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core technologies

Core technologies:

Node.js / React.Js


Client Background

Client Background

MedEquity Capital invests in small and lower-middle market healthcare businesses, focusing on solid cash flow. The team works closely with each management team to organically unlock untapped growth potential through acquisitions. With a wealth of experience in healthcare investment and management, they can identify attractive sectors and investment opportunities within those areas of interest.
Company envisioned a software solution Outriders Solutions for hospitals and insurance companies to simplify insurance processes. They had a concept and asked Glorium Technologies to translate it into functional, intuitive, and secure software requiring in-depth expertise in the healthcare and IT sectors.


As the company experienced growth in both its employee base and documentation, it became evident that to maintain efficiency and accuracy, a transition from manual to automated processes was imperativeю But they encountered some challenges:
Technical expertise deficit: The multifaceted nature of healthcare and insurance software demanded a high level of technical proficiency, which the startup needed to gain. This deficiency impeded the development of a robust, secure, and efficient system.
Integration complexities: The startup needed help to develop a system capable of integrating smoothly with existing EHR systems, leading to data inconsistencies and operational bottlenecks.
Balancing user experience and functionality: Creating a user-friendly interface that catered to the diverse needs of patients, healthcare providers, and insurance agents while maintaining functionality proved more intricate than anticipated.
Scalability concerns: Developing a scalable solution capable of accommodating growth and feature enhancements took a lot of work, primarily due to limited insights into future-proofing technologies.
Real-time processing dilemmas: Implementing efficient real-time data processing to manage insurance claims and approvals swiftly and accurately became daunting.


Glorium Technologies filled the technical expertise gap by deploying a team of seasoned developers, architects, and analysts specializing in healthcare and IT, ensuring the creation of a robust, secure, and efficient software solution. Our UX/UI designers crafted an intuitive and user-friendly interface tailored to the diverse needs of all stakeholders.
Glorium Technologies developed a scalable and modular architecture, ensuring the software could effortlessly accommodate user growth and continuous feature enhancements, fostering adaptability and longevity. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we implemented efficient real-time data processing capabilities, enabling swift and accurate insurance claims and approvals management.


The result was an insurance software solution that resolved the challenges encountered by Outriders Solutions and set new benchmarks in healthcare insurance processing. The software is widely adopted by hospitals and insurance companies, testament to its impact and success in simplifying and optimizing insurance processes in the healthcare sector.

Features Created

User-friendly Dashboard

  • Intuitive interface: Ensuring easy navigation and access to all functionalities.
  • Real-time data visualization: Providing insights and summaries of key metrics and activities.
Automated Incident Report Processing

  • Real-time processing: Accelerating incident report submissions, evaluations, and approvals.
  • Incident report tracking: Providing real-time status updates on incident report progress.
Features Created 
Features Created s
Customizable Workflow Automation

  • Task automation: Streamlining routine tasks, from document sorting to communication.
  • Workflow customization: Allowing users to tailor workflows to their needs and preferences.
Scalable Architecture

  • Modular design: Enabling easy addition of new features and updates.
  • High scalability: Ensuring the software can efficiently handle increased loads and user growth.
Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Insightful reports: Offering detailed reports on performance, claims, and more, aiding in informed decision-making.

Tech Stack: