May, 2020

Development of advanced stock market filters for experienced traders

Product Background

Transcend is a desktop application that was developed for one of the leading banks in the US. Its main purpose is to serve as a blotter to stock market traders by filtering stock data and reflecting market fluctuations in real-time. This application helps traders and brokers properly navigate the market environment and make better business decisions.


The main challenge here was to achieve top-notch application performance and speed as the application was designed to deal with massive amounts of different data types. The project required close collaboration between backend and frontend development to quickly synchronize data changes. Another challenge was to develop filters so traders could refine data and see only relevant stock information by category, in real-time.


Glorium developed a customizable desktop application that acts as a blotter for trader tasks and reacts to triggers only with relevant data changes. The application now provides a chart with multiple filters that reflect stock data with prices, risks, changes, analytics, etc. Thanks to this, traders can now compile filters and monitor only relevant lists of stocks.


As a result, we have reduced the speed of data transmission (from the initial data source to the visualization on a trader’s dashboard) from 20 seconds to 1 second. Additionally, the system can now easily process around 1 million tickers and handle around 10 000 ticker changes per second.

Tech Stack: