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at-home fertility testing



Turtle Health


core technologies

Core technologies:

Agular / Spring Boot / MySQL


client bg
Client Background

Client Background

Our client specializes in fertility testing. Many women and couples are planning their future families and are willing to test whether they have an opportunity to conceive a baby.
TurtleHealth introduced a unique hardware solution for home fertility testing and had an idea of a platform with a web site and patient portals.


The company initially relied on other outsourcing company that faced challenges in delivering quality code and deadlines.

They struggled to understand the project’s intricacies and could not contribute effectively to its success, so Glorium expertise took the deliverables over having high expertise in healthcare and development processes.

The company required software with several platforms:

  • User platform to support the end-to-end user flow (from choosing a testing option to receiving the final fertility report).
  • Platforms for different doctors that are involved in the process.
  • Admin platform to control and manage each step if needed.
Recognizing these difficulties, the company turned to Glorium for assistance, seeking our specialized expertise not only in developing healthcare software, but also in identifying high level goal and flow processes.


Glorium built an intelligent system that empowers women and couples. This system provides clear insights into their fertility, helping them gauge their readiness to conceive a baby and understand their fertility results comprehensively.
Our team comprehensively understands the coding and flow from start to finish, seamlessly integrating it into real-life software. We have enhanced the patient experience through thoughtful design, an intuitive user experience, and ensuring result accuracy. Furthermore, our system consolidates all data in a singular location, effectively doubling the operational speed.
We’ve delivered a web portal that automates the self-testing process and consequently helps a woman or a couple to understand how ready they are for having a baby (to get fertility results). Remote testing via a special ultrasound device is used. The device is sent to a woman by mail. The health intake survey questionnaire is also fulfilled remotely via a web portal. All the communication is completely remote.
When all the tests are gathered, our developed system generates the report for the patient when all the needed information is in place (i.e., health intake, fertility ultrasound scan, blood test, doctor’s review). Now the clinician has to validate the info.

Business Value

Improving UX
Helped being on the same page with the patients. We improved user experience, and made the accuracy of the result higher.
Developing all flow
Helped in having a competitive advantage. We chose a proper tech stack, developed all flow from A to Z and implemented it in real life.
Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place.

Features Created

  • Ability for a patient to fulfill the health intake form
  • Ability for a patient/couple to get the fertility result
  • Automatic rules engine to generate the fertility report based on all the inputs
  • Learning platform
  • Admin portal
  • Provider (doctor) portal
  • Order management panel
features created

Tech Stack:

angular 1
Spring Boot
aws 1
AWS Services