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Inovo Broadband is a promising new player in the telecommunications market. The company’s operating profile aims to improve existing algorithms and develop more modern methods of transmitting large amounts of information over vast distances. But not services alone: the company produces and sells innovative set-top boxes and DOCSIS CPE equipment.

The company has grown into a multi-regional provider from a small startup founded in Duluth, Georgia. Three industry experts support the project team:

  • Michael Harney — Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
  • Jack Miller — Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Board Member
  • Roshan D’souza — Co-Founder

In one way or another, all of them are connected with the field of telecommunications and have exceptional experience in this segment.

The project was launched with the expectation of promoting such innovations as VOD, DVR, HDTV, and Triple Play platforms. For this purpose, the company launched the development and realization of the technical base, user devices, and telecommunication equipment. The organization’s scope has spread to India, Latin America, and North America.

The value of the iNovoBB project

The key feature of the startup is the ambition of its founders. They want to expand their sphere of influence as much as possible and bring innovative technology to every home on the planet. To do this, they are developing their own system and protocols for transmitting information flows via optical fiber to the highest standards in the industry.

This professional approach makes iNovoBB representatives stand out from the uniform mass of Internet and TV providers. Modern equipment, the best services on the market, and maximum coverage of the target audience are the three critical drivers that influence the success of a startup. And the iNovoBB team has them.

The equipment’s high communication speed, reliability, and durability make iNovoBB’s services one of the best in its segment. The team focuses on creating and realizing the “IP Home” concept, producing IP video devices for hundreds of millions of customers.

Who can benefit from iNovoBB?

All communication providers, telecommunications software development service providers, and companies involved in industry development will benefit from iNovoBB’s experience and products.

The unique digital and hardware solutions produced by iNovoBB serve as catalysts for the IP video industry. Thanks to the company’s expertise and vision, millions of consumers can gain fast, high-quality, secure access to streaming, terabytes of data, and advanced subscriber communication experiences.

The development of the industry depends on technologies and modern information exchange protocols built on top-notch communication channels, such as fiber optics. iNovoBB is one of the leaders in the 21st-century telecommunications segment. Cooperation with this company benefits everyone directly or indirectly related to the communications technology segment. You will be interested in the topic – real estate software development.

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