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June, 2021
Health, Wellness and Fitness

Product Background

BodyO is a UAE startup with the desire to build software that identifies body fat levels and detects conditions such as chronic heart disease and diabetes, which are very common for Arab region. A full-body digital scanner was developed to track a wide range of vital human parameters and provide training and dietary recommendations using collected data. Initially, the challenge was attempted by another team; however, the client was left feeling dissatisfied with the results. Consequently, the startup founder commissioned us to build a system from scratch.


As usual in the Healthcare sector, the system’s main requirement was achieving advanced security and HIPAA compliance. The overall scope of work was split into two parts:

AiPOD software

  • A full-body check-up based on multiple metrics
  • Gesture control
  • Integration with new types of sensors
  • Accurate, validated monitoring of all relevant parameters
  • Processing patient data

BodyO app

  • UX/UI-friendly interface for everyday use, on-the-go
  • Scientifically approved health protocol integration
  • Personal guide

Both areas had plenty of conflicting requirements which became the subject for a thorough examination. Although our team was tasked with building this extensive product from scratch and delivering it within roughly two years, the client only allowed us to spend one year on development, so we were operating on a tight schedule.


First and foremost, we reviewed the existing code and calculated that building from scratch will be more efficient than fixing current developments.

The next step involved eliminating requirement inconsistencies, which slowed down the team from the start.

Features and processes implemented in the AiPod capsule:

  • Real-time capture of data
  • Interpretation of medical records via consistent testing procedures
  • An automatic data anonymization system in compliance with HDS and RGPD standards
  • Sensors that measure vital health data, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, height, weight, fat mass, muscle mass, bone density, and hydration
  • Capsule color and texture improvements for better gesture recognition.

App features:

  • Cross-platform & cross-device app
  • Tracking and matching nutrition protocols
  • Built-in training programs
  • Sleep measurement
  • Basic & personalized AI suggestions
  • Alerting & sharing capabilities.


Our team has developed a unique set of tools to monitor health, prevent serious illness, and provide data for creating new and healthy habits. The data collected in the pod gives users access to thousands of exercise plans and healthy recipe ideas.

The technologies covered by the BodyO brand provide solutions that can help coaches, health facilities, authorities, and companies monitor end-user health, allowing them to handle a wide range of clients and oversee their training programs from anywhere in the world.

Tech Stack: