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Test Automation Services

Get the best automated QA for your software product with Glorium Technologies.

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The majority of our test scenarios use automation to reduce costs and speed up the QA cycle. This accelerates releases while increasing testing coverage and finding more defects before production.

In cases of high user loads and performance, test automation may be the only viable solution.

Stages of automated software QA

Requirements Analysis
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app developers

Requirements Analysis

Avoid expensive bug fixing and product reworking in the future. Our automation engineers make sure the requirements are clear, consistent, and complete. It helps to prevent possible software defects and ease upcoming test design activities.

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Test Planning
We develop a strategy, budget, schedule, tech stack and reporting procedures. With a clear scope of work and requirements, our QA team starts to design test cases and checklists.
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Test Execution
Automated tests are run in alliance with software developer for non-stop software design and speedy test running. Being in sync with the development process allows us to start fixing bugs as soon as possible.
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We provide a complete test report after each development iteration. Regular reports allow software receivers to be in control of the product quality and release schedule.
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Release Stage
Once your product releases, we check with real users and issues at the production level. We strive to bring customer satisfaction and high-quality features to your product.

Process Optimization

QA is an iterative process that allows optimization. By automating repetitive tasks, we can focus our time on strategic product initiatives.

Process Optimization

Software testing tools our engineers use

Drive digital change and bring technology to deliver fantastic customer experiences, so you can exist on a firm digital foundation

QA Testing Software
QA Testing Software
We use applications like MasterControl, TestComplet and others to maximize our testing efficiency. Due to this software, we can automate most processes and ensure your product is bug-free.
API Testing Tools
API Testing Tools
Among the many API testing tools, our team uses Postman and SoapUI. The software helps us check integrations and application programming interfaces directly.
Functional Testing Tools
Functional Testing Tools
The QA team uses Selenium and Codeception to perform automated functional tests in your software. We check the way every feature works to compare it with the expected behavior. As a result, you get a fully functional product that works as expected.
Cross Browser Testing Tools
Cross-Browser Testing Tools
We work with TestingBot and BrowserStack when it comes to cross-browser testing. Your app must provide a decent UX on all browsers. That’s where our QA team joins the play and ensures everything works fine.

QA Automation with Glorium Technologies cooperation models

Dedicated team
Dedicated team
We can build your very own QA department from scratch. Our dedicated team of domain-qualified engineers takes full responsibility for setting up a full cycle of QA process.
Team extension
Team extension
Depending on the needs of the company or project, we can seamlessly integrate into your team and close the gaps or foster the existing QA process at any stage.
Fixed Price
Fixed Price
We are meticulous about cooperation conditions and highly evaluate transparency at every step we take. Our key value is to keep straight and ongoing communication with our clients.


What is test automation and when to use it?

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Test automation reduces manual time and errors, so you can get new digital services to market faster. You can use it to reduce costs and speed up the QA cycle. This accelerates releases while increasing testing coverage and finding more defects before production.

How can test automation reduce cost?

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Automated testing often goes hand-in-hand with manual testing, but due to automated QA you can find your bugs at early stages, and therefore lower the average cost of testing hours. Faster detection of defects and a quicker turnaround time to fix them, compared to finding the bug later on down the line, is what helps you in saving money.

Why choose Glorium Technologies quality assurance services?

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Quality assurance and testing services are a part of our service portfolio. E have over the decade of experience in the industry, skilled team, and the latest tech tools that help us deliver high-quality services to our customers. QA automated software testing services granted by our company let customers monitor product development at all stages and demonstrate product quality information.

How does automated testing empower DevOps?

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DevOps supports products as they’re being built, deployed, tested, and released. They emphasize automation across all areas, including testing, and encourage a high level of coordination between development, QA, and operations. So test automation used by DevOps saves time, minimizes human errors, and increases reliability while simplifying the process.

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Glorium Technologies is a full-cycle app & software development company which covers specific client business needs and tries to manage them with the help of the best possible technology solutions.

Since 2010, we have been inventing digital solutions, helping startups and SMBs come out on top in their markets.

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