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Glorium Technologies is an IT solutions provider that keeps you ahead of the technology curve by providing cost-effective and flexible solutions second to none.
From the very first time we speak, your current and future IT needs are analyzed and we create a plan to implement a solution or solutions that will allow your entire enterprise to leverage the full power of your technology, streamline business processes and fully integrate all aspects of the way your company uses, creates and manages information.
The right people for your needs

It’s the skills and personality of people that make IT work and make it work for you.

We find and utilize only the industry’s best application developers and project managers around the globe.

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Half the battle of creating progressive solutions that serve you today and tomorrow is locating the best people and we take that burden off your shoulders.
We turn your IT department into a profit center
Does it sound strange to think of an IT department, especially one that is called upon more and more to perform as being profitable? With Glorium Technologies as your IT partner, you see this idea actually come to life.

We streamline your IT solutions through expert development

Provide cost-effective integration of standalone software systems

We close the gap between IT and line of business

By making use of powerful Cloud and Cloud-server hybrid solutions. We improve speed, efficiency and effectiveness all the while cutting costs and putting money back into your pocket.
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Outsourcing without outsourcing

Glorium doesn’t just hand you off to a bunch of foreign developers. We assign a local project manager who assigns and utilizes assets in both the U.S. and overseas. You get the best of both worlds – expert development and cost-effective rates.

IT – the foundation of your success

We fully support and optimize your IT infrastructure. We provide total Cloud migration and create hybrid cloud and on-site IT solutions that exceed your current needs and that are there for your profitable future as well.

Powerful software gives you the competitive edge

From single custom applications to enterprise-wide solutions, from web and mobile applications to full Cloud-based operational systems, Glorium Technologies allows your company to have the best, be the best and stand out from the rest.

Absolute quality absolutely assured

Glorium employs the most extensive and comprehensive QA testing in the industry. Unit testing, continuous, acceptance, black and white box and integration are just some of the tools we use to ensure that everything we produce for you runs smoothly and in high gear.

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