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We are an IT team based in Newark, New Jersey, that focuses on AI chatbot development for corporate purposes. We can help your business take customer communication to the next level, motivate repeat purchases, and reduce routine tasks for your contact center.

Botique is our innovative project built on AI technology. At the center of our corporate platform is a conversational chatbot, which is capable of imitating dialogs in a style as close to human as possible. You will be interested in the topic – real estate software development.

How does Botique work?

Automation of interaction with users in the chat interface is possible thanks to algorithms such as:

  • МО. The bot uses the input data it receives during every interaction to learn continually. As a result, dialogs become as clear as possible for a human.
  • NLP. The bot analyzes the language in which the user writes in the chat, recognizes its meaning, extracts the necessary sense, and, based on that, generates the text useful to the “interlocutor.”

One important feature is plug-n-play ease of use. You don’t need special technical knowledge and spend a lot of time connecting and configuring the bot for your goals and objectives.

What business tasks does Botique.AI solve?

  • Improved user experience. The client doesn’t have to wait until your manager or consultant is free. All questions related to cooperation with you (purchase, ordering a service, payment, etc.) can be answered in detail and clearly by a bot.
  • Increase in customer loyalty. Speed and quality of answers positively influence the user’s attitude to your company and even motivate them to repeat cooperation.
  • Reduces the load on your contact center. Automated communications give your call center agents more time to complete additional and urgent tasks.

Who is our chatbot for?

Companies in 8+ industries successfully use the corporate platform:

  • E-commerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Medicine
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • HoReCa

Our product is for you if your activity is connected with customer communication. And it doesn’t matter what industry you work in. Healthcare chatbot development: You can add the chatbot to any customer communication channels and integrate it into your existing workflows. And all this in minutes!