December, 2020
Hospital & Health Care

Product Background

The app provides access to current medical coding information, making the once laborious code review process intuitive and faster. The app is accessible for any hospital personnel who need access to coding, billing, and regulatory information.


The product’s front end was built on an early version of Ext JS and needed significant rework. The client had a contract with Sencha and was satisfied with the framework performance and various enterprise tools it provided. Afterward, they decided to stick to Ext JS and upgrade Ext JS 4 to Ext JS 7. In short, the main problem turned out to be a global lack of available developers with solid experience using Ext JS.


At Glorium, we ally with the best developers offering our clients a diverse range of skills and technologies. As our services adhere to enterprise needs, our in-house devs team is trained in Ext JS to fill in the gaps. This is what allowed us to pick out four employees to extend the client’s team. The newly formed squad included a database developer, two Ext JS developers, and a manual QA.


Our dedicated Ext JS crew rewrote the app following two years of close cooperation with the client’s team. Such changes led to:

  • better app performance
  • revamped UX/UI
  • app resilience and adaptability for enterprise workflow
  • support of up-to-date technologies

The client was more than satisfied with our team’s efficiency and value for money that they couldn’t find onshore.

Tech Stack: