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With our help, you can easily hire Vue.js developers who are technically proficient and align with your project's specific requirements and goals. We ensure a smooth recruitment process, matching you with developers with the right blend of skill, experience, and innovation.
Web App Development

Our team specializes in crafting high-quality web applications that cater to your unique business needs. We use the latest technologies to ensure our web apps are visually appealing, highly functional, and user-friendly.

With our expertise in web app development, you can expect robust, scalable, and engaging applications that will drive your business forward.

Custom App Development

We excel in custom app development, offering tailored services that perfectly align with your requirements. 13+ years of expertise enables us to create bespoke applications that are both innovative and effective.

Trust us to build custom apps that are a perfect fit for your needs and set new user experience and performance standards.

Single Page App Development

Our expertise in single-page app development ensures users enjoy a smooth, seamless, and interactive experience. We focus on creating fast, responsive, and dynamic single-page applications that offer the look and feel of a native app.

You opt for a streamlined, efficient, and engaging user journey by choosing our single-page app solutions.

Migration Services

At our core, we offer comprehensive migration services to modernize your legacy systems and applications. We understand the challenges of the migration process and ensure a smooth transition.

Our team is skilled in transferring your data, processes, and functionalities to more advanced platforms, enhancing efficiency and future-proofing your business operations.

Cooperation Models We Offer

Whether you're seeking to hire developers for a startup project or aiming to forge a lasting partnership, Glorium Technologies Vue.js developers are here to deliver tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.
Staff Augmentation
Put together your dream team
  • Rapidly expand your team for a project
  • Access unique skills not available in-house
  • Reduce recruitment costs
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Dedicated Team
Jumpstart your project in no time
  • Partner long-term with Vue.js developers
  • Fully control development process
  • Cut risks, boost transparency
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Outstaffing Services
Build a remote tech hub
  • Hire Vue.js developers cost-efficiently
  • Focus on your core business
  • Have a flexible and scalable solution
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Flexible Pricing

We recognize the uniqueness of each client and are committed to offering pricing solutions tailored to meet the distinct needs of every project.
Monthly Pricing Mode
If you're in looking for hire Vue.js developers who can work with you on a long-term project.
  • Predictable costs for your project that are easy to budget for
  • You won’t have to worry about any additional administrative overhead
  • All development services are included
  • Flexibility in team size and scope of work
Hourly Pricing Mode
With our team of Vue.js developers, you can hire as many or as few as you need and only pay for the time spent on actual development.
  • Adjustable scope and team size
  • Pay only for the actual development time
  • No upfront costs or commitments for developers
  • Better for short-term projects with uncertain requirements

Want to discuss which pricing model would work best for your project? Let’s get in touch.

Why Should You Hire Vue.js Developers from Us?

Without Glorium Technologies
  • Facing increased costs associated with the recruitment and training process
  • Devoting a project manager’s full attention to overseeing a mix of freelancers and agencies
  • Risking sensitive information with the engagement of several external entities
  • Experiencing delivery setbacks due to inconsistent contractual commitments
With Glorium Technologies
  • Access to elite Vue.js developers across various industries
  • Quick and seamless recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Streamlined project management featuring clear communication and reporting
  • Adherence to regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO27001, ensured by our knowledgeable Vue.js developers
  • Minimized risk of errors and delays, guaranteeing high-quality outcomes and punctual completion

Get Started with Our Developers

How do you enlist Vue.js developers from us? Share details about your company, the specifics of your project, and your unique requirements. We'll ensure we connect you with the ideal Vue.js developer tailored to your needs.
  1. BRIEF We get your requirements
  2. CHOOSE We send you a shortlist
  3. PLAN We set the cooperation details
  4. TEST You interview the candidates
  5. WORK Your developer starts working

Hiring Process for Vue.js Developers

You will follow this streamlined process to hire Vue.js developers who ideally match your project needs, vision, and goals.
Let`s keep in touch
Share the Brief
Let us know the specifics of your project. Based on your detailed brief, we'll suggest the most fitting developers from our extensive talent pool.
Scan the Talents
We're confident in providing more than one qualified developer for any technical requirement you have.
Run the Tests
We test the candidates' technical skills and practical know-how to ensure they meet your project's standards.
Plan Strategy
We'll outline the collaboration details and provide a dedicated project manager if needed.
Hire the Talent
Once everything is set, we'll coordinate the project kick-off. You'll have complete oversight and control over the developers' work.

Need help finding your technology?

