Ninthlink (GoGaWi)
August, 2020
Marketing & Advertising

Creation of software for e-sports betting

Product Background

GoGaWi is an esports platform that offers the live streaming of game tournaments and serves as a marketplace to place bets. Platform users can watch and monitor gaming events in real-time, and bet on live and upcoming games. Additionally, it integrates with third-party streaming services and allows players to place their bets through a convenient payment method in advance.


GoGaWi turned to Glorium with a request to build an integrated web and mobile application that can integrate with streaming services and receive transactions from multiple payment systems, including small and localized ones. Another challenge was in relation to compliance with legal regulations, as online betting is restricted in particular regions. Also, an application was supposed to handle short but intense traffic overloads, and responsively save the system resources when the traffic was down. So, the key task here was to create a robust payment network that would support many pay systems, sustain spikes of intense traffic, and block traffic in restricted areas.


Glorium placed additional effort into the development of every payment system and reduced the integration time for each payment method. Thanks to this, the web application is capable of receiving transactions from more than 20 different payment systems in various currencies.


Glorium built comprehensive and integrated web and mobile applications for esports betting that supports multiple payment systems, successfully handles intense traffic periods, and restricts traffic in certain areas. Our team has developed a framework that has enhanced and unified integration with different payment systems. As a result, it is now possible to place bets from small local payment systems.

Tech Stack: