Secure Cloud Migration
for a Media Company

Secure Cloud Migration for a Media Company


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Developing a secure migration to the cloud solution for a media company

Product Background

Our client is one of the world’s leading business media brands, with multiple media channels and scores of data. As the company expanded, their previous data storage models no longer served the company. In search of a solution, the client turned to Glorium to migrate their data servers and applications to a versatile and refurbished cloud data platform.


A company desperately needed to move away from an on-premises model to a cloud-based solution. The client turned to Glorium and requested DevOps assistance in relation to migrating their data and legacy applications from on-premise data centers to the Google Cloud Platform. The challenge was to transport data and services with minimal downtime or data loss and enhance the data architecture accordingly.
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Secure Cloud Migration for a Media Company Solution


Our team of distributed DevOps engineers created the data infrastructure and executed services migration from the on-premise data center to the Google Cloud Platform.
In addition, our team enhanced CI/CD for applications and services to further boost system operations. The process consisted of the following steps:
  • Gradual zero downtime migration architecture and execution
  • Migration of legacy applications to the container platform
  • Implementation of CI/CD for applications and services


With minimal downtime, successful data migration was executed with no data being lost. As a result of the transition to the cloud data platform, client services began to work faster as the migration also brought about the automation of processes. Additionally, with the implementation of CI/CD for applications, continuous delivery was enhanced.
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