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Harmony is a project created to meet the technological needs of modern companies. The platform opens new unique opportunities in healthcare mobile app development for businesses, regardless of their scale and industry.

The project was founded on August 1, 2016, in London, United Kingdom. Davide Casarin (COO) and Matt Brooke-Smith (CEO) are the initiators and inspirers. A team of talented IT professionals with decent experience in the field of enterprise solutions worked on making the startup idea a reality.

Harmony’s goal

The platform is aimed at enterprises that want to create digital products for mobile devices independently. Everyone in the company can develop and run apps. You don’t have to have technical knowledge and skills, spend a lot of time learning how to use the tools, or even consult with an IT expert all the time.

Thus, the key goal of our project is to give non-technical specialists access to the world of native mobile development on Android and iOS. We also offer out-of-the-box integrations that allow you to expand your corporate capabilities.

Harmony features for your business

  • Reduce costs. Now you do not need to hire additional IT specialists to work on a new application. Every business user can do it with minimal involvement of an IT expert and without expensive resources.
  • Adaptation for corporate purposes. Your team understands the specifics of your business like no one else. Thus, they will be able to create the application which will correspond to your individual tasks and requirements.
  • Full control. Using our platform, you will be able to constantly monitor the process of app implementation and quickly make the necessary adjustments. This is a chance to avoid downtime and launch your product in the shortest possible time.

What kind of apps can be created on Harmony?

Our platform makes it possible to develop effective mobile products for various tasks:

  • Systems for interaction with customers
  • Solutions for increasing operational efficiency
  • Tools for workflow automation
  • User apps and many others

We’ve made sure you can easily develop the mobile solutions your business needs right now. As a result of working with the platform, you get a ready-made app for one of the top operating systems (Android or iOS). You can run it in a secure environment and customize the integrations to your current needs.

Implement your mobile development ideas with Harmony.