CAE Blue Phantom
September, 2020

Understanding ultrasound with CAE Blue Phantom. Mobile educational platform for future doctors

Client Background

With the release of portable systems, ultrasound, which had once been limited to radiologists, was suddenly being used by a vast number of medical specialties from emergency medicine to anesthesiology. Today, Blue Phantom (acquired by CAE in 2012) is a major producer of the most realistic and durable anatomical task trainers available.


CAE has been collaborating with us on other projects, so the company addressed us with a request to develop a new educational platform for ultrasound procedures training.

  • To lay the virtual model on top of the physical (automatic physical model recognition)
  • To create an ability to train with your student partner and show the training steps results to an instructor
  • To develop an admin panel that manages organizations, users, training models, and training steps
  • To create a price durability calculator


The tech driver for this app is Augmented Reality (AR), which allows the virtual model to be laid on top of the physical. The model can then change size and switch between the skin and vessel layer.

  • The ability to work with AR virtual models, rotate, change size and switch between the model layers (skin layer, vessels layer)
  • A way to recognize the real model and put the virtual model on top of it
  • A cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android
  • An admin panel to manage users, organizations, and training process


We’ve transformed the Client’s idea of building an educational platform into a fully functional app from scratch. The prototype was ready in half a year, and the product was later presented at The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2020 in USA. Our responsive software added value to the training process and allowed tutors to track the process remotely.

Tech Stack: