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Jane Diagnostics is an innovative startup aimed at optimizing the remote delivery of medical services. The company develops and sells equipment that monitors patients’ health status and displays information in a simple but understandable format.

The startup was launched on May 10, 2017, by a group of scientists from Boston with support from Harvard University. The project won a grant to create, develop and support technology for rapid DNA analysis and tracking changes in the structure of the genetic code. The main task is to monitor signs of HPV in the patient’s body.

The startup is being developed under the guidance of three medical experts: Natalia Rodriguez Jockovich, Mario Cabodi, and Rajan Dewar. They all have academic degrees in their respective fields and deep knowledge of health care.

The project is designed to transform medical services and improve the mechanics of testing patients for HPV.

What’s the value of Jane Diagnostics?

The technology optimizes searching for factors that influence the formation of cervical cancer. The advantage of this solution is the rapid delivery of a negative or positive test result. The platform is based on a unique development using hybrid paper-microfluidic technology.

The purpose of creating and releasing the product is to ensure that healthcare services are available to all population categories, regardless of location and status.

The speed of analysis processing is a JaneDX specialty. The mobility of the technology makes it possible to conduct tests even in “field” conditions, obtaining relevant results in less than an hour. In addition, even untrained healthcare workers can perform tests. Together, these advantages make it possible to detect serious diseases caused by HPV earlier and to diagnose women’s health problems more effectively.

Who can benefit from the JaneDX project?

Everyone whose activities are aimed at providing quality medical services. Healthcare institutions, medical device software development providers, mobile laboratories, and institutes, in tandem with JaneDX, can improve process efficiency and take their services to the next level.

The JaneDX solution belongs to the category of medical innovations and is designed to solve several pressing problems:

  • availability of HPV testing services;
  • speed of analysis of test results;
  • accuracy of test results;
  • quality of medical services;
  • cost of health services.

DNA amplification and detection technology from JaneDX have the potential to transform the entire medical industry.






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