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Client Background

Client Background

RealPage, Inc., a global leader in software and data analytics for the real estate industry, providing innovative solutions since its inception in 1998. With a robust client base of over 12,000 worldwide, RealPage is headquartered in Richardson, Texas, and operates through multiple offices across North America, Europe, and Asia. RealPage FUEL is a cutting-edge, cloud-based software designed for commercial real estate.


RealPage FUEL is a groundbreaking, cloud-based software designed specifically for commercial real estate (CRE). Its development represents a significant leap in asset valuation, modeling, and forecasting for the industry.
RealPage came to us with an idea of groundbreaking, cloud-based software designed specifically for commercial real estate (CRE). Its development represents a significant leap in the industry’s asset valuation, modeling, and forecasting.
The primary challenge was to develop an all-in-one tool that would enable investors to estimate the value of CRE objects accurately. This tool needed to predict cash flows and facilitate the creation of various scenarios with adjustable input parameters. The solution required features like:
Scenario creation: Allowing users to modify initial input parameters to generate different outcomes.
Real-time calculations: Providing instantaneous results based on the given parameters.
Comprehensive financial modeling: Incorporating robust reporting mechanisms compliant with US GAAP for precise financial forecasting.
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Our team at Glorium Technologies started developing FUEL from scratch. Over eight years, we’ve delivered an innovative and robust solution that’s accessible both via web and mobile devices. The solution include:
Unlimited modeling scenarios: Empowering owners, investors, property managers, appraisers, and brokers with versatile modeling capabilities.
Flexible pricing plans: Offering tailored plans based on customer asset quantity or usage period, ensuring affordability and scalability.


The development of RealPage FUEL by Glorium Technologies included several key features:
Advanced financial modeling: The tool enables real-time calculations of cash flow elements and key financial metrics such as IRR, equity multipliers, and capitalization rates.
Comprehensive coverage: It covers all modeling aspects including Revenue, Expenses (capital expenditures and operational expenditures), debt modeling, and recoverability of expenses.
Bank-approved reports: The generated reports are recognized and accepted by banks for the underwriting process.
Integration with market data: FUEL integrates with market data providers like VTS, JDE, Strategic Group, and RealPage Corp. to fetch industry-specific and regional data.
Sensitivity layers: The product allows for the creation of sensitivity layers where each factor can be adjusted to view the impact of each component incrementally.
Detailed modeling mechanism: It accounts for all elements per property unit or tenant, monthly, and across each revenue/expense category.
Flexible expense recoverability modeling: Expenses can be modeled at the tenant/unit level as a percentage of the area occupied, overall costs, or as an absolute amount.
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The result of the cooperation between RealPage and Glorium Technologies in developing RealPage FUEL is a groundbreaking, cloud-based software solution that revolutionizes asset valuation, modeling, and forecasting in the commercial real estate industry.
This collaboration has led to a tool that enhances accuracy in financial forecasting, improves decision-making capabilities for real estate professionals, and significantly boosts operational efficiency. The partnership has successfully delivered a product that stands out in the market for its advanced technology and practical application in real estate analytics.
Business Value

Business Value

Market leadership and innovation
Since its inception in 2012, RealPage FUEL has rapidly established itself as the best-in-class application in the commercial real estate valuation space. The success of FUEL in the U.S. market is a testament to its effectiveness in addressing the complex needs of CRE professionals, enhancing their ability to make informed, data-driven decisions.
Integrating the AiPOD
Expansion and growth potential
The scalability and adaptability of FUEL make it well-suited to meet the varied demands of different markets, ensuring that RealPage can leverage local market dynamics while maintaining the application's core functionality and efficiency. 
Enhancing client success and satisfaction
By providing accurate and quick valuation models, detailed financial forecasts compliant with US GAAP, and bank-approved reporting, FUEL significantly enhances its users' operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities. This leads to improved operating performance, better capital returns, and increased client satisfaction.

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.Net Framework
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