Teledentistry Solution
September, 2020

HD live video conferencing and intraoral camera integration for a teledentistry solution

Product Background

Teledentristy is a broad category of solutions to provide and support dental care delivery, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, transfer of dental information, and education in the field.
Our Client has been operating a teledentistry platform enhanced with costly video streaming. They’ve just developed a new intraoral camera and decided to reimagine the streaming service, making it top-quality but affordable for care providers.


The Client was seeking a way to embed a recently created hardware (intraoral camera) with the newest video-streaming tools making it available to use via desktop and mobile devices.

  • To provide uninterrupted, high-quality video conferencing and screen sharing
  • To support integration with the existing dental EHR system
  • To build a product on open-source frameworks
  • To allow multiple participants connecting the same conference


The stable cross-platform video streaming that allows dental surgery professionals’ collaboration is provided by:

  • WebRTC framework with routing via STUN/TURN servers
  • Bandwidth size and video quality management
  • Streaming support for cellular connections
  • Web and mobile apps.


Our streaming solution stands on the pillars of HIPAA compliancy, EHR integration, and accessibility both from web and mobile. It allows meeting patients or other doctors virtually using live recordable videos, and offers practical evaluations from any location.
It easily incorporates into practice’s daily workflow to facilitate team communication, cover more patients, and store information for further reviews.

Tech Stack: