worklists to find a required study or manually organizing studies existing in different applications to comply with overall priority across them. For that purpose, we had to enhance the current doctor’s workflow with RPA which emulates human actions by interacting with the digital systems and scrapping the data. Eventually, we created robots that were ready to merge different data and push that into a unified worklist.


We created a set of robots to leverage the existing infrastructure without disrupting the related systems. In short, it uses the interface to capture and manipulate data just like humans do; however, instead of taking breaks to eat and sleep, it works around the clock, 24/7.

Robots can:
  • log into accounts with given credentials
  • find required studies
  • extract content from required worklists
  • refresh deliverables after each session
  • control data amendments in a sourcing system
  • operate fully in the background


Our team has built data-scraping robots, suitable for multiple systems, that can automate repetitive and routine tasks. This software was developed from scratch and seamlessly integrated into radiologist-related workflows.

Finally, with the help of Dextro, doctors are free from spending countless hours and resources interpreting worklists thanks to this accurate and efficient automation technology.

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