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HealthTech 2021-2022

How Technology Is Changing Healthcare Industry

The virtual summit took place on Wednesday-Thursday,
3-4 November from 8.45 am to 3.20 pm EST.
You have the opportunity to watch the recording after registering.

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    • Industry-leading speakers from top companies.
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    • 10+ hours of HealthTech content.
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    Who’s attending?

    Here are just some of our virtual summits participants


    13 Best Experts Will Give A Talk

    Andrei Kasyanau2

    Andrei Kasyanau

    Co-founder and CEO at Glorium Technologies

    John Hall

    Authored the best-selling book “Top of Mind,” published by McGraw-Hill
    variant 5

    Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes

    Founder CEO, Institute SEI. Founder & CEO, Revexpo Consulting
    Angel Carlton

    Angel Carlton

    Personal Transformation Coach, Podcast Host & Author
    Amit Sawant

    Dr. Amit Sawant

    Chief Product and Business Officer at Somatix
    John Godoy

    John Godoy

    Co-founder of SItflow
    Elizabeth Jennings

    Elizabeth Jennings

    Leads international commercialization efforts at Venture Atlas Labs
    Ciara Ungar

    Ciara Ungar

    Author on Leadership, Certified Coach & Consultant, and Speaker

    Rodrigo Hutt

    VP & General Manager, Consumer Division
    John Paul Furey

    John-Paul Furey

    BizDev at Healthtech

    Soumitra Nanda

    Co-founders and a Director at IG Smart Care Pvt. Ltd (SPECO.ai)
    Dmitriy Stepanov

    Dmitriy Stepanov

    Co-founder and CTO at Glorium Technologies
    registered members
    All Registered Summit Participants
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    Ebook - Healthcare Software Development

    To build a successful healthcare product that will conquer the market, companies need a reliable software development partner. Choosing the right one is often a dilemma. Compare development costs and learn why outsourcing is a faster, more agile, and cost-effective way to develop your healthcare product. Get industry insights and development costs calculation in our recent eBook

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    Day 1 – Wednesday – November 3 (Eastern Time UTC-5)
    9.00 am – 9.15 am (ET)


    Andrei Kasyanau2
    Andrei Kasyanau

    About speaker

    9.15 am – 9.40 am (ET)
    Opening remarks and HealthTech market overview
    • Welcome message
    • What to expect from this summit
    • HealthTech market trends
    • Biggest challenges HealthTech startups will face next year
    • How to stay successful and keep evolving in the current market conditions
    variant 5
    Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes

    About speaker

    9.40 am – 10.20 am (ET)
    Latest Innovation Trends in Healthcare
    • Investment trends
    • Impact of converging technologies
    • Precision Medicine
    • Global Health Data Exchanges
    • Smart Health Cities
    John Hall

    About speaker

    10.20 am – 11.00 am (ET)
    Doing more with less! How Technology Can Make You More Productive
    • How You Can Use Time Blocking And Other Strategies To Be More Effective
    • Strategies and Tools That Can Help You Work Together Better As A Team
    • Tips That Will Help You Use Technology To Make Yourself And Your Team Happier
    • How You Can Avoid Issues With Technology
    11.00 am – 11.20 am (ET)


    Elizabeth Jennings
    Elizabeth Jennings

    About speaker

    11.20 am – 12.00 pm (ET)
    Healthtech Investments: How to Navigate a Changing Fundraising Landscape
    • Which trends we see continuing post-pandemic–and what that means to entrepreneurs raising capital
    • Practical considerations in developing a resilient investment narrative
    • What entrepreneurs and early-stage investors alike can consider regarding how to make their next steps more effective in 2022
    John Paul Furey
    John-Paul Furey

    About speaker

    12.00 pm – 12.40 pm (ET)
    Integrative Healthtech Strategies
    • Access to Care/Information
    • Digital Intake Services
    • Systems-Based Approach
    • Proper Process Automation
    • DTC & Telehealth Opportunities
    Angel Carlton
    Angel Carlton

    About speaker

    12.40 pm – 1.20 pm (ET)
    Becoming Resilient in our Rapidly Changing World
    • Understand how change impacts life
    • Learn to ease stress while navigating unpredictable change
    • Develop a healthy & new perspective of change
    • How to apply the 6 Stages of Transformation
    • Discover a sense of purpose through times of transition
    1.20 pm – 1.35 pm (ET)

    Final word

    Day 2 – Thursday – November 4 (Eastern Time UTC-5)
    8.45 am – 9.00 am (ET)


    Soumitra Nanda

    About speaker

    9.00 am – 9.40 am (ET)
    Digitizing Health at the grassroots level…AI, ML will significantly enable the clinical community
    • Health care system is broken. With the rise of specialization, a focus on family medicine and holistic care is missing, thereby impacting the continuum of care. The Health consumer is at an inconvenience in receiving care that is accessible, affordable and reliable
    • While the pace of digitalization has accelerated post Covid-19, the MSME’s including hospitals with beds less than #100 (that make up the bulk) are the most disadvantaged in this regard
    • Simple, affordable and easy to use EHR’s that are interoperable, and hinge on connected care/eco-system can solve the unmet needs, and make care accessible through the appropriate model/s- physical, teleconsultation or asynchronous. This will align very well with the broader National Digital Health Mission
    • Meaningful assimilation of existing knowledge and best practices,together withinsights from EHR’s,will lead to simple, yet easy to use clinical decision support systems (CDSS) that makes care reliable, affordable and of high quality
    Amit Sawant
    Dr. Amit Sawant

    About speaker

    9.40 am – 10.20 am (ET)
    Improving Quality of Care with AI-powered Remote Patient Monitoring
    • Remote patient monitoring is a powerful tool to provide unique insights and alerts and reduce clinical risk factors
    • Unique AI-powered gesture detection algorithms allow unprecedented clinical insights solely from wearables without the need for external hardware, sensors, and cameras
    • The need for remote monitoring has become even greater due to COVID-related constraints on patient care
    • Regulatory alignment: More reimbursement codes for RPM and telemedicine are being released and updated by CMS
    Ciara Ungar
    Ciara Ungar

    About speaker

    10.20 am – 11.00 am (ET)
    Rethinking the Design of Team Development
    • Discuss how design thinking can improve leadership development
    • Identify challenges and pitfalls in design thinking and team development rooted in goal and value misalignment
    • Tap into borrowed concepts of psychology to understand human error
    • Summarize a framework to leverage based on design and design thinking to build teams
    11.00 am – 12.40 am (ET)


    John Godoy
    John Godoy

    About speaker

    12.40 pm – 1.20 pm (ET)
    Hybrid Healthy Feel better, stress less, and succeed in the “new normal”
    • The new paradigm of work is hybrid
    • The pandemic has reminded us that wellbeing and performance are intrinsically related
    • Leaders have 3 problems to address
    • Their own personal physical and mental health
    • Staff mental health, physical health, and performance
    • Creating a culture of wellbeing to help with performance and employee retention
    • 4 things they can do to address the unique wellbeing challenges of hybrid work
    • Creating healthy home office (I show what they need to do)
    • How to reduce zoom fatigue (4 tips)
    • Have healthier virtual meetings (5 tips)
    • Create a culture of wellbeing
    Rodrigo Hutt

    About speaker

    1.20 pm – 2.00 pm (ET)
    Precision health and wellness with Viome
    • Digitizing, decoding, and deciphering human biology to prevent and revert chronic diseases
    • Genes are not your destiny
    • DNA vs RNA
    • How to improve human wellness with precision nutrition
    Dmitriy Stepanov
    Dmitriy Stepanov

    About Dmitriy

    2.00 pm – 2.15 pm (ET)
    Final word

    13 Best Experts Will Give A Talk

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    No. The summit is absolutely free to watch. We hope that you get some really great value from the content!

    Yes, the summit will be available on demand for anyone who is registered for the summit.

    No. The content of the summit can help any business related with HealthTech and is available to everyone.

    After you register for the summit, you will receive an email with a link that is specific to you. You will access the summit through that link.

    The virtual summit took place on Wednesday-Thursday, 3-4 November from 8.45 am to 3.20 pm EST.

    Andrei Kasyanau

    Co-founder and CEO at Glorium Technologies. Andrei leverages his 20+ years of experience in the industry to help tech startups bolster their teams with agile product development services on demand.

    His vision of custom software development & management can reduce time to market by up to 30% with 40% in savings compared to in-house teams.

    Elizabeth Jennings

    Supporting the efforts of VCs and international trade agencies, Elizabeth Jennings leads international commercialization efforts at Venture
    Atlas Labs, focused on launching new healthcare technologies in some of the most complex and challenging markets worldwide.

    She is on the Board of Directors for SWAN Impact Network, one of the fastest-growing social impact angel networks in the US, and she
    serves on various boards and steering committees within the healthtech startup and innovation center space. Frequently speaking at
    global innovation events, she has spent nearly a decade living abroad and is an avid supporter of building global bridges in technology
    and finance.

    Raj Ray

    • Prolific track record of 20+ years in leading advanced software & hardware engineering R&D,  managing large global teams in end2end
      product (SW & HW) innovation & execution, spearheading strategic business development/roadmap and growth in tech giants (Intel. Motorola,
      Sun Microsystems, Broadcom, Synopsys) and tech startups (digital health. fintech, smart farming, e commerce, ed-tech, automation
    • Designed/delivered 20+ enterprise level SAAS for B2B/B2C applications and 20+ high performance complex processor chips at different process
    • Technology R&D, Product Innovation & Tech-Biz-Revenue expert in AI, ML/DL, NLP, Big Data, Computer Vision, Cloud, IoT, VLSI IC Design, EDA, and
      Hybrid System Level solutions
    • Passionate about social entrepreneurship, out-of-the box innovation, working with students/researchers and solving core problems such as smart
      farming, personalized wellness, sustainable food ecosystem using advanced technologies
    Dr. Amit Sawant

    Dr. Sawant is an award-winning, customer-centric leader with extensive experience in enterprise and consumer space at Somatix, Dell, Riverbed,
    NetApp, and TCS with a strong track record of delivering ground-breaking products in the areas of data analytics, AI/ML, data management, SaaS,
    and security. He has an exceptional ability to translate concepts into reality through thought leadership, collaboration, and negotiation skills.
    He also serves as a consultant, startup advisor, leadership mentor, and career coach. Dr. Sawant holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School,
    University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. and M.S. in computer science from North Carolina State University.

    Notable highlights:

    • Instrumental in Somatix’s acceptance into the T-Mobile Accelerator program for Wellness Tech (< 0.4% acceptance rate).
    • Recipient of Dell Champion Award for outstanding performance in FY2019 and selected across Dell to be part of a leadership program for top talent in 2019.
    • Built NetApp’s relationship with the National Football League (NFL) and Super Bowl XLVII (biggest marketing initiative) that made NetApp the official data
      storage provider of the NFL by providing data protection expertise.
    Angel Carlton

    Helping people navigate change so that they transform into a greater version of who they are through these verticals:

    • Sought after Keynote Speaker
    • Published Author of 2 books
    • Dedicated to Destiny, A Pursuit of Personal Growth, Prosperity & Purpose
    • Staying Afloat During Tides of Change, An Introduction to the 6 Stages of Transformation
    • Radio Show & Podcast Host
    • Chicks Talking Shift Podcast (current co-host)– Gain new perspectives and tools that help you navigate the changes you're experiencing in your life.
    • Leadership America Podcast(former co-host) - an impressive line-up of thought-leaders, CEO’s, professional athletes & high-profile influencers
      who share their journeys to success, their insights on leadership, as well as their advice for success in business and in life.
    • Leading the Way Today Radio Show on 570KLIF Dallas/Fort Worth (former co-host) - purposeful dialogue with prominent influential leaders discussing
      the people practices of high-performing organizations and uncover how they’ve created a culture of success.
    • Transformational Leadership Facilitator – for companies like AT&T, Citgo Petroleum, & Astellas Pharmaceuticals
    • Former Professional NBA Cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls (during the exciting Michael Jordan era) – today I’m a CHEERLEADER FOR CHANGE
    John Godoy

    • Co-founder of SItflow – the worlds first Mayo clinic NEAT certified suspended exercise device designed to make sitting healthier.
      Winner of 2017 NEOCON office furniture Gold award for best office accessory.
    • Professional communication and wellness speaker with audiences in 26 countries.
    • Spoke at the Samsung forum in Silicon Valley, and coached a candidate for United States Senate
    • Founded my own personal training company catering to Chicago’s business elite.
    Michael DePalma

    Michael DePalma is a 20+ year veteran of the technology, healthcare and life sciences industries. A scientist by education, Michael has spent his career focused
    on the intersections of human health and technology. Michael has applied his technical and industry background across many of the facets of the healthcare
    and life sciences space, including clinical trials, drug launch, supply chain, safety and other areas. Michael’s current ventures focus on Digital Health,
    novel uses of NLP in behavioral health, FinTech, and as always, Health Data. Michael holds 3 US Patents, is a serial entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded
    a number of successful ventures, 2-time TEDx speaker, an avid futurist, professional musician, and a former professional chef.

    Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes

    • WBAF World Excellence Award-Social Entrepreneurship 2021
    • Top 20 Global Leaders in Digital Twins Technologies
    • Top 50 Global Leaders in Health Tech
    • Top 100 Visionary In Education Award 2021
    • Top 100 Global Women in Leadership Award 2021
    • Top 100 World Women Vision Award 2021-Innovation & Tech
    • Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2021 ( nominee)
    • Nations of Women Change Makers Award ( finalist)
    • Top 100 Healthcare Leader 2020
    John Hall

    John Hall authored the best-selling book “Top of Mind,” published by McGraw-Hill. John was a recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Best Emerging
    Company and was recognized as one of the Business Journals’ Top 100 Visionaries.

    John has been called a top “sales speaker”, “social media speaker” and  “motivational guest speaker” that people should pay attention to.

    He is consistently mentioned in major publications as a top influencer, leader, and speaker. John writes weekly columns for Forbes and Inc. and has contributed to
    more than 50 online publications, including Inc., Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Fast Company, and Mashable.

    John’s also invested in innovative companies like Calendar and Relevance.

    Julia Palma

    Julia is Innovation Manager at EIT Health Spain. Julia has worked with international institutions from the three sides of the knowledge triangle,
    catalysing hundreds of cooperative innovation projects. Julia has participated in the European Commission's working groups within the "Digitising
    European Industry" initiative, the Executive Group of the Spanish DIH of the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Industry and chaired the
    Data i-Spaces subgroup of the EU Big Data Value Association. She usually collaborates with running EU initiative and projects for promoting healthcare
    digitisation and transformation.

    Ciara Ungar

    Ciara Ungar is a New York City-based Author on Leadership, Certified Coach & Consultant, and Speaker. She has also been an Innovation
    Women Speaker, teacher of Marketing, and Forbes Contributor. Ciara earned a Bachelors in Communication, Psychology and Writing from
    Purdue University and a Masters from Georgetown University in PR/Corporate Communications, as well as Professional Certifications from
    Wharton Business School and Harvard Law. She has studied and practiced in the field of psychology and communications for the last 16 years,
    applying those principles to business, marketing and team development, challenging herself and others to show up for their own success.

    Rodrigo Hutt

    Rodrigo Hutt VP & GM of Consumer Group. Rodrigo is an entrepreneurial business leader with expertise in scaling emerging
    businesses, with over 17 years of experience in e-commerce, digital health, and biopharma. He was most recently Country Head,
    Marketplace VIS at Mercado Libre. Previously, Founder & CEO at VoyalDoc, BU Head Oncology at Pfizer, and Product Marketing at Merck.
    Rodrigo holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

    John-Paul Furey

    International Baccalaureate (Winter Park High School), Healthcare Management & Policy +Pre-Med (Georgetown University),
    Financial Brokerage/Negotiation (Wall St. - NYC), Owner/Operator (Technicals & BizDev) of Integrative Psychiatry Clinics
    (HH in FL/NJ), Founder/Owner of Data Processing/Sales Engagement Company (Sonic), Establishing Healthcare Technology
    Consulting for Providers/Small Businesses (Healthtech)

    Soumitra Nanda

    Soumitra Nanda is currently one of the Co-founders and a Director at IG Smart Care Pvt. Ltd (SPECO.ai), a Healthtech startup. He is also an investor
    and advisor at Insure-tech startups with a focus on Healthcare.

    Prior to his stint as an entrepreneur and investor, Soumitra had over 20 years of experience in strategy and management consulting spanning several
    industries; the last 12 years being in Healthcare. Soumitra had held leadership roles while working with Accenture (Principal/Associate Partner) and
    Cognizant (Senior Director) in their management consulting practices. During these stints, Soumitra provided consulting to Health clients- Payers, Providers
    and Public entities in US, India, ME, HK and UK. Soumitra has authored several points of views on Healthcare and has been the Chair and a lead participant
    in public conferences centred around Public Health/Health.

    Soumitra has an MBA from S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, additionally with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from VSSUT, Odisha.