Our expert development team can bring your project to life with the latest technologies, ensuring a perfect execution every time.
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    How to Hire Vue.js Developers

    Let’s start with why we need JavaScript frameworks. Coding is possible without using them, but using javascript frameworks in the right environment facilitates the work greatly. In addition, they are free and open source, so there is no risk involved.

    In simple terms, it is a javascript framework and a set of ready-made modules (code fragments) that solve the most common tasks, for example, creating a navigation menu, order form, instant search string, etc. JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js are extremely popular nowadays.


    That is, the developer on Vue.js – is a specialist js developer or web developer, who deals with frontend-development. He makes the external interface of the site, online store, web application or service with html elements which the user contacts.

    More than 36,000 websites currently use Vue.js developers Companies such as Stackoverflow, PlayStation, Alibaba, Behance, Upwork, etc., rely on vue cli, or hire Vue.js developers for their UI sites. Vue.js is also quite simple to learn: all you need is JavaScript and HTML. Another strength of Vue.js is its command line interface (CLI).

    Why JS Developers for Hire in Trends?

    As a full stack developer, harnessing the power of Vue.js, an open-source JavaScript framework, is essential for creating interactive and dynamic user interfaces in modern web applications. Vue.js offers a versatile and approachable solution for full stack development, blending seamlessly with various back-end technologies to build comprehensive, efficient web solutions.

    Since leaders are always trendsetters, let’s consider the latest updates in Vue, which will affect the trend of web development:

    Why Vue.js in Trends 2022

    • Increased productivity: This option is achieved by using a template compiler developed and improved for fast rendering of static content.
    • Suitability for larger projects: Vue 3.0 made the framework attractive to larger teams. No more performance delays, just improved readability.
    • Compatible with TypeScript: That is a great advantage. As with JavaScript, TypeScript has a similar syntax. Using TypeScript, you can compile any Javascript code you write. TypeScript can be added to a
    • Javascript project already in development.
    • Shifting in architecture: Vue’s internal structure was changed to a set of individual modules. The new architecture provides better support and allows end users to reduce the execution time to half by «tree shaking».
    • Creating your own UI libraries: The defined custom element method allows users to create personalized solutions based on Vue’s component APIs.

    Where to Hire Vue.js Developers, and Cost of Software Development?

    Nowadays, the top countries for hiring Vue.js developers companies are looking for in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the USA. It takes time to find a good Vue.js developer in these countries.

    Generally, Vue.js developers should conduct the following duties:

    • Develops the architecture of the components and the structure of the project.
    • Creates interactive and dynamic sites – adds content, sliders, animations, pop-up windows.
    • Adapts web pages to different browsers, desktops, and mobile devices.
    • Tests code, searches and fixes bugs, optimize already running service and maintains it in working condition.
    • Cooperates with other specialists from the team.

    Depending on the country and the level of js developer, the average salary of a Vue.js developer varies. The technical skills of a particular specialist depend on his qualifications:

    Vue.js Developer Rates

    • Junior is a beginner developer with basic knowledge in frontend development. He knows HTML, CSS, and Javascript, familiar with 1-2 frameworks or JS libraries. He has experience of six months and at least one own project. Usually works under the guidance of the mentor and solves typical tasks according to the instructions.
    • Middle is a developer with about three years of experience who should know Javascript in depth and be able to program on Vue.js, use other frameworks and libraries, and take part in team development. He can independently and from scratch create a multi-page website or online store, or apps.
    • Senior is a professional who has worked in web development for at least five years. JS developers know not only Javascript but also other programming languages, are well versed in frontend and have a common understanding of the backend. He often combines the responsibilities of a senior technical specialist and a small development team.

    Read more about how to hire developers.

    The decision of where to hire Vue.js developers depends on your project’s specific needs, budget, and timeline. You can choose one of the three options available: to engage an in-house of js vue developers, select a freelancer’s services, or contract an outsourcing company. Each option has its pros and cons, and it’s essential to carefully consider each variant.

    In-house Options

    Professional in-house development team is the most transparent, but also the most complex and agile methodology, for the product. Sometimes your development team for Vue.JS mobile app can be quite expensive. If you are choosing to hire Vue.js developers for in-house, take into consideration:

    • Search: The labor market does not always have the right js developers; if there is, the cost of their services may go beyond the project’s budget.
    • Costs: Finding and hiring right js developer for Vue.JS apps is often expensive for the company (HR, hunting fees)
    • Risks: Things happen. Sometimes people have to be fired, moved from one project (like Vue.JS apps) to another, and re-qualified if they fall short of expectations. The firing process is also costly.

    Freelance Options

    A freelancer is a person who is not on the staff and works with you on the project. Such js developers can be found in the labor exchanges and unique Internet resources. Making an application with a freelancer is cheaper than with a studio or own developers.

    Challenges of working with freelancers:

    • Lack of guarantees: Freelancers may stop communicating, break deadlines, and throw everything. There are many reasons why the performer can let you down and not finish the work.
    • The complexity of scaling: When you hire a freelancer, you get one person. But you may soon need more people, like designers and testers. All performers are difficult to link together: they may live in different time zones or lack team skills. So you need to spend a lot of time training and coordinating all performers.
    • Low code culture: Code culture is an unspoken code of developers. If the code is written correctly, not only the person who made it, but also another specialist can develop and refine the application. Freelancers usually don’t care what happens next with the app. Because of this, freelancers often write code of bad quality, which is difficult for the customer to continue to work.
    • Development challenges: The freelance developer completes one project and moves on to the next. This option means that it usually does not undertake maintenance or further development of the application. So you’ll have to find another developer by wasting time and money.

    You can work with a freelancer if you need to quickly and inexpensively test the hypothesis or do a small project. This option is also OK if you are willing to spend a lot of time communicating with contractors and project management.

    Whom you entrust to the development ant design of the application depends on the cost of the project, the time of implementation, and the result. Each variant has its pros and cons.

    Outsourcing Companies

    Outsourcing is viable if you wish to delegate the entire project or a specific portion to a team of experienced Vue.js developers who can deliver ready results.

    Here are several reasons why outsourcing may be the best option for you. Firstly, suppose you need a Vue.js developer on your team and only require their skills for one specific project. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective way of accessing their expertise without committing to a permanent hire.

    Additionally, outsourcing can provide you with the necessary resources on time if you need to quickly scale up your team with Vue.js developers to meet a project deadline. Outsourcing is viable if you wish to delegate the entire project or a specific portion to a team of experienced Vue.js developers who can deliver ready results.

    Anna Vozna
    Account Executive, Glorium Technologies

    Advantages of working with the outsourcing company:

    • Teamwork of skilled professionals: Usually, the company assembles Vue.js developers with a lot of experience, which has already released many solutions on the market. Without high costs, the customer receives all expertise, including analytics, design, strategy, and testing.
    • Guarantees: When entering into a contract with the client, the company undertakes to fulfill obligations in terms of terms, volume, and quality of work. And as a client, you can control it.
    • Simple communication: When you work with a company, you communicate with the project manager. He oversees all the work on the project: he monitors deadlines, shows intermediate results, tracks payments, and so on. Communicating with the manager is easier and more convenient: he is responsible for the team’s work, and you set tasks and take the result.
    • Development and support: Any company wants to work with the customer for a long time, developing a project in which its employees have invested their strength and soul. Therefore, such a contractor will always tell how to improve the application, offer the optimal solution, and do all the work with the code and design.

    In addition to hire Vue.js. developers, you can also hire specialists in other necessary web technologies too.

    Read more about the benefits of outsourcing.

    You can choose various options for cooperation with an outsourcing company: outsourcing one or more Vue.js developers, support or refinement of an existing Vue router or project, and full implementation of the Vue.js project.

    If the project is outsourced for Vue.js development, an experienced team of software engineers performs the work according to the contract, the project’s terms, and the customer’s requirements.

    After the code is written, testers and quality assurance specialists conduct comprehensive testing to identify errors or failures. When overlays are detected, the product is sent back to the developers, who make the necessary changes to ensure the high quality of the product delivered to the customer.

    The last stage is correcting the identified deficiencies; the project is delivered to the customer and put into production according to the schedule. Vue.js developers are in great demand, and it isn’t easy to find the best professionals. However, following these tips, you should hire dedicated Vue.js developers who are a perfect fit for your needs.

    How to Choose the Best JS Developer for Hire?

    Here we list the main requirements to hire remote Vue.js developers.

    Hard Skills of Vue.js Developers

    It’s important to note that the specific hard skills required for a Vue.js developer may vary depending on the project’s complexity. However, a solid foundation in hard skills is essential for a Vue.js developer to build robust and scalable applications.

    • Builds web pages on HTML and CSS and uses adaptive and cross-site layout technologies.
    • Writes code in Javascript and optimizes development using the Vue.js framework.
    • Works with libraries for Vue – Axios, Vuex, Vue Router, etc.
    • Integrates the project with the API to receive and send data to the server.
    • Applies the principles of object-oriented programming and design patterns.
    • Knows what testing and debugging tools are.

