December, 2020
Hospital & Health Care

Product Background

This cloud-based app uses a patented training program to accelerate stuttering therapy outcomes. By utilizing AI and speech recognition analysis, based on the highest standards, it provides a multitude of speech-training exercises and supplies the user with advanced real-time feedback.


As the team behind the product did not have enough development resources to handle the entire scope of the application, they asked Glorium to step in to provide some extra hands and help with implementing a UI, sound pattern recognition software, and analysis blocks.


The app provides users with the following:
  • a modern intuitive UI
  • lightweight visualization
  • speech and sound pattern recognition software
  • an analysis engine
  • AI recommendations based on past performance


This app provides affordable, innovative training that allows the user to enhance their speech control and performance from anywhere, anytime. By analyzing and highlighting performance data, it details the user’s progress, keeping them motivated by providing individualized feedback. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to progress, lesson by lesson, observing the results, and feedback.

Tech Stack: