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Product Development

Struck with the idea of a new digital product or got stuck in the middle of making?

Our custom development services will help your ideas evolve into world-class projects. Reduce time to market up to 30% with up to 40% savings compared to the in-house development.

Agile Team on Demand

Finding the proper talent for your niche digital product team needs time and expense.

Fortunately, our specialists can give a boost to your project pitching in at any stage. Augment core team with missing experts and save up to 3 months on headhunting and up to 35% of the budget.

Glorium responsibility Client responsibility

Our Industries


10 years

of healthcare expertise

5+ million

patients managed by the
applications created for our clients



ISO 13485

certified for medical device


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Health monitoring & tracking
EMR & management for HC providers
AR training
Workload optimization
Diagnostic tools
& exams interpretation
Telemedicine solution
EHR integration

Real estate

10 years

of real estate expertise

$300+ billion

of assets managed with
the applications created for
our clients


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CRE valuation
MLS/RETS integration
Rental processes facilitation
Transactions workflow automation
Cash flow modeling and forecasting
Owner-tenant relationship management
Portfolio maintenance

Our Drivers

Domain knowledge

Our team’s narrow industry focus allows you to speed up your project’s start by as much as 3 months while also eliminating a number of trial and error cycles during the development stage.

We systemically expand our knowledge to provide you with insider advice and to keep you abreast of industry trends and demands.

Technical expertise

We keep high standards for our technical team – the result is stunning 60% of developers are at a Senior level or higher.

Partnering with us, you deal with professionals familiar with 70+ frameworks and technologies and exclude a chance of your product’s failure for technical reasons.

Efficient management

Our certified project managers will handle product strategy, road mapping, budget planning, and the optimal role allocation to get the most out of your resources and to perform/deliver without a hitch.

Our Clients

The product was extremely well received by the industry, receiving positive feedback from users, and gaining a reputation as the most cutting-edge solution in the market.
Christopher Perry III, Founder & CEO
Real Estate Startup, USA
We were very satisfied with their work. The code was functional and delivered on time. It was really a full service, from DevOps to frontend.
COO & Product Owner
Sleep Medicine Company, USA
I’m impressed by their efficacy. The team is able to complete any task we toss their way in a timely manner while ensuring high quality.
Executive Commercial
Real Estate Startup, USA
Our ongoing collaboration started in 2012. Having constant feature development and releases, we try to push out as quickly as we can. By the end of the day, Glorium always brings a good product outcome.
Healthcare Tech Company, USA
We’ve had a great startup experience with Glorium as our extended team. They delivered beyond our expectations as their ability to incorporate changes without sacrificing productivity was notable.
Yayoi Sakaki, CEO
Project Ipsilon B.V., The Netherlands
They are very flexible, interested in improving and they want to ensure they are doing well.
Associate VP
Healthcare IT Solutions Company, USA
Our project lead is available 24/7 and responds quickly to all kinds of questions and suggestions.
Consultant & Product Lead
ITR Software, Germany
We set 4–5 tasks per sprint as a KPI, and they stayed on task, producing quality code.
Director of Product Development
Medical Tech Company, Canada
They’ve done a really great job, and it’s easy to work with them. They involve us in the work and quickly answer any questions we have.
Regional General Manager
Healthcare Product Company, Switzerland
Glorium has performed well in terms of velocity and story point metrics, and internal stakeholders are confident that this year’s productivity goals will be achieved.
Healthcare IT Company

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skilled developers, designers, QAs, PMs and
business analysts ready to dig into your project

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products delivered to satisfied clients

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experience in healthcare and real
estate product development


quality management you can trust


approved for medical device development

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