    When looking to hire Vue.js developers for your outsourcing company, it’s essential to consider candidates who have a strong background as full stack web developers. Full stack web developers possess a comprehensive understanding of front-end and back-end development, which is crucial for effective Vue.js development.

    In your recruitment process for hire vue.js developers, focus on those with demonstrable skills in JavaScript development, as Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework. It’s vital to assess their proficiency not only in Vue.js but also in overall JavaScript development, as this will be the cornerstone of their coding capabilities.

    Furthermore, when interviewing for Vue.js positions, prioritize individuals who show a deep commitment to staying updated with the trends in JavaScript development. The Vue.js ecosystem is dynamic and evolves rapidly; therefore, a developer passionate about continuous learning in JavaScript development will be a valuable asset to your team.

    Lastly, the ideal candidate for Vue.js development should have a solid portfolio showcasing their expertise in Vue.js and general JavaScript development. This portfolio should include examples of full stack web development projects where they have effectively utilized Vue.js to create responsive and efficient web applications.

    Soft Skills of Vue.js Developers

    Vue.js developers should be able to communicate effectively with others, especially those for which they develop applications. Their ability to speak clearly and shortly will facilitate the expression of thoughts and ideas while working on projects.

    They must also write and speak in a clear format so that other team members can follow them, primarily when new developers are recruited. Thanks to their communicative abilities, working with them and keeping everyone on the same page will be easier. However, it will help ensure that your project is on budget, scheduled, and completed as expected.

    Soft skills of Vue.js developers

    It is well known that most projects will not go as planned for vue.js developers. Therefore, problem-solving skills are mandatory for vue.js developers. Your Vue.js developer should be able to chart a course of action based on unforeseen circumstances without compromising the timing or budget. This point of view becomes more important as the size of your company increases.

    A good Vue.js developer in team environment will know how to work with other team members to find a solution suitable for everyone. It will include listening to team members’ ideas and suggesting what they think is best in the available time. When you hire remote Vue.js developers, they also need to exchange thoughts and ideas so that others can understand where they come from, and make changes if necessary.

    Steps to Hire Remote Vue.js Developer

    Here is a simple procedure to help you find a dedicated Vue.js developer.

    Long List Compilation

    Task: Make a selection of software development companies you can refer to for your first conversation about starting your js development.

    What to do: You’re looking at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Clutch, ads.co, Goodfirms.co, Upwork to see which companies you can assign to develop your project. Also, you can search for industry publications (Gartner, Forrester, etc.).

    This list can be supplemented with the help of recommendations, ratings of companies, and by searching for the creators of those sites and applications that you liked by functionality and design.

    In this case, you need to look at good developers and teams specializing in the desired direction. For example, if you want mobile app development, you need a company with extensive development team experience in cryptocurrency for a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet.

    Introduction to Long List Companies

    Task: To reduce the long list to a shortlist.

    What to do: You contact the company from the long list via email or phone. If you email, the answer should come within one or three days. A more extended period is usually a sign of problems.

    If you decide to contact the candidate by phone, you will immediately talk about your project, or you can choose a convenient time to continue the dialogue. When you first talk to a software developer, you are usually asked to briefly talk about the project: what it is, what business objectives, who will use it, and what benefits this project should bring to your business.

    Next, the candidates explain how they will be able to meet your needs, and based on these answers, you can weed out companies that do not fit you for terms or other reasons. During the first contact with the company, pay attention to the factors, that will help to understand that something is going wrong.

    How to Check if the Company

    When it comes to choosing a reliable outsourcing company, it’s important to be diligent and do your research. Following these guidelines, you can avoid making any costly mistakes. If you notice that company:

    • Contacts you only a few days after applying: It shows it has difficulties processing customer requests. Most likely, during the development, you will encounter the same challenges. It is better to avoid this.
    • Asks questions about the budget, not the task: If you are asked at once about the budget rather than the needs of your business, this indicates that the developer is unlikely to meet your needs.
    • Asks questions about the budget, not the task: For many customers, developing a website or application is what happens to them for the first time. Therefore, they cannot consider the functionality from the onboarding screen to the button «Buy» and determine the requirements to design. The developer should find all this by asking leading questions and explaining the mechanics of the web/application.
    • Seeks to conclude a contract as soon as possible: If the company discourages you from studying other developers and seeks to conclude a contract as soon as possible, it means that this company feels its failure compared to competitors.

    From companies that are on your shortlist, you are waiting for a commercial offer, which usually takes up to three days to complete.

    Explore Commercial Proposals

    Task: To examine all commercial offers.

    What happens: You call the developers from the shortlist and arrange for them to have a presentation of their commercial proposal – tell them how they see your project and how they can solve your problem, for how long, and what budget.

    In some cases, if the project is unusual and/or rather complex, the developer may change his or her offer during the course of communication with the client. This is normal practice.

    Selecting a Technical Partner

    Task: To start developing the future product.

    What happens: You carefully analyze all the remaining developers from the shortlist and make the final choice. With the chosen developer, you once again talk all the terms and then sign a contract and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

    When looking to hire Vue.js developers for your outsourcing company, it’s essential to consider candidates who have a strong background as full stack web developers. Full stack web developer possesses a comprehensive understanding of front-end and back-end development, which is crucial for effective js development. After that, the js development of the future product begins.

    If you have any questions about the framework, contact our consultants, who will gladly help.


    With the growing complexity of web applications, hire Vue.js developers are increasingly in demand. The article discussed the various advantages of hire Vue.js developers, including its adaptability and ease of integration, which make it a hot skill in the tech industry. Cost and location are essential factors in hiring hire vue.js developers. We advise choosing a hire Vue.js developer to consider factors such as experience, past projects, time-zone fit, etc.

    Outsourcing companies offer various advantages when you hire Vue.js developers. They provide access to experienced Vue.js developers who bring comprehensive expertise spanning analytics, design, strategy, and testing, ensuring quality results without excessive costs. These companies guarantee adherence to stipulated terms, volume, and work quality. Communication is streamlined; clients primarily liaise with a project manager responsible for monitoring deadlines, presenting updates, and handling payments.

    This single point of contact facilitates more accessible communication, translating client expectations and needs to the development team. Additionally, outsourcing firms aim for long-term collaborations, investing deeply in projects, recommending enhancements, and ensuring optimal solutions in both design and code.

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    Questions You May Have

    Who is Vue.js developer?

    Vue.js developer is a frontend developer or web developer. He works with the user interfaces or external interface of the site, online store, web application, database management, or online service with which the user contacts.

    His main duties are the following:

    • Develops the architecture of the components and the structure of the project.
    • Creates interactive and dynamic sites – adds content, sliders, animations, pop-up windows, etc.
    • Adapts web pages to different browsers, desktop and mobile devices.
    • Tests code, searches and fixes bugs, optimizes already running service and maintains it in working condition.

    How much does the Vue.js developer cost?

    It depends on the location of Vue.js developer and the option which you will choose: freelance, outsource company or in-house variant. In this article we describe all possible options.

    Do i have any guarantee when hiring a Vue.js developer from your company?

    We will sign a contract which covers all guarantee aspects.

    What is Vue.js and why is it important for my project?

    Vue.js is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable. It makes it easier to integrate with projects that use different technologies. Vue.js offers a range of features like data binding, components, and routing, making it a powerful choice for single-page applications (SPAs) and complex projects.

    Is hiring a full-time Vue.js developer for my project necessary?

    That depends on the scope and duration of your project. For short-term projects or specific tasks, a freelance Vue.js developer may suffice. Hiring a full-time developer for long-term, complex projects could be more beneficial in ensuring consistent progress and quality.

    How do I assess a Vue.js developer's expertise?

    You can assess a developer’s expertise through various methods such as technical interviews, coding tests, and portfolio reviews. Ask them to explain concepts like data binding, components, directives, or to show previous projects they’ve completed using Vue.js.

    Can a Vue.js developer work well with designers and back-end developers?

    Absolutely. A good Vue.js developer should have experience or at least an understanding of the various various various back end development technologies, development technologies and development front-end technologies and should be able to collaborate effectively with designers to ensure that the application’s UI matches the design specifications.

    Do Vue.js developers need to have experience with mobile development?

    While not strictly necessary, experience in mobile web development can be beneficial if your project involves building a mobile application using frameworks like NativeScript-Vue or Vue Native.

    Why and when should I move to Vue?

    The best advantage of VueJS is that it enables the development of dynamic, scalable, and fast web apps that can change your data without reloading your page.

    Is migration to VueJS possible?

    Yes, it is. Our migration experts create a well-built strategy to seamlessly migrate your existing web apps to Vue with minimal costs and zero risks.

    Why to outsource Vue.JS mobile app development?

    Outsourcing Vue. js mobile app to our company will reduce overhead costs and time spent for Vue. js apps development process.