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With our help, you can easily hire Xamarin programmers and enhance your business. We offer various Xamarin services, including developing efficient native Android, iOS, and Windows applications.
Xamarin App Development

Our Xamarin developers can create custom iOS and Android applications that meet your specific needs. We use Xamarin technology to ensure that our apps are efficient, functional and deliver a seamless user experience. With our expertise, you can be confident that your app will be top-notch and tailored to your business requirements.

Xamarin Hybrid App Development

Our team of Xamarin developers can craft visually appealing, scalable, and quick-loading hybrid applications that cater to your business requirements by utilizing code reusability. This approach enables you to optimize your budget and launch your hybrid apps to the market faster.

UIUX Design for Xamarin Apps

Our team of UI/UX experts is well-versed in Xamarin app development and has the ability to strike the ideal balance between the programmers` needs and creating engaging UIs. This results in the creation of versatile applications that are sure to make an impact.

Migration to Xamarin

We have some applications initially built using a native language and have decided to convert them to Xamarin. Our skilled Xamarin app developer specializes in migration services and guarantees a seamless transition of your apps to Xamarin from other stacks.

Xamarin Testing Service

Our team of testing and QA professionals is highly knowledgeable in the code produced by Xamarin developers. They possess the expertise to guarantee that top-notch Xamarin applications are launched with the automation features provided by Xamarin Test Cloud.

Cooperation Models We Offer

Whether you're looking to hire developers for your startup or establish a long-term partnership, Our Xamarin developers will create a customized app that meets your needs.
Staff Augmentation
Put together your dream team
  • Rapidly expand your team for a project
  • Access unique skills not available in-house
  • Reduce recruitment costs
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Dedicated Team
Jumpstart your project in no time
  • Partner long-term with Xamarin developers
  • Fully control development process
  • Cut risks, boost transparency
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Outstaffing Services
Build a remote tech hub
  • Hire remote Xamarin developers cost-efficiently
  • Focus on your core business
  • Have a flexible and scalable solution
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Flexible Pricing

We understand that no two clients are the same, and we strive to provide pricing options that are customized to all specific requirements.
Monthly Pricing Model
If you're in search for Xamarin developers who can work with you on a long-term project.
  • Predictable costs for your project that are easy to budget for
  • You won’t have to worry about any additional administrative overhead
  • All development services are included
  • Flexibility in team size and scope of work
Hourly Pricing Model
With our team of Xamarin developers, you can hire as many or as few as you need and only pay for the time spent on actual development.
  • Adjustable scope and team size
  • Pay only for the actual development time
  • No upfront costs or commitments for developers
  • Better for short-term projects with uncertain requirements

Contact us to discuss which pricing model would work best for your project.

Why Should You Hire Xamarin Developers from Us?

Without Glorium Technologies
  • Pursuing “expert developers” only to discover discrepancies between their skills and resumes
  • Experiencing elevated expenses related to hiring and training Allocating the entire bandwidth of a project manager to the supervision of numerous freelancers and agencies Endangering confidential data due to the involvement of multiple parties
  • Enduring potential delivery failures due to irregular contract obligations
With Glorium Technologies
  • Availability of top Xamarin developers in all industries
  • Swift and effective hiring and integration procedures
  • Simplified project management characterized by transparent communication and reports
  • Compliant development process under regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO27001 due to skilled and proficient Xamarin developers
  • Reduced the likelihood of errors and setbacks, ensuring superior quality results and timely delivery

Get Started with Our Xamarin Developers

How to hire Xamarin developers from us? Just provide information about your company, project, and needs. We’ll find the right developer for you.
  1. BRIEF We get your requirements
  2. CHOOSE We send you a shortlist
  3. PLAN We set the cooperation details
  4. TEST You interview the candidates
  5. WORK Your developer starts working

Hiring Process for Xamarin Developers

You will go through these steps to hire Xamarin developers that suit your requirements best.
Let`s keep in touch
Share the Brief
Provide us with a detailed synopsis of your project. We will recommend the most suitable developers from our talent pool who can best accomplish your tasks.
Scan the Talents
For any given technology, we usually have more than one competent developer.
Run the Tests
At this stage, we assess the candidates' skills and capabilities through testing and practical tasks.
Plan Strategy
We establish collaboration specifics and assign a project manager if required.
Hire the Talent
Coordinate project initiation, and then begin work. You have full control over developers’ assignments.

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    How to Hire Xamarin Developers: Types, Tricks and Best Options

    Xamarin, a powerful cross-platform development tool, has become popular for building mobile applications. However, finding the right Xamarin developer for your next software development project can be daunting. In this article, we will discuss key factors to consider when you need to hire Xamarin developer to ensure the success of your mobile app development or software engineering project.

    According to Statista Analytics in 2022 Xamarin is in the top 5 as a cross-platform mobile framework, which is used by world-wide, software developers and engineers. Such companies as Trello, Slack, Bosh, The World Bank and GitHub also use it.

    For instance nowadays with Xamarin Forms we can achieve 96 reusability on a proje

    Answer three questions and it will be clear if you need Xamarin Developer:

    • Are your application interfaces without complex interaction logic and non-standard controls?
    • Do you have mobile developers in your team?
    • Are you planning other cross-platform projects (even if not on Xamarin) in the near future?

    If you have answered «yes» to these questions, then hiring Xamarin Developer is a good investment for your team and project in the long term.

    Why is Xamarin Developer the Best for Building Cost-effective Mobile Apps?

    Why is Xamarin Developer the best for building cost effective mobile apps

    Businesses are looking for cost-effective solutions that can help them reach a wider audience without breaking their budget. Here, Xamarin developers come in – they are experts at mobile application development that are not only affordable but also high-performing and reliable. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of software development with Xamarin.

    Cost-effective: The efficiency and quality of the cross platform app, must be combined with attractive development prices. Native apps development is more expensive – you need to hire two commands to develop versions on iOS and Android. You can save money only if you choose one cross platform app. So it is better to choose a cross-platform development.

    Time to market: If you are working on MVP, you do not have a year to build the application. In this case, cross-platform development will suit you better. This way, you will not only enter the market earlier but also save – as native app development is too expensive for MVP.

    Same interface: When you work on two identical applications separately, there are interface problems – there are differences in versions for different platforms. And cross-platform development allows you to simply copy all the elements of the UI.

    Save resources and adding versions for new platforms: The C# code is available to the entire team and, with sufficient qualification, can be used on any operating system or other platform: both mobile and desktop.

    Wide audience: To reduce the cost of developing a native application, you will have to choose one platform – a more popular audience. With cross-platform development, you don’t have to choose – the initial cost is lower. Your product will reach more users, but you will spend less money.

    Xamarin fixes all hardware compatibility issues using plugins and various APIs to build apps that work with common device functions on all platforms. Along with access to specific API platforms, Xamarin can be configured with platform-specific libraries. This allows you to fine-tune and maintain the functionality of the platform’s native layer with low overhead costs.

    If the main thing in the application – functionality, and a couple of buttons designed with beautiful graphics – you are lucky, Xamarin fits. For projects with complex interfaces, the cost of revision is sometimes comparable to the development of two or three native solutions.

    If your application’s primary focus is functionality and you have a few buttons designed with beautiful graphics, then you are lucky because Xamarin is the perfect fit for your project. With its ease of use and powerful tools, you can create a seamless user experience that will keep your users engaged, and they will come back for more. Whether you are building a simple or complex app, Xamarin has everything you need to make it a success. Choose Xamarin if you want to get to market faster and your product will have a simple interface.

    Andrian Kravchenko
    Xamarin Tech Lead

    What Can a Xamarin Developer Do for You?

    A great Xamarin developer, with expertise of cross platform apps development can bring much value to your business needs.

    • Develop of new features and internal tools for the Xamarin development company
    • Develop and provide new application capabilities
    • Maintain and improve of the existing code base
    • Participate in the development of the company’s design system
    • Participate in design transfer sessions and code checks
    • Cooperate with a team of designers and IT specialists.

    Though the Xamarin platform grows, and is supported by Microsoft, it is clear that the community of professionals who are familiar with the Xamarin code is much smaller than that of iOS or Android, so hiring an experienced developer can be difficult.

    How can you boost your business with Xamarin development?

    • High demand & increased accessibility. Send notifications to users` Android apps by showing them personalized offers with your own phone app.
    • Improve communication with clients. The Android app can be not only a part of your sales strategy, but also drastically improve customer service.
    • New brand promotion strategy. Apply ASO tactics and get the app high in the rankings and promote the company in one of the biggest mobile app platforms.
    Anna Vozna
    Client Success Manager, Glorium Technologies

    Hard and Soft Skills of Xamarin Developer You Need to Check

    The Xamarin developer needs to be an expert not only in the Xamarin platform itself, but also well aware of the platform with which it works, Android or iOS (or both).

    When hiring Xamarin developers check his hard skills:

    • Confident knowledge of C#, OOP, OOD, XAML, LINQ
    • Knowledge of the platform Xamarin (Xamarin Native, Xamarin Forms)
    • Knowledge of the API for iOS and Android
    • Be able to create user interface for iOS (Storyboard, XIB), Android (XML), Xamarin.Forms (XAML)
    • Principles of SOLID, KISS
    • Architectural patterns MVC, MVP, MVVM, and also GoF (Gang of Fours) patterns
    • REST architecture, JSON
    • Basic knowledge of database and SQL, such as normal forms, relationships, and relationships of tables, as well as elementary operations with data SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT

    As for personal qualities, or soft skills, such things should be highlighted as communication, customer orientation, willingness to learn and to teach, and, for sure, knowledge of English.

    Junior Xamarin Developer

    • Usage of Xamarin.Android and Zamarin.iOS to develop cross-platform mobile app
    • Development of mobile UI screens from client specifications using Xamarin.Forms
    • Integration of Google Maps API into a mobile application for location services
    Agile Scrum

    Middle Xamarin Developer

    • Usage of Xamarin.Forms to develop of the UI cross-platform mobile apps that adapt to OS-specific design
    • Development of an internal mobile application for an insurance company that shares 80-90% of code between its iOS and Android versions using Xamarin
    • Development of an application that runs on Android, iOS, and the Universal Windows Platform
    • Implementation of dependency injections to make use of OS-specific native features
    Visual Studio
    jQuery Mobile
    Xamarin Insights
    SQL Server

    Senior Xamarin Developer

    • 8 years of experiance in web and mobile development
    • Extensive experiance in development of native mobile applications, as well as mobile-responsive web apps
    • Development of a mobile app for a restaurant chain that runs on iOS, Android and Windows using Xamarin
    • Usage of Xamarin.Forms with a Model-View-Model architecture that connects to SQLite
    • Development of a mobile app for an airline company that connects to web services
    Visual Studio
    jQuery Mobile
    Xamarin Insights
    SQL Server
    Android Studio
    Oracle 10g

    Steps for Hiring Xamarin Developer

    Examine Previous Experience

    Experiences in past work and learning can be an excellent indicator of how a candidate works and how knowledgeable they are. The experience of a Xamarin developer depends on what position the candidate applies for, if it is a Junior, it can be even 1 year.

    But for Senior this will be 4+ years of commercial development experience. Of course, it does not always decide the number of years worked, and the knowledge that the candidate demonstrates and how they apply in practice.

    Check the Knowledge of Xamarin Developer

    Conduct a technical interview to test their knowledge of Xamarin development. Ask questions about Xamarin architecture, user interface design, data storage, and other relevant areas.

    You may ask a developer to complete a coding test to assess his coding skills and problem-solving abilities. It should include tasks relevant to the type of application you are developing.

    Check Soft Skills

    Checking soft skills is also important when assessing the suitability of a Xamarin developer for your project. Here are some ways to check the soft skills of a Xamarin developer:

    1. Communication skills: Assess the developer’s communication skills during the interview process, taking note of their ability to explain technical concepts clearly and concisely.
    2. Teamwork and collaboration: Ask the developer about their experience working in a team environment and how they approach collaboration and problem-solving with other team members.
    3. Adaptability: Evaluate the developer’s ability to adapt to changing project requirements and work in a dynamic environment. Ask them about their experience working on projects with evolving requirements and how they managed changes.
    4. Time management: Evaluate the developer’s ability to manage their time effectively, meet deadlines and deliver quality work within tight schedules.
    5. Creativity: Assess the developer’s ability to think creatively and suggest innovative solutions to technical problems.
    Learn about Aids Which Developers Use

    In other words, does the candidate make an effort to stay in demand? For example, ask what technical editions he reads, what authors and personalities the IT community admires and why.

    The scope of web development is constantly changing, so it is important for the specialist to take an interest in the latest trends and form his opinion about them. You can ask what additional resources Xamarin develop have used when there are difficulties.

    Read more about how to hire developers.

    What we have to offer

    What Are the Costs?

    The average salary of a Xamarin Developer varies from the country and the level of experience. Also, it depends on the outsourcing company (if you will choose this variant) and the app that you need to develop.

    Job Title (Full-Time) Latin America Eastern Europe Asia United States
    Junior Developer $20-40 $25-42 $18-24 $33-47
    Software Developer $35-52 $30-56 $24-35 $48-78
    Senior Developer $45-55 $45-70 $30-42 $57-82
    Tech Lead $50-61 $45-70 $30-42 $53-85
    Software Architect $60-72 $50-77 $35-48 $64-94

    Why to Outsource a Xamarin Developer?

    Xamarin has emerged as a popular choice for businesses looking to develop cross-platform mobile applications. However, finding and hiring a skilled Xamarin developer can be challenging.

    The remote team will help turn the idea into a finished product. At this time, the customer will be able to look for investors or engage in marketing. Therefore, outsourcing can be more useful and eficient.

    Reasons to Outsource Xamarin Developers

    Get rid of the resource hole: Imagine that the entrepreneur is developing a web application and wants to put it on the market in four months. It has two React Native developers. But they support the current project in the post-release phase and can not deal with the new application. In this case, to develop the product in time and get a high-quality result – you can contact the studio.

    Get funding: Outsourcing development helps to develop the first version of the product (MVP) and release it to the market. Business angels and other investors are more willing to invest in startups – when they see a ready-made application, not just an idea. Investments help to develop the product, eliminate errors and complement its functionality.

    Solve a non-core problem: Imagine that the startup has HTML/CSS developers. But for the project, you need to develop a mobile application. In this case, outsourcing will help to pass the task to a specialist who will create the right application.

    Save time: It seems that to find the right specialist it is enough to Google «Xamarin developer» or «IT recruitment», and the specialist will immediately be found. But how do you find a developer, test your skills, and see if a professional can bring the project to release?

    What are the Differences Between Freelancers and Outsourcing Companies?

    When you have an idea and you understand where you will drive the project, product development can be outsourced. In this case, there are two options: hire a freelancer or work with the outsourcing company. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before starting cooperation with one of the parties, it is worth analyzing both options.

    In the case of a freelancer, the client will always be able to take into account the budget and find an employee with a certain cost of services. Among freelancers there are many newcomers who are willing to work at the minimum rate.

    At the same time, even an experienced programmer with a good portfolio will cost less than a company employee. Also in the case of freelancers, they do not have to spend money on management.

    There are many freelancers – so you can quickly find a specialist for a specific task. The outsourcing companies may be busy with other projects and not take on its product. And among freelancers there is always a free specialist who can quickly explain the problem.

    Experienced freelancers are well versed in their field. Therefore, it is faster to cope with a specific task. But a full-fledged application will always make the outsourcing company faster, in which each side of the project is engaged in a separate specialist.

    Read more about the benefits of outsourcing.

    To get the desired result and not lose money – you should always check the portfolio of freelancers. Also, if you do not have programming knowledge, you will not be able to evaluate the skills of a Xamarin Developer. In this case, you will either have to trust the feedback and portfolio, or contact the outsourcing company.

    It is necessary to evaluate the overall company data. Find out as much information as possible about the company to form your own unbiased opinion.

    With an outsource company you can check not only the portfolio, but rating (for instance examine Goodfirms, AppFutura and Google Business, Clutch) and real cases with reviews of customers.

    Hiring Xamarin Developers from a Right Company: Things You Need to Know

    When it comes to hiring Xamarin developers from outsourcing company, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

    Hiring Xamarin Developers from a right company Things you need to know

    Identify Your Goals

    To get the desired result, you need not only to clearly understand what you want, but also explain it to the project manager. So before you start looking for a contractor to develop a custom application, decide on the tasks and objectives of the project.

    You don’t need to clear technical assignments. The most important thing is to contact an outsourced company with a ready-made application idea and understanding of business logic.

    “When identifying your goals for developing an app, it’s essential to consider your target audience. Who are the people you want to use your app? What are their needs and preferences?

    Another critical question is who you want to make the app for. Are you creating an app for a specific industry or niche market? Or are you creating a more general app that anyone can use? Defining your target audience will help you focus your efforts and resources on creating a product that meets their needs.

    It’s also important to think about what kind of pain your app will solve. What problem does your app solve for your target audience? Is there a gap in the market that your app can fill? If you understand the pain points of the target audience, you will create a functional and valuable product.

    Lastly, it’s essential to consider your competitors and how you differ from them. What sets your app apart from other similar products on the market? What unique features or benefits does your app offer? Understanding your competition will help you create a competitive product that is appealing to your target audience.”

    Anna Vozna
    Client Success Manager, Glorium Technologies

    Check experience with similar projects

    Check out the relevant experience of the outsourcer. If the company developed similar applications for other clients – it is a big plus. The team already knows all the pitfalls, which means there will be fewer bugs.

    Ask clarifying questions

    The more questions you ask, the better! Some customers perceive the outsourcing company’s additional questions as a sign of unprofessionalism, but it is not so. On the contrary, the more an outsourcer is interested in the details of the project, the more likely it will make the application quality and soon it will appear in the App Store or Google Play.

    Check if there is post-release support

    It is not enough to make the application, the customer needs technical support and further development of the project. After all, the life of the application after the release is just beginning. If the company offers such a service and does not leave the customer 1 on 1 with the application immediately after release – this is a good sign. Usually to support an application, reserve 20-40 hours of team work per month to fix bugs.

    Contact our managers, share your needs and they will help you to hire Xamarin developers who fit your requirements.

    Choose among 200+ software specialists
    Hire developers to work 
on your project
    Questions You May Have

    Does my business need Xamarin development?

    More than 15,000 companies use Xamarin for mobile app development, which is a well-accepted proven app development framework. If you are still indecisive, consider the following features of

    Xamarin mobile solutions provide cost efficiency and:

    • standard user-friendly interface
    • smooth performance
    • rich functionality
    • third-party API integration

    If you want to reach your target audience and meet the needs of your leads and clients in a quick, cost-efficient, and scalable way, then Xamarin app development is a great choice.

    If you hire Xamarin developers provided by Glorium Technologies, you will be able to quickly and cost-effectively create a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms and provide its users with a native experience. Xamarin apps are user-friendly and interactive, i.e. prone to high conversions.

    Who is a Xamarin developer?

    With the Xamarin platform, developers can create fully native applications for iOS, Android, and macOS using C#, F# or even VB.NET. At the same time, the availability of 100% access to native API and the ability to share logic with other .NET.

    How fast can I hire Xamarin developers from your company?

    You can hire Xamarin developers within a week. If you have previous experience in C# or Mobile Development.

    Do I have any guarantee when I need to hire Xamarin developers?

    We will sign a contract which covers all guarantee aspects.

    Is Xamarin free?

    Yes, it’s free, without fees and license costs.

    How do I understand that Xamarin fits my project?

    If the main thing in the application – functionality, and a couple of buttons designed with beautiful graphics. Also your project shouldn`t have complex interfaces.