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With Glorium Technologies, you gain a partner committed to excellence, ensuring your application is of the highest quality and perfectly aligned with your strategic goals.
Custom Development

Elevate your desktop application’s design to the next level using the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) framework. Our team specializes in creating applications that are not just functionally superior but also aesthetically appealing, ensuring your project stands out in a crowded marketplace. Tailor every aspect of your application’s interface to reflect your brand’s identity and ethos, engaging users from the first click.

WPF Application Development & Customization

If you decide to begin your project or to improve an existing app, our developers possess the expertise to develop and customize your desktop application. By using the full capabilities of WPF, we guarantee your project is optimized for performance and user experience. We adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring our solutions grow and scale with your startup.

Integrating WPF Functionality into Websites

If you’re looking to mirror desktop app functionalities on your website, WPF is the framework of choice. Glorium Technologies enables the seamless integration of desktop features into web applications, ensuring a cohesive and powerful user experience across platforms. This integration brings the robustness of desktop applications to the web, bridging the gap between various user touchpoints.

UX Design Services

Beyond functionality, the success of an app often hinges on its design and user experience. Our UI/UX design is tailored to create intuitive and engaging interfaces that captivate users and drive engagement, making your app not just useful but also a joy to use. We dive deep into your users’ needs, crafting designs that are not only visually stunning but also incredibly intuitive.

Responsive UI Development for WPF Applications

We extend our design expertise to ensure your WPF application is not only visually appealing but also responsive. This means your app will deliver an engaging user experience, enhancing accessibility and user satisfaction. Our focus on responsive design ensures your application remains cutting-edge, providing a seamless experience on any device.

Our Cooperation Models

Whether you need to hire WPF developers for your startup or to establish a long-term partnership, we can customize our cooperation model to meet your requirements.
Staff Augmentation
Put together your dream team
  • Rapidly expand your team for a project
  • Access unique skills not available in-house 
  • Reduce recruitment costs
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Dedicated Team
Jumpstart your project in no time
  • Partner long-term with WPF developers
  • Fully control development process
  • Cut risks, boost transparency
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Outstaffing Services
Build a remote tech hub
  • Hire remote WPF developers cost-efficiently
  • Focus on your core business
  • Have a flexible and scalable solution
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Flexible Pricing

We understand that each client is unique, and our goal is to provide pricing solutions that match your individual requirements.
Monthly Pricing Model
For clients looking to hire remote WPF developers to work on a long-term project.
  • Stable monthly costs for easy budgeting
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • All development services are included
  • Flexibility to adjust the team size and scope of work
Hourly Pricing Model
For flexible projects — hire the top developers and pay only for time spent on development.
  • Adjustable scope and team size
  • Pay only for the actual development time
  • No upfront costs or commitments for developers
  • Great for short-term projects with uncertain requirements

Contact us to discuss the most suitable pricing model for your project.

Why Should You Hire Our WPF Developers?

Without Glorium Technologies
  • Difficulty in finding developers with actual expertise matching their CVs
  • Incurrence of significant expenses in recruiting and training new developers
  • Project managers spending excessive time managing multiple freelancers and agencies
  • Involving multiple entities increases the risk of compromising sensitive data and potential data breaches
  • Inconsistent contract commitments from unreliable freelancers or agencies
With Glorium Technologies
  • Easy access to a wide pool of highly skilled WPF developers with verified expertise
  • Streamlined processes for recruitment and onboarding
  • Clear communication channels and efficient reporting mechanisms
  • Compliance with data security standards
  • Reliable developers delivering high-quality output while reducing errors and delays
  • Minimized risk of delivery breaches as Glorium Technologies maintains consistent and reliable contract commitments

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  3. PLAN We set the cooperation details
  4. TEST You interview the candidates
  5. WORK Your developer starts working

Hiring Process for WPF Developers

You will go through these steps to pick the staff that suits your requirements best
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Share the Brief
Give us a description of your project, and we will suggest the developers from our pool who can complete your tasks in the best possible way
Plan Working Strategy
We set cooperation details like developers’ scope of work and the time frames at this stage
Scan the Talents
We usually have more than one option of developers skilled in any given technology
Run the Tests
Check if the level of our professional is good enough. You can run any reasonable qualification tests
Hire the Talent
The developer will remain our employee, but you will have full control over his or her work tasks

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    How to Hire WPF Developers: Ensuring Success for Your Desktop Projects

    The quest for creating high-quality desktop applications has led many to choose Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as their framework of choice. Developed by Microsoft, WPF is part of the .NET framework, designed specifically for developing rich and interactive user interfaces. With the advent of .NET Core, WPF’s capabilities have been further enhanced, making it a robust platform for desktop development. When it comes to building these sophisticated applications, the expertise of a WPF developer becomes invaluable. This article will guide you through the process of hiring dedicated WPF developers and demonstrate why opting for WPF development services from outsourcing companies is often a superior choice compared to engaging freelance WPF developers.

    Understanding WPF and Its Importance

    At its core, WPF is built on the .NET framework and provides a unified programming model for building both Windows desktop and web applications. It integrates with Microsoft SQL Server for backend development, enabling the creation of data-intensive applications. WPF technology utilizes XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) for the design of user interfaces, allowing for a clear separation between the UI and business logic, which is crucial for maintainable app development.

    The Edge of Hiring Dedicated WPF Developers

    When you hire dedicated WPF developers, you’re not just getting an individual proficient in WPF app development; you’re securing a partner aligned with your business objectives. Dedicated developers offer deep dives into WPF technology, ensuring your desktop application leverages WPF’s full potential, including its advanced data binding capabilities, for dynamic and data-driven UIs.

    Key benefits

    Expertise in the .NET Ecosystem: Experienced WPF developers bring a comprehensive understanding of the .NET development landscape, including .NET Core and Windows Forms, ensuring that your desktop application benefits from the latest .NET features.

    Commitment to Quality Dedicated WPF developers focus on delivering development solutions that meet high standards of quality, ensuring robust desktop applications that stand the test of time.

    Tailored WPF Development Services: From WPF application development to WPF improvements for enhancing business intelligence, dedicated developers offer services that are customized to meet your specific project requirements.

    Why Choose Outsourcing Companies Over Freelancers?

    While freelance WPF developers can offer talent for WPF projects, outsourcing companies provide a structured and reliable alternative for several reasons:

    Team Collaboration: Unlike individual freelancers, outsourcing companies provide access to a team of software developers, including remote WPF developer options, ensuring that your project benefits from collective expertise and continuity.

    Comprehensive Services: Outsourcing firms deliver end-to-end development solutions, covering not just app development but also web development, mobile app development, and ongoing support.

    Security and Reliability: With established protocols for protecting client data and intellectual property, outsourcing companies offer a level of security that’s hard to match by individual freelancers.

    Initiating Your WPF Development

    To start your journey, focus on identifying your project needs and how they align with the capabilities of WPF technology. Whether your project is centered around creating desktop applications with complex UIs or integrating business intelligence features, the right WPF development team can make all the difference.

    Utilize tools like Visual Studio for WPF development, and seek developers with experience in Microsoft Windows-based projects for best results. Hiring through reputable WPF development services ensures that your desktop development project is in good hands, from conceptualization to deployment.


    The choice between hiring dedicated WPF developers from outsourcing companies versus freelance developers comes down to your project’s scope, budget, and long-term needs. For businesses looking to develop sophisticated and scalable desktop applications, dedicated WPF software developers from reputable firms offer a blend of expertise, reliability, and security that freelance options often lack. As you embark on your next WPF application development project, consider how the dedication and specialized skills of these professionals can bring your vision to life, ensuring that your application not only meets but exceeds the expectations of your end-users.

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    Questions You May Have

    How do I hire WPF developers?

    To hire WPF software developers, consider the following steps:

    1. Define your project requirements and scope.
    2. Research and select a reputable WPF development services company.
    3. Evaluate the company’s portfolio and client testimonials.
    4. Interview potential candidates to assess their technical skills and cultural fit.
    5. Finalize the hiring arrangement that suits your project needs, whether it’s a dedicated team or project-based engagement.

    Can WPF be used for web development?

    While WPF is primarily designed for desktop application development, technologies like Blazor WebAssembly allow for the creation of web applications using the .NET ecosystem. However, WPF itself is not directly used for web development; instead, web technologies or frameworks within the .NET ecosystem are recommended for web-based projects.

    Outsourcing companies vs. freelance WPF developers: Which is better?

    The choice depends on your project’s size, complexity, and long-term needs. Outsourcing companies offer reliability, a team of experienced developers, comprehensive service from development to support, and robust security protocols. Freelance developers might provide flexibility and potentially lower costs for smaller projects but may not offer the same level of reliability and comprehensive service as companies.

    How does WPF compare to Windows Forms?

    WPF and Windows Forms are both UI frameworks for .NET applications but serve different purposes. Windows Forms is older and more straightforward, ideal for simple, traditional desktop applications. WPF, on the other hand, is more modern and supports advanced UI features such as 3D graphics, complex data binding, and animations, making it suited for more complex and visually intensive applications.

    What kind of projects are best suited for WPF development?

    Projects that benefit from WPF development include those requiring advanced UI/UX designs, high-performance data binding for dynamic content, integration with .NET ecosystem technologies (like .NET Core and Microsoft SQL Server), and applications needing scalable and maintainable codebases.

    How can I ensure my WPF project's success?

    To ensure the success of your WPF project:

    • Clearly define your project goals and requirements.
    • Choose the right development partner with proven expertise in WPF.
    • Maintain open and clear communication with your development team throughout the project.
    • Utilize agile development practices to adapt to changes and feedback quickly.