May, 2020

Development of a platform for family services

Product Background

Kidazzler is a social network for parents and children that acts as a community where users can discuss parental matters. In addition, it is also a marketplace for family-friendly businesses and children-related service providers.


Kidazzler turned to Glorium with a request to build web and mobile applications from scratch using cloud data infrastructure. The main challenge was to create a secure cloud data infrastructure, develop optimal algorithms and data flows, and implement cohesive business logic.


Glorium created scalable web and mobile applications that can be easily used by both businesses and parental communities. We implemented cloud infrastructure with AWS and added many features like service categories, dashboards, recommendations, in-app deals, events, and check-ins. Thanks to these improvements, the application’s performance was significantly enhanced.

  • Gradual zero downtime migration architecture and execution
  • Migration of legacy applications to the container platform
  • Implementation of CI/CD for applications and services


Glorium has developed an up and running web and mobile application that acts as an integrated and convenient solution for the community of parents and child-related businesses. It is fully capable of sustaining all of the requested functions and has substantially increased the client profits.

Tech Stack: