September, 2020

Development of a mobile application for physiological monitoring

Product Background

Our Client is the world’s leading biofeedback, neurofeedback, and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Their equipment monitors and records a variety of physiological and mechanical signals essential for treating stress-related disorders.


The Client turned to us to adjust and extend a mobile application to help users optimize mental performance and achieve advanced self-regulation skills. For this purpose, software must be integrated with sensors for therapeutic applications such as biofeedback, neurofeedback, heart rate variability, and electromyography.
Reports, which play a vital role in the diagnostics, needed to be convenient and user-friendly.


To provide accurate and sensitive psychophysiological monitoring and biofeedback, we:

  • Built Android/iOS mobile applications integrated with hardware through BLE protocol;
  • Enabled specialized quick evaluation protocols;
  • Implemented advanced reports for all evaluations;
  • Developed a self-regulation screen with success points to engage a performer throughout the training.


After 6 months of ongoing cooperation, the Client extended a psychophysiology training system functionality with mobile apps developed and integrated with hardware. They provide intuitive and understandable information that users can use to learn self-regulation.
Visible feedback promotes relaxation, helps expand the cardiovascular system’s resilience and flexibility, and practices self-regulation.

Tech Stack: